The Chicken and Blueberry Diet

woman-dietBlindGossip – This TV actress put on a few pounds (six, to be exact) while her show was on hiatus, but now that they are back in production, she is desperate to lose weight quickly. She has begun a diet of 800 calories a day consisting only of the following foods: chicken, brown rice, non-fat yogurt, and blueberries. If you are assuming she eats the first two together, and the second two together, you’d be wrong.

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27 comments to The Chicken and Blueberry Diet

  • Mary J

    eva longoria

  • ADF

    Eva for sure…”desperate” to lose the weight=Desperate Housewives.

  • didi

    Eva Longoria…hint is ‘desperate’ to lose weight

  • Jillylicious

    I like the Eva guess, but every time I think of her gaining weight I wonder if it’s just that she’s pregnant. Hasn’t she had trouble conceiving?

    How about Eliza Dushku from Dollhouse? I think there was some confusion as to whether or not it would be back. Or maybe Minka Kelly from Friday Night Lights?

  • JJ

    Agree with Eva. ‘Desperate’ is the clue. Plus, 6 pounds looks like a lot more on her little frame than it would on any of the other, taller actresses on that show.

  • eva longwhoria

    yep – what a stupid skank that one is….ugh, if there is anyone more annoying in hoolywood, i’m not sure who that would be…

  • sterile

    no her ovaries have dried up from all the STD’s she has

  • annie

    This sounds pretty healthy, actually, for a short period of time.

  • clementine

    yeah. chicken with yogurrt and blueberries with brown rice sounds ok to me. what’s the big deal?

  • Big Bill

    Doesn’t she get hungry?

    • anonymous

      Not a lot of calories in those foods, maybe one could eat a lot and not feel hungry, even 800 calories worth.

  • oh is Eva Longoria-Parker. Why doesn’t she just do the master cleanse ? Hello!!

  • PhoebeS

    I really see the issue here, at least she is eating

  • [Please Change Your User Name]

    yup, it prob is elp cuz she is known to gain weight when her show is off on vacay. last year a similar article came out about her weight gain & they spun the weight gain into the story line for last season.

  • stan

    IF SHE PUT ON 6LBS SO WHAT? Would BI care so much if “Charlie Sheen” put on 6 pounds or even 15 it would go unreported

  • irishdragongirl

    Is it possible that “6” is a clue?

  • Bit

    Well if “6” happens to be a clue if you turn it around it makes “9” which is Tony Parkers jersey number.

  • Betsy Paige

    Actually, may be a great idea. If I had to eat a meal of chicken and blueberries, or rice and yogurt.. or chicken and yogurt and rice and blueberries ………….I wouldn’t have much of an appetite either!

    • E

      Probably Eva – she says she likes to eat on her vacation, and she is meant to be the really sexy character on DH. Chicken baked with a yoghurt coating, and some herbs or curry paste is actually very yummy – it makes the chicken very moist. Maybe blueberries with the rice would taste quite nice as a salad type dish (maybe with a vinagrette dressing…) or if cooked together and eaten hot, would be a bit like a fruity rice pudding.As quick weight loss diets go this sounds pretty healthy – protein, fibre, vitamin c, and calcium all featuring. much better than that awful one Beyonce did for Dream Girls. I don’t think it would be good long term though

  • It’s probably the fact that 800 calories is not healthy for ANYONE.

  • LC

    Chicken, Rice and yogurt together sounds yummy. It’s like the Greek dish. Lamb, rice, that yogurt sause stuff. the blueberry added to it is a bit different…but I don’t think this is a big deal blind vice at all. Her meal sounds very healthy. And 6 lbs is nothing. Now if she had gained 20 lbs, and were starving herself, eating perscription meds or eating doggy doo…then I’d see that as a good blind vice.

  • DT

    Why isn’t anyone mentioning Mischa Barton? Her show has recently resumed production.

    • Catiebug

      It didn’t “resume” production… it just started production on its first season. This is referring to a show that’s been on at least one season and is just coming back from summer break.

  • Sarah

    Olivia Wilde

  • Catiebug

    I’m going with Eva… she’s so petite, if she added 6 pounds over vacation you’d notice. Not so much on Olivia Wilde because she’s taller.

  • inmyownopinion

    I think its the actress that plays Bree on Desperate housewives.
    We all know the “desperate” clue, but when they said “2” of these foods, I thought of the twins that Bree (in real life) had, but then I thought of ELP’s character on the show, and she has 2 daughters with her husband, so it’s either one of these actresses for sure.