Celebrity Makes Up an Alternate History

BlindGossip – You would think that in the Internet age it would be very difficult for a well-known person to fabricate their history. However, that is exactly what this youngish multi-hyphenate has done. She is approximately five years older than she claims to be, and she did not grow up in an upper middle class neighborhood, nor go to private school. She has been known to dabble in some unsavory substances that are in direct contradiction to her public persona. Perhaps as long as she maintains A-list status she has the power to convince people that her alternate identity is the truth.

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165 comments to Celebrity Makes Up an Alternate History

  • sinamin

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

  • dotdotdot

    I’ve heard a whisper about Beyonce actually being quite a lot older than she claims to be (in that particular story some 8 or maybe 9 years older -> exaggerated?) but could this be her? I know very little about this one…

    • Beans

      I’ll second this.

    • annie

      But where’s the hyphenate. I agree about her age, though.

    • P

      OK, I know this is a difficult accomplishment in this day and age. But with Beyonce I think it would be impossible. She started her career as a teenager and it’s been well documented. I’ve even seen her home movies when she was about 10 with her friends and her parents doing a “show” in the back yard. Her parents would have had to had lied about her age all during school. Not Beyonce.

      • hmmmm....

        Agreed. She started young and was documented young. Plus she has a sister. Is she lying too? And when you’re 18 y.o. who cares how old you are. She’s 27 and has been well known for 8 years. Why (&how) w/could she shave 8 years off of an 18 year old? Doesn’t make sense.

      • Lola

        Even the skeptics have to admit that “young-ish, A-list, multi-hyphenate” describes Beyonce to a tee. She has also made claims that she grew up in an upper-middle class neighborhood, attended private school and that her dad drove a Jag. If this blind is true, then it’s about her. She’s been plagued by these rumors for years.

  • Memee

    Catherine Zeta Jones

  • Anna

    Catherine zeta jones

  • Carley

    Rache Mcadams

    • JJ

      I’ve heard before that her DOB is somewhat sketchy, but she’s not much of a multi-hyphenate. Plus, she’s pretty open about her lower-middle class upbringing.

      • pinto

        right don’t think this BI is about her but Rach def has age issues. I just read she just turned 30 but that would make her the same age as Ryan Gosling who is def younger. I say she’s 33-34 and changed things when she got mean girls to seem younger

  • blueyes

    Whomever it is, has more than one talent. Catherine Zeta is known for lying about her age, but I think this person is younger than CZJ.

  • annie

    Ah, I guess the hyphenating could be as in: actress-model-singer, rather than in the name. Anyway, I don’t know!

  • addled

    multi-hyphenate could mean something other than the celeb’s name, like singer-dancer-actor.

  • Monks

    Dakota Fanning

  • Mimi

    Kerry Washington. She is in her late 30’s, not her early 30’s.

  • Carmen

    I’m going with Posh…says she’s 33 (not too sure of that) and here’s a quote from wiki: “Beckham’s father was an electronics engineer[4] and the success of the family business meant a wealthy upbringing for Victoria and her siblings,[1] Louise and Christian
    Beckham attended St. Mary’s High School in Cheshunt. She was embarrassed by her family’s wealth and often begged her father not to drop her off outside the school in their Rolls Royce”

    • Mel

      Unfortunately VB is from a well off family, she went to Lanes dance school a private institution and had a massive head start, despite her lack of talent, because of daddys money.

    • Sundaeg1rl

      Nah, she’s the same age as me! There’s no way she’s older!

  • Annie

    Eva Longoria Parker

  • jillyp

    multi-hyphenate n. a person who has (or is known for having) several main occupations.

    So, she doesnt have to have a hyphen in her name. Lookin’ at you Beyonce.

  • chops

    beyonce is a good guess….
    the last part about an “alternate identity” could refer to sasha fierce??

  • Boo

    Alternate ego=Sasha Fierce. Singer/actress/dancer/designer/songwriter

  • Boo

    Sorry mean alternate IDENTITY

  • mark ginnis

    beyonce? but wasn’t there an E! documentary on her? They talked to her teachers.

  • Yasuri Yamileth

    I’m thinking Beyonce … only because she said in an interview (Elle or Cosmopolitan or maybe Vogue) that she went to private school and grew up middle class … and I was thinking, “Then why do you sound so inarticulate?” … I mean one would awesome that having such a pedigree would make you a more eloquent speaker. But who knows, maybe it’s Glenn Beck.

    Annie, It’s not Eva Longoria Parker. Only because she was on Oprah a few years back and talked about growing up working class, and she even showed her parents house which was tiny and sad … She did build them a house though … it was all in that episode.

  • GuyIncognito

    Anne Hathaway

  • Jojo

    BG – Could you please clarify as to whether “multi-hypheenate” refers to the person’ name or career?

  • toya

    beyonce!!!! she lies about everything!!

  • Gitano

    I found this article http://scandalist.thefablife.com/2008-12-30/beyonce-pisses-off-janet-with-jackson-family-dis/ in which Beyonce pissed off Janet Jackson for talking about how her childhood was much different than that of the Jacksons because she was upper class and went to private school. I think it could be her.

  • Jenn

    Not Beyonce.The family is wealthy and well known
    in Houston and Beyonce went to Houston high school
    for Performing Arts where she was a promising Star.
    Houstonians know her and her family quite well.

    • just guessin

      beyonce said she was home schooled

      • i want in

        she also said she was also private schooled.. hmmmmmmm

      • Bubbles

        High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) is a public school in Houston, not a private one. Anyone in Houston Independent School District or the surrounding areas can attend it. It is most certainly not a private school.

  • Stinkdoodle

    Reese Witherspoon? But I can’t think of her hyphenating… unless they add singer because of “Walk the Line”. But I’m sure they’d have brought up the Oscar win.

    Never mind.

    • ibiubu

      She was my first thought, too. However, I just don’t know how one would get away with claiming that their parents are doctors so handily (mother, Ph.D; father, physician). I think it would be too easy to verify.

      The fact that this person is A-list, though, really narrows to field to a select few, and she’s definitely in that camp.

      • Monks

        I know someone that went to school with Reese Witherspoon, she is the age she claims to be. She was apparently rather * though!

  • DavidB

    Reese Witherspoon seems to fit a lot of criteria. She’s A list, her father is purportedly a surgeon, she purportedly attended a private girls school (Harpeth Hall) in Nashville and her public persona doesn’t include any “unsavory substances”.

    However I’m not sure its her simply because she is so high profile I would have expected any “fibs” to be revealed by now.

    • saraleigh

      The thing with reese though is she started acting very young so it can’t be her

    • FLTom

      Witherspoon is a direct descendant of the sixth president of Princeton, then called the College of New Jersey. Her ancestor also signed the Declaration of Independence.

      These facts are well documented and beyond dispute. It’s simply not possible to pretend membership in such a well established family and not be found out quite quickly.

    • sick Witherspoon family

      October 09, 2002
      The brother of actress Reese Witherspoon was arrested in Nashville, Tenn., Saturday on charges of aggravated burglary and sexual battery.

      John Draper Witherspoon, 29, allegedly entered the apartment of his new neighbor, an unnamed woman, and found her sleeping on her living room sofa.
      The young woman told Nashville’s WKRN-TV News, “I woke up with him kissing my face and my neck, and I was wearing overalls at the time, and he unlatched one side of the overalls, had his hand down my underwear and was trying to get my pants off when I woke up.”
      The New York Post reports Witherspoon was also arrested last week on a prior charge of reckless driving under the influence of alcohol.

  • Lizzard

    I’m totally going to say Beyonce for this one!

    The nulti-hyphenate could be the fact that she is a singer/dancer, “designer”, and “actress” (I say the designer and actress part in quotes becuase her acting makes me want to stab my eyes out and those clothes are hurtful to the eyes) It could also refer to the fact thats she is now married.

    Years ago it was being reported her alleged real birthday was September 4, 1974 not 1981. (Making her 7 years older) Also, Wikipedia’s Alief Elsik HS page shows Beyonce as a notable alum (Someone mentioned it was not in a very good part of town) so she did not graduate from the Houston Performing Arts School, who knows if she actually even went there or if that was made up.

    Also, her current album I Am Sasha Fierce can be an alternate identity.

    • BayouBabe

      You are so correct. Everything that comes out of Beyonce’s mouth is a lie. She lies about her age, lies about wearing butt pads, takes credit for other songwriters work, swagger jacks other artists styles, etc. She recently said that she grew up in an upper-middle classs neighborhood and went to private school. She was accepted into the Houston Performing Arts school, but never went. Instead, she was homeschooled by her crackhead father. That’s why she comes off as being dumber than a first grader.

    • Drifter

      Elsik is far from being ghetto. It’s not a lilly white suburb anymore which is what most ppl today define as ghetto. As a child I was the only black kid in most of my classes until 4th or 5th grade. It’s one of the most diverse areas I’ve ever lived in. It actually connects Houston to more affluent suburbs. This means that you’ll have some people from the hood living above their means, you’ll also have some people living below their means. In the 90s it wasn’t uncommon to see a legitimate businessman driving a Ferrari living next to someone who drove a 1986 Civic. It’s what you make of it. Some rich kids chose to be thugs and are in jail, some poor kids chose be scholars and went off to great schools. I was lower middle class, lived like I was lower middle class, and made use of my resources to get into a good school. Some areas look run down and some are fancier, but you never know what kind of person is living in either house.

    • Lizzard

      I just wanted to add the fact that this chick supposed birthday is 9/4/1981 which would make her a little less than a year YOUNGER than me and there is no possibly way that’s accurate! She looks like she has a good 4-5 years on me at the least!

    • JJ

      There is so much sketchniness with this family too! There have been rumors forever that Kelly is actually Matthew’s daughter, and nobody has ever been able to prove or disprove it. Lying about age would seem like something they’d do. Although they don’t seem smart enough to pull it off :)

  • DavidB

    I forgot to add that Reese Witherspoon also has a number of “Producing” credits and qualifies as a hyphenate.

  • kiki

    i feel like it def has to be someone who wasn’t a child star, someone whos career started later

  • Laurali

    Katie Holmes-Cruise?

  • kerri

    Shilo Jolie-Pitt?

    Hard time coming up with the hyphen thing. It’s probably CZJ!

  • Nash Gal

    It is definitely not Reese Witherspoon. I grew up attending private school in Nashville and she absolutely attended private school her whole life. I’ve seen the yearbooks!
    I’m glad I am actually able to debunk one of these!

  • abeille

    It’s Beyonce. Yesterday, another website called her out for saying that she went to a private school when she actually attended a public school and was homeschooled. It is still unclear whether she’s even received a HS diploma or GED. Her family WAS NOT wealthy as she claimed a few weeks back (while dissing the Jackson clan for their “ghetto” roots. “Alternate Identity” is a reference to the whole Sasha Fierce crap.

  • Carmen

    Hi BG…this is just for you…is there a reason my comment takes longer to moderate? Did I do something wrong??? If so, I apologize! Thanks, Carmen

  • Carmen

    I’m going with Posh…says she’s 33 (not too sure of that) and here’s a quote from wiki: “Beckham’s father was an electronics engineer[4] and the success of the family business meant a wealthy upbringing for Victoria and her siblings,[1] Louise and Christian
    Beckham attended St. Mary’s High School in Cheshunt. She was embarrassed by her family’s wealth and often begged her father not to drop her off outside the school in their Rolls Royce”


    Beyonce never claimed private school – she was home schooled-


    JLo never claimed middle class – she went to parochial school


    This is a hard blind item …. every body makes alternate lives as they progress.. i know I have LOL

  • Yan

    B-E-Y-O WOLF!!!

  • DreamyEyes

    BEYONCE! So I guess the rumors about her age are true.

  • midnightfarm


  • tropical

    It’s Beyonce. She’s multi-hyphenated: singing, movies and clothing line, definetly A-list, said she grew up upper class and went to private school. Don’t know about the age story though because I think she’s really the age she claims to be.

  • Wow.. I am never stupified. Let’s see youngish that means around 30…model, actress, whatever….I am going to have to think about this one. Damn!

  • cocovixxen

    This is definitely BEYONCE. She’s been quoted as saying she went to private school….and it’s surfaced that she’s supposedly about 5 years older than what she claims. Here’s the article about her going to “private school”

  • pumpkin

    It is beyonce. Mediatakeout reported this already.

  • Grace

    It’s Beyonce. This has been a big thing on a lot of the black celebrity gossip sites (Media Takeout, YBF). Apparently, she went to public schools in “the ghetto” but claimed she went to private schools, was just a regular middle class child and is actually many years older than she claims.

    This has been a rumor floating around about her for years.

  • MISS J

    Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana ?

  • Just sayin'

    Courtney Cox Arquette?

  • DT

    “The ex-Destiny’s Child singer said, “I grew up upper class. Private school. My dad had a Jaguar. We’re African-American and we work together as a family, so people assume we’re like The Jacksons.” Beyonce in Elle magazine.
    Ok, solved. Who cares?! I want to know what kind of drugs little miss perfect has in her purse.

  • butterfly

    Not Reese. I know people who went to high school with her in Nashville at Harpeth. She’s legit.

  • Mike Rotch

    This could be all of them!!! They ALL lie about their age. Beyonce, Catherine Zeta Jones, Charlize Theron, Miley Cyrus take your pick. Although it is easier for people from other countries to lie because who’s gonna check up on them?

  • lolzer


    Sasha Fierce, anyone?

  • immature

    Multi-hyphenate probably has nothing to do with a name but with the celeb having more than one identity — singer-actress, actress-director (for instance), etc.

  • fruitcake

    I had never heard anything about B lying about her age before, but for years now I’ve done people searches locating lost individuals via public records, and the public records I find for Beyonce do say 9/4/81, for what it’s worth.

    About Houston:
    I would consider Alief solidly middle class. It’s not poor, and it’s right down a major thoroughfare from a country club. It’s also entirely possible in Houston to have money and live in a neighborhood some might consider “undesirable.” There are million dollar homes and condos built right next to shacks here.

    Also, word is that B went to PVA but graduated from Elsik; PVA even acknowledges that she was once a student but graduated from another high school. HSPVA is a magnet school, in that you can live anywhere in Houston and still attend if you pass your auditions, but it’s not a private school.

  • sm

    Duh! It’s Angelina Jolie Pitt

  • abeille

    She is hyphenated. . .but not officially. When the marriage rumors began, media referred to her as Beyonce Knowles-Carter and so do many of the writers for Black websites (jokingly).


    As someone stated, this story was featured on Black websites days ago and they didn’t feature it as a blind item.

  • fruitcake

    Her wiki page also states B went to St Mary’s for primary school, which IS a private montessori school. They offer dance and music instruction, which she said she took. Parker Elem. is another magnet school. A medical equipment salesman in the early 90s (which it says her father was) could very well have afforded a private elementary school, a public magnet middle and high school (free) and had nice vehicles, all while living in Alief.

  • KimiD

    Ok FIRST – Cool it with the stupid $hit! Do you come here often? Maybe you don’t know the rules yet? BG rarely comes RIGHT out and gives you all the clues. In this case, their apparent lack of clerification on the “hyphen” clue could mean that we’re being pulled off track on purpose. Perhaps the individual has a hyphenated name, OR maybe, just MAYBE they wear more than one hat, as many do in Hollywood. Leave your snappy comments @ the door.

  • KimiD

    Ummm I think the post I was responding to got canned…sorry if none of that makes sense folks.

    • Thanks Kimi

      I was about to call the dumbass out.

      In show biz speak:

      Catchword: multi-hyphenate
      Filed under: English

      Quotation: Figuratively, he’s a multi-hyphenate. A television-writer-director-turrned-film-writer-director

  • abeille

    On the wiki page, there is no supporting reference link to the statement that she attended St. Mary’s and anyone can add information to wiki, so I’m not buying that she attended St. Mary’s. The preforming arts school and the magnet school are not private.

  • judith

    OBVIOUSLY beyonce. she claims to go to private schoool when she went to a magnet PUBLIC school, left there according to one source because she couldnt catch up with the curriculum, and later attended that high school in the ghetto, where she was also pulled out apparently because she couldnt handle the coursework, and was allegedly pimped er homeschooled by her father. im not sure if she even has a ged.

  • Dude

    It is Beyonce… go to mediatakeout and look for the article that is posted about her private school lies. She is definetly a mulihypenate – considering her spokeperson work, acting, danceing etc. And Bey is prob lieing about her age too!

  • ang

    im going to say megan fox

  • bartf

    Courtney Cox-Arquette. She was 24 when she did the dancing in the dark video with Bruce Springstein in 1984 yet she claims she is only what 44?

  • to Yasuri Yamileth

    you are soooo right – she is a low class ghetto skank

  • This is a tough one. Beyonce and Catherine Zeta Jones have both made comments that don’t add up regarding their pasts. Of the two I would say it is CZJ.

  • Mike

    Angelina Jolie seems like she could/should be 5 years older than she is. Has she ever hyphenated her name? Cause she is pretty much just an actress. Possibly “/humanitarian”?

    • MollySue

      but she and her brother have both said that they didn’t grow up with a lot of money as Jon was such a picky artist he didn’t necessarily work all that often.

  • Mel

    Britney LOL! She claims to have gone to Parklane but really went to Kentwood high, as for middle class, we all know the answer to that one… yeah.

  • hmmmmm


  • MollySue

    I don’t think it’s CZJ – she’s been working since she was a child and has been well known since the early 90s on this side of the Atlantic and if she did subtract years, it wouldn’t be as many as five. I remember seeing programmes on her when she first got big in Hollywood that showed old news clips from when she was a child auditioning for Annie or Bugsy Malone or something, and also later when she was about 18 for another stage musical. She looked her age in both of those clips.

    • MollySue

      I meant to add while I’m convinced Britney shaved a year or two off her age – I agree with the masses that the blind here is likely to be Bouncy.

  • Bex

    its Gaga. multi-hyphenate could be song writer/singer/dancer

  • b

    It’s BEYONCE

    Beyonce told Elle magazine writer Will Blythe. “My dad had a Jaguar. We’re African-American and we work together as a family, so people assume we’re like The Jacksons. But I didn’t have parents using me to get out of a bad situation.”

  • bartf

    Nobody else thinks it is Courtney Cox?

  • LadyGaga

    I say it’s ladygaga.

  • Just Sayin'

    She also said….”I went to private school, we had a very nice house, cars, a housekeeper,” she said. “I wasn’t doing (singing) because I didn’t have a choice, or to support the family, or because I had to get out of a bad situation. I just was determined.”

    She says….I wasn’t ‘doing singing’ nice grammar for a ‘private school girl’ She does sound very uneducated an looks older.

  • doogy howzer

    Hey Barf, I like your CC-A answer!

  • MsJ

    Just looked up Beyonce on Ancestry, Texas Birth Records do indeed have her birthdate as 9/4/1981. I’ll go with Zeta-Jones.

    • Clearly

      If Beyonce is lying about her age you don’t think they’d have it changed on a website like ancestry that you can come to on a quick google seach? I think you underestimate her people. I work in hollywood and I know people who are even behind the scenes (writers, directors) etc that lie about their age. And they are quite thorough with it. Beyonce would be too.

  • DT

    Again, I want to know what BG means by “unsavory substances.” Since most of us agree that it is Beyonce, has anyone read or heard about possible drug use? PS She needs to stop lying about a private school education. Every time she opens her mouth she gives herself away. You would think with all that money and that blazing desire to act that she would actually learn how to speak the English language.

  • Yea

    BEYONCE people!!! She just lied about going to private school and shes wayy older than she says she is

  • Justme

    It could totally be Beyonce. To me, she has been looking high at some of her appearances. BET awards in particular. Only thing is, she definitely grew up middle class, if not upper class really. It’s been established that her family had money long before she started her career. Her father quit his job as a Xerox exec to manage the group after their original manager died. The school thing may be a technicality or just Beyonce being the moron we all know she is and not knowing the difference anyway.

    I tend to believe that none of them are who they say they are.

  • a clue

    What about Jessica Biel or Mandy Moore? I am in the same age bracket as those two and I remember them being the same age as me, but somehow now they’re both magically 3 or more years younger than I am.

  • Jon

    You people are crazy, its not Beyonce!! Her age is well documented and video’s of young destiny child are all over the internet.

  • mm

    Catherine Zeta Jones

  • meah

    Lady Gaga… Beyonce’s life has been documented since she was a child. Lady Gaga has talked about going to private school in NY – google it. She looks older than she claims and she looks like she likes to dabble in the drugs. Beyonce doesn’t.

  • Sunday

    Reese graduated from Harpeth Hall the year before I did so it’s definitely not her.

  • CNS

    This is definitely Beyonce. There has always been speculation she is much older than she claims to be. She also always brags in interviews that she grew up middle class and went to private school (sure can’t tell by the way she talks). I’ve also heard the rumors about her drug use (coke). There are also rumors about steroid use since her neck is unusually long and thick.

  • ~M~

    It’s so obviously Sara-Michelle Gellar.

  • jen

    beyonce * lying again. first taking credit for songs she did not write and now talking about going to private school. she should just go awy for a while. beyonce please dont star in any more movies.lol

  • Suzanne

    It’s Beyonce.In the December Elle she’s quoted:

    “I grew up upper-class. Private school. My dad had a Jaguar. We’re African-American and we work together as a family, so people assume we’re like the Jacksons. But I didn’t have parents using me to get out of a bad situation.”


    ETA: looks like other posters already found the quote… but there’s the link, too.

  • mark ginnis

    I go back to the E! cable profile there are films and video and interviews you can see the difference in hairstyles between 70’s and 80’s. I mean it reallyu seems like this could be But I doubt it. Maybe the BI is about her but it isnt true.

  • SweetTeaKT

    I think Beyonce is a good guess, but just for the record… I went to private school with my sister for most of my life along with some affluent african american students. Some of them spoke quite articulately, others chose to speak with bad grammar and a ghetto accent for “street cred”. My sister is white, has had tens of thousands of dollars of top notch education and still sounds like she came from South Central circa 1994. Point is… whether Beyonce went to private, public, or home school, some people are just ignorant or choose to speak a certain way… you can’t really use that as an argument. I think in Beyonce’s case she’s part dumb and part avoiding being called “too white” a la Gabrielle Union.

  • zomg

    I got it… ANDY ROONEY.

  • Yea

    Remember her last album with that whole alternate ego persona. Beyonce Vs. Sasha Fierce or something. This is totally her… (Perhaps as long as she maintains A-list status she has the power to convince people that her alternate identity is the truth)

  • Praying

    -fabricate their history: been gossiped about among blacks since the 1990s.
    -approximately five years older than she claims to be: gossiped about among blacks since the 1990s
    -she did not grow up in an upper middle class neighborhood, nor go to private school: see all guesses above about Beyonce’s stretching of the truth
    -…dabble…in direct contradiction to her public persona: never heard that, but given how Matthew and Tina forced Solange to marry a young man to keep up appearances, and continue to deny Kelly is Matthew’s biological daughter, why not? that family is used to lying for profit.
    -A-list status: she has no acting skills; but continuing to be considered as leads for projects in spite of that (‘Cadillac Records’) and having a movie open at number one with almost zero mainstream saturation (‘Obsessed’) — yeah, she’s A-List
    -her alternate identity: She is…… Sasha Fierce.

    It’s Beyonce. Will this receive a ‘solved'; or will the Knowles sic their lawyers on BG? That would be too bad, if the latter.

  • Praying

    The reason why I believe the 5 years older rumors: I could swear to god Destiny’s Child used to be billed as ‘Four Funky Little Divas’ — because they came up at the same time as SWV, who were ‘Sisters with Voices’, and En Vogue, the original ‘Four Funky Divas’, who were most popular from 1990 to 1994. Wiki doesn’t mention that (it also has some weird notations about the group being started in 1997 (!) and that they were an underground group for many years). A quick google search doesn’t provide hits at all for ‘Four Funky Little Divas’, for any one. Wiki does mention something about GirlTyme — I’d never heard of them. I had heard of Destiny’s Child, and given that their 4 girl line up would match up with the tail end of En Vogue’s popularity height. That would make Beyonce 12 or 13, in regards to the 1981 birthdate.

    With SWV, Coco was born in 1973, Taj was born in 1971, and Lelee became a mother at 15 in 1988, making her … also born in 1973. They’re all around my age. I thought Beyonce was around my age as well.

    Am I imagining things? Who else was billed as ‘Four Funky Little Divas’? How old were all of them supposed to be? Latavia supposed to be born November 1 1981, Latoya’s supposed to have been born March 11 1981, Kelly was supposed to have been born February 11, 1981 — and Beyonce gets to be ‘different’ by being born September 4 1981? Ohhhkay.

    Memory is a weird thing. I’m sorry if my memory is screwed up. I’d love to know who it really was.

    • Clearly

      um, what?

    • Got it

      I understand so you saw the 4 funky little divas as the original destiny’s child and that they were around the same time as SWV who are all born in the early 70’s making them 30+ now.
      So if Beyonce was in the 4 litle divas in the ealy 1990’s it would have made her 12/13. But if she was 5 years older she would have been 17/18 (better sort of age for music).
      Do you really think she looked 17 in Say my name?