The Chicken and Blueberry Diet

woman-dietBlindGossip – This TV actress put on a few pounds (six, to be exact) while her show was on hiatus, but now that they are back in production, she is desperate to lose weight quickly. She has begun a diet of 800 calories a day consisting only of the following foods: chicken, brown rice, non-fat yogurt, and blueberries. If you are assuming she eats the first two together, and the second two together, you’d be wrong.

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  1. Jillylicious says

    I like the Eva guess, but every time I think of her gaining weight I wonder if it’s just that she’s pregnant. Hasn’t she had trouble conceiving?

    How about Eliza Dushku from Dollhouse? I think there was some confusion as to whether or not it would be back. Or maybe Minka Kelly from Friday Night Lights?

  2. JJ says

    Agree with Eva. ‘Desperate’ is the clue. Plus, 6 pounds looks like a lot more on her little frame than it would on any of the other, taller actresses on that show.

  3. eva longwhoria says

    yep – what a stupid skank that one is….ugh, if there is anyone more annoying in hoolywood, i’m not sure who that would be…

  4. clementine says

    yeah. chicken with yogurrt and blueberries with brown rice sounds ok to me. what’s the big deal?

    • anonymous says

      Not a lot of calories in those foods, maybe one could eat a lot and not feel hungry, even 800 calories worth.

  5. [Please Change Your User Name] says

    yup, it prob is elp cuz she is known to gain weight when her show is off on vacay. last year a similar article came out about her weight gain & they spun the weight gain into the story line for last season.

  6. stan says

    IF SHE PUT ON 6LBS SO WHAT? Would BI care so much if “Charlie Sheen” put on 6 pounds or even 15 it would go unreported

  7. Bit says

    Well if “6” happens to be a clue if you turn it around it makes “9” which is Tony Parkers jersey number.

  8. Betsy Paige says

    Actually, may be a great idea. If I had to eat a meal of chicken and blueberries, or rice and yogurt.. or chicken and yogurt and rice and blueberries ………….I wouldn’t have much of an appetite either!

    • E says

      Probably Eva – she says she likes to eat on her vacation, and she is meant to be the really sexy character on DH. Chicken baked with a yoghurt coating, and some herbs or curry paste is actually very yummy – it makes the chicken very moist. Maybe blueberries with the rice would taste quite nice as a salad type dish (maybe with a vinagrette dressing…) or if cooked together and eaten hot, would be a bit like a fruity rice pudding.As quick weight loss diets go this sounds pretty healthy – protein, fibre, vitamin c, and calcium all featuring. much better than that awful one Beyonce did for Dream Girls. I don’t think it would be good long term though

  9. LC says

    Chicken, Rice and yogurt together sounds yummy. It’s like the Greek dish. Lamb, rice, that yogurt sause stuff. the blueberry added to it is a bit different…but I don’t think this is a big deal blind vice at all. Her meal sounds very healthy. And 6 lbs is nothing. Now if she had gained 20 lbs, and were starving herself, eating perscription meds or eating doggy doo…then I’d see that as a good blind vice.

    • Catiebug says

      It didn’t “resume” production… it just started production on its first season. This is referring to a show that’s been on at least one season and is just coming back from summer break.

  10. Catiebug says

    I’m going with Eva… she’s so petite, if she added 6 pounds over vacation you’d notice. Not so much on Olivia Wilde because she’s taller.

  11. inmyownopinion says

    I think its the actress that plays Bree on Desperate housewives.
    We all know the “desperate” clue, but when they said “2” of these foods, I thought of the twins that Bree (in real life) had, but then I thought of ELP’s character on the show, and she has 2 daughters with her husband, so it’s either one of these actresses for sure.