Too Much Travel Creates Outcasts

child-crying-1BlindGossip – This celebrity couple hauls the child/ren everywhere with them while they travel. While it may sound glamorous for them to travel from country to country, the truth is that they lack a consistent educational program. It has left them well behind their age level academically, as well as socially awkward with their peer group. In a recent embarrassing incident, one of the kids was put in a play group with kids their own age for a few minutes, and spent their time alternating between crying and bullying.

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109 comments to Too Much Travel Creates Outcasts

  • ams

    hmm brangies brats i would guess?

  • Loz

    Hate to say it but Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt..

  • frenchy

    brad way to aware and sensitive to the matter (see is recent comment on french educational system)

    I am going for the BECKHAMS … italy / uk / spain / LA …

    • ams

      could be them…they are a bit older & it would be noticeable if they were “behind” other kids their age.

      haha i find it laughable that any of these people take their kids seriously…or they wouldn’t be parading them all over. kids need stability & school.

    • dotdotdot

      They do stay in one country for several years at a time. Their children have never been to school in Italy. The younger ones probably only remember school/living in the USA anyway. They do travel woth their parents (mum) a bit but only during holidays, half term and school is attended in one and the same place all the time. For those reasons I wouldn’t consider them for this BI.

      • ras

        i go with beckhams too..note the blonde kid picture…i mean, the beckhams traveles to madrid, get the picture….and brangelina’s kids are in some french school that have international reputation and if they move countries, it wont affect their academic progress.. i read it somewhere..cant remember the name of the school

      • jen

        another good guess

  • MARY

    totally brangelina.

  • Newtsgal


  • Mike Rotch

    Can Brangelina be the answer to every BI? If it’s not them the Beckhams

    • Lola

      Just because people over-guess Brangelina doesn’t mean this one isn’t actually about them. Please… this screams them!!

      • Markenstein

        This is not Brangelina. Their kids are way too young. The only one in school is Maddox he’s probably in kindergarden or grade 1 so it’s way too early for anyone to tell they’re behind for their age academically. Plus there’s too many of them kids that they would not have social problems.

  • Loz

    Actually, BG have “International Thursday” so if we think along the same lines of an “international celeb couple” then the Beckhams could very well be the answer.

  • TheDoctorsIn

    I wouldn’t go with Brad and Angie…
    can’t Maddox speak english and french? and he’s only, what 8? and most of Brad’s brood are too young to be enrolled in pre-school even…

    I have a few guesses…
    Maybe Hedi Klum and Seal’s children?
    and the Beckhams of course…

    • Lola

      I think it’s def Bragie, but I would agree that it isn’t Maddox. How about Pax?? He was older when they adopted him, so he’d be a candidate for some adjustment problems, especially if he doesn’t have a stable home life now.

    • h00bydice

      I think Seal and Heidi are a really good guess. Doesn’t Heidi host one of those wannabe model shows in Germany in addition to doing Project Runway here in the states. Plus, she has a myriad of other businesses that undoubtedly require travel. And, aside from Seal’s touring gigs, he is from the U.K. so no doubt they have roots there, as well.

    • Corinna_Bella

      The backham kids are always on play dates with other hollywood kids, they seem pretty well socialised to me. The brangelina bunch on the otherhand, have an unbalanced mother and hectic travel schedule. Plus angelina has no friends so its not like they would ever go on play dates. There are also the nanny spills about how badly behaved the kids are. I shudder to think what they are going to be like eek!

      “and most of Brad’s brood are too young to be enrolled in pre-school even… ” All but the twins are old enough to be in pre-school, shilo is at least 3 and the others older

    • sallysue

      I don’t believe Maddox can speak french. That probably came from Angie’s fax machine. All those kids except the twins are old enough to be in preschool AND regular school. It’s Brangelina. Those poor kids are with, nannies, security, or their “parents”. Brangelina has not given those children any type of stability.

      • Dirk

        Agreed, the multilingual thing sounds like BS and shouldn’t be cited as factual.

      • Olsson

        I agree completely, except for the bilingual thing. I have met a few bilingual children that age and under (I live near French Canada). Children learn additional languages much more easily than adults do.

        Anyhow, I feel sorry for Brangelina’s props. er, I mean children.

    • Mango

      Just because Angelina *says* Maddox speaks French doesn’t mean that he does. Didn’t she claim when Maddox was THREE YEARS OLD that he said he wanted her to adopt a sister from Africa? What 3 year old knows anything about Africa?? It was just an excuse for her to adopt Zahara. My bet is that those kids get/do annnnnnything they want.

    • Barry

      speaking multiple languages means nothing. i knew kids whose parents traveled and they “spoke” 5 languages but none of them well. they knew a few words of each and made fragment sentences in each. it was what they learned from the nanny and TV.
      this could any of the broods listed. all these kids have no grounding since their folks fly off to malawi or paki or new orleans or france and either take kids or leave them with nannies.
      just sad and delusional.

  • Nart

    I’m on the Beckham bandwagon.

  • ImThinking

    B is for Beckhams!

  • Victoria

    This is not blind. It’s obvious * Angeling and Door Mat Brad Pitt. I dont think the Beckhams pull their kids out of school too often. Their lives seem stable.

  • poookie

    I thought that the Beckhams’ kids do attend school regularly in LA. They might have other issues since David hasn’t been around in forever and Victoria was always flying out to Europe to be with him, but I thought the kids always stayed in LA when they were in school. I read that somewhere. And you rarely saw the kids traveling with her…I think they were left home with the nannies, so I think this is more along the lines of Brangie. It’s not like they’re the real answer to every BI, but SOME of the BIs could be about them.

  • KatieC

    I am going with the Beckhams as well. The picture shows a blond boy like all 3 of the Beckham kids

  • Aquaboogy

    OK – it’s Brangelina people. They are not as saintly as everyone thinks they are. Besides, I don’t see nearly as many pics of the Beckhams with their kids as I do of Brangie. Since they’ve been together, they were in Namibia, France, Ethiopia, Vietnam, NY, New Orleans, LA – the list goes on.

  • LuvJesse

    Not sure, could go either way – Jolie-Pitts or Beckhams

  • Guttersnipey

    Beckhams, Beckhams, Beckhams, Beckhams. Those boys are *JUST* old enough to be considered socially awkward, and NEITHER of those parents seem like the sharpest tools. They just seem like tools, period.

    Say what you want about Angelina, but the woman has generally come across as pretty darn intelligent to me. She discusses books, politics, obscure cinema, etc. in her interviews. Brad can seem like kind of an airhead, but he strikes me as more of a stoner than a dumbass.

    And, as someone pointed out before, Maddox is eight and probably bilingual, if they’ve actually enrolled him in a French School (and are still taking him, of course). He’s probably a pretty bright kid. Zahara MIGHT be old enough for kindergarden, but I don’t even think Shiloh is old enough for preschool.

    Anyway. Just my own two cents.

    • JJ

      Hmmmm… you didn’t account for Pax who is 5 years old, wasn’t adopted until age 3 and has spent the last 2 years globe-trotting. Seems more likely than any of the Beckham boys who are usually only seen in LA.

  • wolfwriter

    The Brange has 6 kids and all the money in the world. I am sure that providing nannies / tutors is not the prob. here. Also, I am pretty sure that having a larger number of siblings makes you LESS socially awkward with other kids, regardless of age.

  • dotdotdot

    Though I hate to point towards such beautifuf people, for me it all points in one direction: Brad & Angie + 6… There is hardly a more international family in the spotlights with the children being born all over the world. They take them everywhere all the time too. Aquaboogy has a good list above. I would like to add Berlin to it. Maybe not all of the children go to school yet but kindergarten and especially social interaction with their peer group starts much earlier on. As this one is not tagged BG12345 it could still be a family with less ‘international orientation’.

    Little Suri has seen a fair share of our lovely globe at her tender age as well, hasn’t she?

  • Newtsgal

    What about Heidi & Seal.

  • Liz

    They were also in Prague for a spell when Angelina filmed wanted. I think Maddox may have gone to school there for the few months it was filming.

  • lisa d

    I am going with Brad and Angie. Their kids have no sense of home and crying/bullying comes from an unstable home life and lack of security.

  • aninha

    TomKat family

  • WTF

    I am going with Brangelina, the Beckham’s kids are enrolled in a Los Angeles private school. Also you don’t see the Beckham’s travel much with their kids during the school year

  • Anony

    I don’t think it can be Brangie. They’re both really well spoken and intelligent, and I’m SURE they’d want their kids to grow up with the best education possible. I mean, they’re big Ayn Rand fans, so I don’t see how they could let their kids fall behind and behave that way.

    I’d say it’s the Beckham boys, or maybe somebody not so famous (there’s been no mention of A-list status, so it could be somebody C or D list, even).

  • stinkweed

    I don’t think most of the Brangelina kids are quite old enough for school, are they? Maddox for sure, and Pax is just old enough for kindergarten. Z is only 4 and the rest are even younger. How behind can toddlers really be?

  • caramella

    I dont thinks its brangelina because Pax and maddox go the french international school which is around the world and goes on the same curriculum everywhere. I vote beckhams.

  • Sean

    I like the Beckham guess. Both of them are as dumb as dirt. And vain and selfish. I would imagine that their parenting skills are lacking.

  • gers-nikki

    got to be brangies…they dont ever seem to go to school, and is the oldest not supposed to be. the beckhams kids have always been in school.

  • I’ll vote Brangelina b/c the photo looks more like Shiloh than the Beckhams.

    Hey BG, is this BI at all related to the P
    BI about the couple having the buy their kids back into school?

  • Me

    I vote Brangelina. Just because Brad and Angie *seem* intelligent, well-spoken, etc doesn’t mean that they actually are or that they really have their kids best interests at heart. In my opinion, right or wrong, when you make the choice to have/adopt as many kids as they have in such a small time frame, you owe it to the children to back off of work (esp since they have the money to do so) and give them a home that is stable.

    In regards to mentioning that they have a big family so the kids should be “more socially adjusted,” do you think that your interactions with your siblings were the same as your peers? Having lots of siblings isn’t the same type of social interaction as meeting kids from different families, backgrounds, beliefs, etc.

    • Lola

      Very well said. I couldn’t agree more! Being duped into thinking that they’re brilliant scholar-types trapped in the bodies of multi-million dollar superstars just proves why Hollywood publicists make so much money :)

    • mememememe

      I like this…. I mean they are actors, so to pick up knowledge about a couple ‘intelligent’ topics and spin and drop in appropriate places can make you seem intelligent to the masses… especially for an actor/ress. And with all those backgrounds and blood related (to the parents) and not blood related siblings can cause quite a stir no matter how stable you are.

      • stinkweed

        Yes, all those families out there with children from other countries are all just sitting on a powder keg of crazy! Being raised together as a family means nothing if you are not blood related! /sarcasm

    • robin sparkles

      Plus, there are all those interviews in which they keep saying they’re going to dial down the work to give their kids stability, but they never do. Also, the item doesn’t specify school age, just a playgroup, which could apply to younger kids also. Saying that they’re academically behind doesn’t mean that they are in school. Most kindergarten kids come in to school knowing how to read a little and write basic things, so this could easily mean that pre-school kids know nothing.

      • stinkweed

        No. No they don’t. Most kindergarten students can’t even write their own names, much less read and write “basic” things. By the time you *leave* kindergarten, you can read some sight words and write a few basic things.

        Maybe crazy parents who push their kids too hard have that sort of thing, but “most” kindergarten kids do not have those skills.

      • RedRobin

        Stinkweed….are you a parent? Seriously. Kindergartners *can* read and write. My daughter is starting K in a week, writing her full name and reading basic words, and understanding Spanish. I’m by no means a crazy parent, they are just like sponges at that age.

        And my money goes for Brangelina too….

      • sometimes it is

        If your child is in Kindergarten and cannot write their own name or read at all, that is a problem. Most children do have those skills because they should. You are taught how to write in Preschool first and if you do not have the ability to write and read enough by the end of Kindergarten you will not be allowed into the 1st grade class. Where did you get your information?

      • tbk

        Uh- you must not have kids. All my kids could write their name before kindergarten. They were expected(public school) to be able to identify all colors, shapes, numbers, letters, to write or draw most of the above. The teacher said the kids would be reading by December and damn if she wasn’t right.
        Consistent human interaction with the grown-ups who love you is really all it takes. People that aren’t willing or unable to rear their own children shouldn’t have them. Brangeloonies, are you listening??

      • Kiki

        I don’t know what you are talking about. I am in my 30s. I never went to pre-school and I could read and write when I entered kindergarten. In fact, so could all the other kids in my class expect one little boy.

      • robin sparkles

        My sister is a Kindergarten teacher. If they’re not able to read and write “basic” things then they’re in trouble.

  • i want in

    the becks kids always look bratty in pics.. but then again if a group of strange men were shoving cameras in my face everytime i stepped out in public, i don’t think id be too smiley either…i blame mom and dad.. fame hungry !! well… vicky is just hungry!! and puh leaseeeeee angie and brad are psuedo-intellects…

  • hey ther

    Cant be Suri. Its says one of the kids. Suri is their only child.

  • Nedsdag

    It HAS to be Brangelina. Only Brangelina fans would bring up the Beckhams to cover up for Brangelina’s parenting skills.

  • Not Sure

    Blind Gossip slipped up with the clues…. first, the ambiguous ‘child/ren’ is given but then later in the bling a clear ‘one of the kids’ is written. So I rule out Tomkat and give my vote to the ‘celebrity couple’ Brangelina.

  • Not Sure

    oops, typo….. I meant “later in the blind!!!”

  • Tease

    its Brad and Angelina-I read a blind interview where the hotel said that the kids were not controllable, they were disturbing other guests and Angelina was slurring and out of it and had no control..They fight and kick the help that is hired. You can look at them and see they are out of control..They eat what they want to eat and the preference is cheetos and soda. The oldest boy runs it and the rest follow…Zahara does everything that Pax does and the list goes on.


    Those Beckham boys have been schooled, Posh would NEVER stand for it.

  • Newtsgal

    It couldn’t be Madonna cuz, Jesus/boytoy isn’t considered a celebrity….is he?

  • lolzer

    I rarely see the Beckhams with their kids. Angelina and Brad are EVERYWHERE…there’s no stability! They have a home here, a home there-they frigging pick em up as they go, much like their kids- but no one place to be settled. I’m also cosigning this guess b/c both Angelina and Brad are ambassadors, making them an International Couple, no?

    Also, once you hit three, teachers and the like will monitor a child’s cognitive development. Remember, the best way to help a child is in early detection, so a three or even two year old could be behind in some crucial aspects- face/name recognition, motor skills, social skills, the list goes on.

    • stinkweed

      Once you hit three, a teacher will monitor development? How many 3 year olds are actually in school? And what you named are signs of a neurological disorder, not “being behind educationally”. Education is learned. Motor skills are not.

      • sometimes it is

        Everyone should be in school by age 3. Preschool is mandatory now and it starts at age 3. Why do you think you know everything about schools and children when you obviously know nothing?

      • RedRobin

        Sometimes….thank you!

      • Uh....

        I don’t know where you live, but preschool is no more mandatory than swimming lessons. Helpful? Probably. Good investment? Probably. But mandatory? No. That said, I think it’s Brad and Ange. They’re all over the place constantly.

      • sometimes it is

        Where I live (NY) it is Mandatory to attend preschool before kindergarten as it is in many states. If you don’t go to preschool, you are not allowed to start Kindergarten.

      • Miss Dixie

        sometimes preschool is not mandatory everywhere. where I live kids start school when they are 5 and can go to voluntary pre-k when they are 4. if their parents want to put them in preschool before that they can, but it is by no means mandatory. why do you act like just because it’s one way where you live it’s that way everywhere?

      • sometimes it is

        Miss: You obviously did not read my second post. I clearly said that where I live and in many other states….not every place. Please read the comments before you go on the attack.

      • sometimes it is

        Also, the only reason it is not mandatory in every state (which it should be) is because of the budgets. Some states have enough trouble keeping Kindergarten open a full day with the money that they have so they cannot even entertain the idea of making it mandatory since they will never be able to afford it. Many studies show that if a child does not attend school until the age of 5 it will have a harder time learning and interacting with other children. Back in the day when preschool was not really a big deal, schools also had a much less difficult curriculum so no one really lost out. Now with all of the knowledge children must attain before leaving elementary school it just does them no good to have to learn the basics so late (age 5) when they should have started at age 3.

      • KJ

        Preschool being mandatory has NOTHING to do with state budgets. California is one of the richest states in the country and it doesn’t require kids to go to preschool.

    • Jillian

      whoa, sometimes it is, you’re the one who told someone else they “obviously know nothing”. yay for miss dixie.

      and KJ, isn’t CA broke??

  • anon

    Are people that imbecilic to buy into the “saintliness” of Mangelina?

    Mangelina is an old hand at manipulating the media, actors, etc! etc! Lying is second nature to her, for crying out loud!

  • tulipmom

    Absolutely Brangelina………I have a good friend who works at a VERY HIGH END hotel in NYC that they stay at when there. He has had to fix the DVD machine in their suite while the kids are there alone with nannies running wild everywhere! They are really not socialized with other kids often…sad

  • Lizzard

    I’d like to think it’s not the Brangelina clan. The boys (maddox at least) attend the French school as pointed out above. Shiloh is still a bit young for pre-school and obviously so are the twins. Zahara is probably old enough for pre-school or kindergarden. And with such a large group of siblings they would have that comfort zone with them in any play group. Besides that, even if those kids are/aren’t in school they are all young enough that being a bit behind your usualy age group wouldn’t be that big of an issue or that noticable.

    I like the Beckham guess. They are both so very full of themselves and between moving to different countries and traveling around and seeing daddy’s soccer games it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they never went to school. And their eldest is definitely old enough to notice being behind for his age.

    My second guess is Madonna (and her partner?). She’s been on tour forever and has adopted two children from Africa in the past few years. Between her divorce to Guy, moving to a different country, and then going on tour I would not be surprised at all if her adopted kids have little/ no education. It might be noticable in David if his speaking skills were lacking.

  • IvyMades

    I think it’s Brangelina. They need to pick one place and stay there for a few years! It’s not fair to their kids to travel so much. Lots of Army Brats grow up with trust issues due to this. It’s ridiculous and they need to stop. Kids don’t remember much of any that happened before 5 anyway.

  • Newtsgal

    OK…… what about Katie/Andre

  • whatevah

    What about Gwyneth and Chris Martin? Even if they are not traveling together at all times,they do travel… with her GOOP crap… it seems as if she may have a “higher” standard for her children in her dilussional mind… therefor socialization has been limited to those that might fit into Gwyneths comfort zone. Then again there is Brit and K fed who although are not technically a couple are together on tour… but the children are a bit young for that kind of evaluation yet. My vote Gwyneth.

  • whatevah

    I know pics dont always count… but does resemble Apple and Moses….

  • E

    I vote for Brad’n’Ang. Ang is quite vocal about the kids getting to experience different cultures etc etc, as a matter of fact they travel around a lot, and I can name at least 3 countries they have lived as a family in the last year – France,Germany and the US. Even if they go to schools which operate on the same ethos, they will be exposed to different teachers, children, locations etc. Also I wonder if the problems identified are techniques Pax, or Zahara may have learnt in order to deal with being in an Orphanage, which I am certain must leave a mark on a child no matter how happy their lives become.

  • mook

    Tom and Katie and Suri. NEXT!

  • ibiubu

    I do wonder if this could be Gwen & Gavin?

  • IaGrl

    Totally Brangelina.

    That being said, most children who are in orphanages until they are older (like Pax and Zahara to a much lesser extent) tend to be developmentally behind their age group as a rule. So if it was Pax, it’s not surprising but in fact expected.

  • Coco

    People do what they want to do and if they are intelligent, they just become better at rationalizing their choices.

    Neither intelligence nor education make one a good parent. I suspect that Brangelina’s family, more than the Beckhams, are good candidates.

  • lallaloolly

    the beckhams kids have a reputation for being well behaved and super polite, and they aren’t dragged around the globe nearly as constantly as the jolie pitt brood. there actually appears to be a lot of consistency in the beckham boys’ lives.

    sorry, going with the brangelina guess. just because their kids are enrolled in the french school and have options internationally doesn’t mean they go regularly. plus it makes total sense that they aren’t socialized well with other kids. when you have six of your own, who schedules play dates?

  • cg

    Child/ren? This SCREAMS Suri Cruise. Have you ever seen her with another kid? At least Brangie’s bunch have each other.

  • Alec

    Not Suri and not the Jolie-Pitt’s unless it’s Maddox. Suri is 3 yrs old and with the exception of Maddox the Jolie-Pitt children are all 5 yrs old and under. So, where does the behind academically come from? Plus, Maddox goes to Lycee where you can only speak and read French during class. I also say Beckhams. Posh is always taking those boys to play dates. If the behind academically wasn’t in there I’d say Kingston Rossdale. Now, that child is a BRAT!

  • HollyG.

    As interesting as the debate on cognitive development in three year olds is [*cough*] I’m going to get off that topic and guess that the family is brangelina and the social misfit in question is Shiloh, the curly-haired blonde child [see BG teaser pic] that Angelina Jolie once referred to as an “outcast” [see title of this BI] in the family.

    Btw, for those of you who say it couldn’t be the jolie-pitts because they attend lycees francaises: please note that it is a network of schools that use the french educational curriculum. They’re not identical or interchangeable and they don’t claim to be.

  • Alec

    Jolie never called Shiloh an outcast . That was a British tabloid made up interview

  • Alec

    I’d also like to know what the academic cirriculum a 3 yr old has that they’d fall behind in? And we’re talking about a child who just turned 3, three months ago

  • caroline

    Wasn’t there a rumor around the time that Brangelina was in NYC that while the eldest was enrolled at Lycee Francais that he was far behind the other children, could barely read and write French and was merely skating by because of his parents and the admins sympathizing because of the hectic travel? I wish I could remember where I saw that. Also, every paparazzi shot seems to show them walking out of a toy store or with some sort of fast food. Perhaps they lack structure at home and it is carrying through to school. I vote for the Jolie-Pitt clan.

  • Alec

    Maddox has been reading and writing since he was 3. Rumor? You mean tabloid

  • mp

    my daughter has played with heidi klum and seal’s children and they are beyond sweet and loving. well mannered and very very well behaved! those children are being raised right.

  • lakme

    I would describe the Beckhams as celebrity (kill your grandmother to remain famous type or starve yourself silly to stay there) and Jolie-Pitts as A-listers. So will go with Beckhams plus education was never terribly important to either of the Beckhams as both had very little formal education. Perhaps they think because they became famous without education that their children can too.
    And also because like Tulipmom I have a friend who works for a particular hotel and said the opposite of Tulipmom’s friend so ho hum

  • We’re talking about Beckham and education in the same post?