Three Reasons for a Fast Wedding

bride and groom runningBlindGossip – Don’t believe the stories you hear about how happy her family is that she is marrying her boyfriend. Exactly the opposite. Yes, they are publicly supportive of the relationship. Privately, though, they are desperately scrambling to figure out a way to get through to her that she should wait. Why is she so insistent on getting married so quickly? She is a very competitive girl, and actually has three reasons for running to the altar: Attention. Money. Baby.

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54 comments to Three Reasons for a Fast Wedding

  • memememeeee

    I’m going with Khloe Kardashian.
    Those sisters seem to have some serious rivalries going on!

  • gers-nikki

    got to be her, dont think shes preggers tho..think she knows she will get her own newly weds type show b4 her sisters

  • amber

    Yep, Khloe. I heard Giuliana make a comment directed at Khloe about looking good pregnant last night during the Emmy fashion police when they were talking about Heidi Klum. That’s embarassing, I hope somebody else heard it too.

  • iLoveMichaelK

    agree with klhoe wants to do it before the other sisters, the main 3

  • Pfeffer

    Khloe of course. I wish her and her man the best!

  • i suck at blind items

    how is this even blind.

    If she’s preggo – did she get knocked up on her first date, and did she even miss her first period yet? WTF.

  • nonymous

    ovbs Khloe Kardasian

  • auntmidgee

    Barely a blind after BG put all of the little details together! How I would love to be a spy camera in your pocket!

  • Rowen

    can’t believe there’s only 5 years difference between the KK and lamar odom. thought it was at least 10.

  • I think this is Khloe too. She just got engaged and she seems to be competing with Kim and Kourtney.

  • ponze

    khloe and lamar no doubt kim must be sooooo jealous

  • Jane Doe

    Seriously!!! agree with i suck at blind items …

    If they have been dating for a month, her period might just be a little late. What is Lamar thinking??? Doesn’t he know how long it takes to get an accurate pregnancy test?

  • G. Willacres

    sorry for anyone marrying into that whack job of a family, Bruce included!

  • NAY

    God, Kendall and Kylie really need to get moving on the whole fame-* thing. You can so tell they’re not Kardashians.

  • Kya

    Totally Khloe, don’t leave her out of the limelight. Pretty transparent if you ask me.

  • sinamin

    Yep – Kloe for sure. Her mother was quoted as saying in Us Weekly, that “quickie” weddings are romantic – solved!

  • Jalisa

    I think its Kim getting attention
    Her mother Kris getting Money
    Her sister Kourtney getting a baby

  • Dreamyvelvet

    Kevin Jon* and Danielle Deleasa…she has two sisters. Come on..this guy has girls screaming for him 24/7..what parent would want that kind of *p for their daughter lol..and the baby rumors are being squelched as we speak..just sayin’ 😉

  • i want in


  • luvmoovies

    KHOLE.. she is getting married this Sunday!!!!

  • Cinders

    I can think of 33 million reasons why she’s getting married this weekend.

  • madea

    can’t WAIT to hear details of that prenup…i love lamar odom – but canNOT figure out WTF he’s doing. HE doesn’t need $$ or publicity, and he’s already got kids. geez dude – SLOOOOW DOWN!

  • BG, I love your posts! I thought Khloe K, but it could be Kelly Osbourne

  • Mango

    The tall Kardashian sister. Dunno her name (all those K’s…)

    And if she is preggers…why on earth didn’t she insist that Odom use a condom? A baby would be the least of her problems from sleeping with a man wh0re.

  • PhoebeS

    Khole, and I have no idea why Kourtney would marry her boyfriend – he only went to see her to be on the show.

  • Not Sure

    Okay, so this comment should be posted under ‘Sure’……….. My not so blind guess is Khloe Kardashian. Her family is ‘supporting her’ with photo ops while registering at William Sonoma, but behind closed doors they are expressing their wishes that she slow down and wait. It is also being reported that Lamar’s ex, who was his high school sweetheart, commented that Lamar has a ‘commitment phobia’ because he never married although he got engaged and had two children.

  • Barry

    the consensus on the black sites is that the K girls like black athletes for their pliability and can be controlled by these “wily” and “evil” girls. they use sex and the idea of making money/publicity as a lure.
    as a white male let me say: I agree.

    • kelno

      Can the Kardashians be classified as “wily”? (“Evil”, sure). They can hardly complete a sentence, since they don’t speak, they whhiiinnnee. My ears bleed! (I have had the unfortunate experience of watching some of their show, my bad.)

  • wubbzy

    Big Kountry Khloe. I never knew trannies could get impregnated. Could that be reason #4? A breakthrough in science and reproduction?

  • HollyG.

    I co-sign on Khloe, but not necessarily because she has a bun in the oven right now. She may be working hard to get knocked up right away and sell the whole “we fell in love and got married right away and got pregnant 15 minutes later” story. If she times it just right, she can totally steal all the attention away from Kourtney’s impending birth.

  • pinto

    Getting preggers for attention? This is so pathetic.

  • Khloe, I don’t think she’s pregnant yet, but she has stated she wants to be. The competition between these girls is unreal. If one gets pregnant, then we all will!

  • SN

    Don’t forget that Kim HAS been married before…. So, she beat her sisters to the punch on that awhile ago. She was married to record producer Damon Thomas…for a couple of years…….