Ease Up on Criticizing This Girl

BuzzFoto – This celeb couple have been on the rocks lately. The female is taking the brunt of the gossip and getting criticized quite a bit for her behavior. Maybe everyone should give her a break. We hear her wacky antics are due to her dealing with a recent miscarriage. Not Vanessa Hudgens.

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98 comments to Ease Up on Criticizing This Girl

  • Sheesh

    Megan Fox and BAG???

    • Praying for theCouple in this BI

      That’s what I thought, too, Sheesh. Megan really has been EVERYWHERE, and I’ve lost track of whether Megan and Brian were on again or off again or what. The ‘not vanessa hudgens’ clue tosses that out the window, though. Vanessa and her may be the same age, but Megan is on a higher tier than Vanessa; and Megan didn’t start off as a tween focused celeb. I like Immature’s Avril Levigne guess below because Immature does something you don’t often see here: s/he actually produces a possible connection between the blind and why s/he guessed the way s/he did — instead of just throwing out a name.

      Whoever it is, I’m sorry for the loss of their baby. A miscarriage of a baby means something is wrong inside physically, whether you wanted the baby or not; but if you wanted the baby, it’s emotionally devastating as well. I wish the young couple well, whoever it is.

  • Inquiring Mind

    I can only think of the Gosselins… Jon (without) Kate and the 8…

    • Rafael

      I think Kate would rather kill herself before she had any more kids.

    • nan

      been “on the rocks” lately?!?! they’re divorced for god’s sake! plus, i would hardly call them a “celbe couple”. maybe a reality tv couple, but celeb??

  • guess

    ashlee simpson

  • megs

    What about Fergie and Josh? She has been accused of partying a lot but I don’t get the Vanessa connection.

  • Nart

    Ashley Tisdale? Didn’t she just go through a breakup or was that too long ago?

  • tropical

    Ashlee simpson and pete wentz? According to Perez Hilton they had a fight the past weekend.

    • Nart

      I like this guess but I don’t like Perez as a source :)

    • Lola

      Agree with this guess, but I’m pretty sure Ash is capable of this * without a personal tragedy. Maybe she should stay home and spend time with her baby rather than getting wasted and picking fights!

  • I'm a lady

    Agree, Ashlee.

  • Lusty Lil

    Me being typically English, its all about Peter Andre and Katie Price (AKA Jordan)

    • KimiD

      OH hold up – not bad actually. Didn’t they both say recently that she did loose a child???

      • anon

        they’re not ‘on the rocks’. they’re well past that – they’re divorcing!

      • sneezy

        Popbitch said that those two have already recorded their Christmas Single for this year, and are going to use them “getting back together” as a way to push it.

        But there has been miscarriage talk around those two.

  • Sad if true

    I would guess Ashley Simpson since she was rumored to be expecting again, although she and Pete Wentz denied it. Her ‘bad behavior’ has been eluded to on the ‘not so original’ website by Perez Hilton. On a side note, anyone else notice the increased amount of typos lately? Too much going on lately to pay attention to spell check, I guess!

    • Sophia

      I heard Perez has I don’t know how many interns working for him. The more you click that garbage page the richer he becomes.

  • Sad if true

    To be clear, I am referring to Perez Hilton’s recent daily typos!

    • me

      so you read him

    • Bit

      I’m perez-free 5 months and counting!!!! can’t stand him. Michael K all the way!

      • hello

        I’m a perez to michael k convert too!!!!!!!! don’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve read perez, but it certainly hasn’t been long enough.

      • drella

        Me too BIT! Perez just became too much about tween stuff and self-promotion, borderline pedo stuff!

    • Gossip Fanatic

      he has been having a ton of typos lately…def and yes, i read him

    • just guessin

      michael k’s site is so much more entertaining than perez’s

      • LuvJesse

        I’m obviously so out of the loop – Who is this Michael K you speak of? Website address please???

      • nikki girl

        will be the best thing you ever did!

      • inmyownopinion

        Hi LuvJesse,
        I was in the same boat as you! People on this board kept talking about this Michael K. and I thought they were talking about Michael Keaton. I was confused, but BG was kind enough to let me know who this MK was. He has a blog called D-listed and he’s also engaged to the BG moderator. Thats the scoop…

      • LuvJesse

        Thank you all…I check that site out everyday, just didn’t understand the Michael K thing…have all the gossip sites on my favorites list, hit them all every day.

    • MizFabulous

      I’ve been Perez-free ever since the Will.I.Am incident. I agree…MichaelK all the way!

    • Sophia

      Michael K RULES!!!

    • Praying for theCouple in this BI

      I’ve been Perez free since about the third pro-Paris Hilton article he wrote after Paris’ team bought him out. Before Paris Hilton’s team seduced him over to the darkside, Perez really was witty, ascerbic, biting and SHARP. He was on top for a reason. I would have recommended him to anyone, and often did. Money didn’t change him, but legitimate real life access to celebrities and better drugs did. It was obvious, and it showed in his writing, he began sucking up to characters he’d never have sucked up to in the past on his site; and he also began lacerating people who’s only real sin was being on the outs with his new crowd. I haven’t been back since. There have been several exoduses, but there are always new people who visit the site to make up for whatever ‘that’s the final straw’ of the season Perez is involved in. Its the sex principle. There’s no sex like new sex. Same with gossip sites.

      • h00bydice

        Praying for theCouple in this BI: Well, I’ll tell you one thing, mean-spirited Perez Hilton lost me as a fan a lonnnnnnnng time ago, but you have certainly gained a new one…me!

    • Stephie

      When Perez isn’t self-promoting on his site, his interns are busy scooping Michael K.

    • jaundicemachine

      On the contrary, Michael K introduced me to BG. Madly in love with both sites!

  • Antares

    I say Ashlee and Pete, she has been drinking a lot lately.

  • KimiD

    Wow my first guess was Kirsten Stewart and Rob Pattinson.

    • KimiD

      New Moon trailer was attached to Vanessa’s recent flick Bandslam (or whatever it’s called) too.

    • Gossip Fanatic

      great guess

    • Lizzard

      This is totally my guess to!

      Also, if we do the degrees of seperation: Vanessa was in Thirteen with Nikki Reed and on Vanessa’s imdb page is a posted link to an article about her heading up north to go visit Nikki. Obviously Nikki is in Twilight as well. Could explain the “Not V.H.”

  • Rafael

    OF COURSE it isn’t Vanessa Hudgens…. Look who she is “dating”! But I wouldn’t be shocked if it were.

    But, I agree, Ashlee all the way.

  • I think this might be Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz too. I’ve also heard that they were fighting recently. Whoever the woman is, I hope she is doing okay.

  • S

    maybe Mariah, hence all the canceling?

  • Sundaeg1rl

    If this was British-based it’d be Katie Price aka Jordan and Peter Andre

  • S

    i doubt its katie and peter, everyone knows they’ve over with and everyone knows about the miscarrage too

  • AA

    I try to keep up with the gossip sites everyday (not Perez though)and I havent heard anything about Ashlee’s bad behavior. I have heard that they have been fighting but nothing bad about her. What is being said?

    • ll

      Perez says they’ve argued, Ashlee denied all of it in twitter. She’s the more reliable source, frankly, since Castro is, last I checked, still alive.

    • Nart

      Just that she gets drunk and yells at people. It’s just Perez’s attempt to ruin her so he makes up the drama.

    • tropical

      He also reported that she had very bad words towards Michelle Trachtenberg, Pete’s ex-girlfriend.

  • Ravana

    I was gonna say Jessica Simpson, But I remembered the miscarriage that Jordan had.

  • Sunday

    Noxema girl!

  • whatevah

    I hear you Bit!!! once I became tired of Perez, but loved the gossip aspect… he gave a reference to “d listed” one too many times, I bypassed Perez to dlisted… it became perez who?!!! dlisted warms my cold heart as MK would say

    • Can't stop reading

      I second this!!

      • KimiD

        Nevermind that MK is pee your pants funny!

      • dreamyvelvet

        MK has his own dictionary of words now along with his cult favs and it is one of the funniest sites going. I stopped The Perez after the Miss California thing. I am going with Asslee on this one. I think Megan Fox is all about Megan Fox, hard to imagine her being maternally minded at all. Glad to hear about the Dlisted and BG connection..wtg

  • neely o'hara

    first thought not ashlee… but jessica

  • LooLoo

    Ashlee Simpson for sure. Jordan already announced he miscarriage. That’s funny that other people have jumped ship from Perez to Michael K. Perez has become such a self-serving douche lately. He doesn’t even write it anymore- he has two ghostwriters who are unbelievably bad. Michael K is always original and entertaining.

  • V

    Avril Lavigne totally fits. She’s never with Deryk and she parties constantly with Brandon Davis. I hate Perez, too. Haven’t been to his site since the whole Miss California thing. I’m SOOOO tired of his agenda.

  • jen

    ashley and pete

  • h00bydice

    Hmmmm…I’m wondering if this might not be Jon Gosselin and Kate Major.

    Seems to me there was a blind a while back hinting about some guy getting someone other than his ex & current girlfriend pregnant. It was posted just before everything came to light about Kate Major.

    • Paula

      I like this but I think Hailey and Jon might be a better guess. If you believe Kate 2.0, he was ready to leave Hailey and then mysteriously reunited with her after his fling.Maybe he got back together with Hailey out of guilt?

  • Pixie

    Miley Cyrus – Disney actress that is not Vanessa. Plus, if Ted’s Blind Vice is her then it’s possible. There’s the pole dancing and she’s in a constant tweet war with her ex-boyfriend.

  • blueyes

    Ashley and Pete!

  • immature

    The Hudgens connection could be that both Avril and Hudgens did a song with Lil Ma on their last albums. Tenous I know — anyway, this sounds like Ashlee, but I thought I’d throw that out there.

  • immature

    Sorry — ‘tenuous,’ not ‘tenous.’

  • gypsy

    Who’s Michael K?
    What about Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson?

  • yaya

    Shannah Moakler

  • AA

    Just reread the blind. It never says the couple is married and Vanessa H is not married so I’m wondering if this is a non married couple? I’m drawing a blank on who is on the rocks in their relationship…

  • Tease

    Jessica Biel or Ashley Simpson..

  • April

    Ohh, I love MK from Dlisted too. Aaand BG! :)

  • pixxie

    everyone is assuming on the rocks means still together.. but can be taken as on the rocks as in a drink.. scotch on the rocks?.. just a thought

  • Kiki

    I think the Avril thing may be right. If you look back at pictures from earlier in the year. didn’t she have a belly???
    The was a lot of pregnancy speculation around her, but then it stopped and now they are rarely together and she sure is taking the brunt. So my guess is Avril Lavigne.

  • Praying

    August 19th, 2009 at 12:12 pm

    Hi LuvJesse,
    I was in the same boat as you! People on this board kept talking about this Michael K. and I thought they were talking about Michael Keaton. I was confused, but BG was kind enough to let me know who this MK was. He has a blog called D-listed and he’s also engaged to the BG moderator. Thats the scoop…”

    What state will they perform the marriage in, since MK can’t legally marry anyone anywhere he wants in the United States? Will they politicize it like Perez has politicized his orientation? or will they be private about the ceremony?

    Congratulations to them both.

    • inmyownopinion

      Hey Praying,
      BG told me who Michael K. was and about his blog, then the moderator added that Michael promised to marry them. Thats where I got that they were engaged. I dunno if they broke up (haven’t heard otherwise), or if they will marry in a state where it’s legal. There are some states that are “coming around” to let 2 people in love, regardless of orientation, get married. I’m also very happy for them and think they’d make a great couple!

  • lolzer

    What is up with some of these guesses? I think the best one so far has been Avril. While the gossip has been all about her partying it up and being generally reckless(no, flipping off the paps in messy eyeshadow and a tie doesn’t count), her husband’s been nowhere to be found. She put on a bit of weight at one point as well. I don’t even get the Kristen and Rob guess, considering that no one has publicly really confirmed them being together. As far as I’m concerned, everything I’ve seen on them in the tabs has been BS.

  • GeeMoney

    Mischa Barton.

  • julie

    First off, don’t be so insensitive. If someone lost a child.. Have a little compassion. Gossip is one thing, but being a jerk about it, is another.

    • h00bydice

      One reason I love this site so much is that most of the bloggers here are fun, funny and witty – not at all mean-spirited like a lot of other sites. Guessers, for the most part, are not only respectful of the Guessees they are respectful of each other, as well. BG can take a lot of the credit for that.

      I think that some of the talk that turned to Perez Hilton today might have confused you about who they were expressing their distaste over. Talk about insensitive – that Perez is truly a piece of work – maliciously biting the hand that feeds him! I agree with everyone on that score.

      So, julie, I think that’s where the misunderstanding lies, because I haven’t seen anyone yet who’s been the least bit unkind to whomever this unfortunate woman is. If they were, I think most of us here would defect.

  • ibiubu

    Julie…???????????? Who’s being insensitive? The blind, itself, is pleading for restraint.

    I’ve read each & every one of the posts here, and I’ve yet to run across one person who’s been insensitive. Did you read the 1st reply by Praying for theCouple in this BI – could not have been more sensitive.

    I’ve no doubt that whoever this unfortunate, young woman is would likely be overwhelmed with sympathetic gestures from everyone, if she ever chooses to reveal herself.

    • E

      It didn’t work for Katie Price though – people started saying she was doing it for the sympathy, while her douche of an ex got all prissy saying that it was private and she shouldn’t talk about it. I call him a douche because he is a massive hypocrite – says all he is concerned about is his family but leaves the woman barely weeks after she lost his child, says he won’t talk about their split but constantly gives “exclusives” to every media outlet going.