Old Rocker Passes Daughter in Law as Date

old-man-young-womanBlindGossip – This aging rock star was recently spotted out and about holding hands and affectionately cuddling with a much younger woman. It turns out that it was actually his daughter-in-law. Because she is unknown, he is occasionally able to convince people that she is his latest conquest. He will do anything to be perceived as young and hip. The daughter-in-law is not too pleased to be used as a prop, but she is afraid to say so, as she doesn’t want to be responsible for her husband being cut out of the will.

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49 comments to Old Rocker Passes Daughter in Law as Date

  • Mike Rotch

    Paul McCartney was my first thought…

  • Jane Doe

    Paul is always out with his new girlfriend, and doesn’t have a son. Cannot be him.

    My guess was Rod Stewart, but don’t think it’s him either.

  • jen

    ron woods was spotted with a vvverry young girlfriend

    • AA

      Ron left his wife of 23 years for a 20 year old so it can’t be him. He is like 62. I don’t think a 20 year old would even be able to name one Stones song. No offense to anyone young here, I just am showing my…ahem…older age (but not nearly as old as Ron LOL)

  • MollySue

    Nah, It’s Robert Plant. The man can’t help himself 😉

  • AA

    Mick Jagger has always been obsessed with being with younger girls. I have no idea if he has a son old enough to be married though.

  • daniesq

    Paul doesn’t strike me as someone who’s particularly concerned with being perceived as cool and hip. Now any of the guys from the Stones, Kiss, or Aerosmith I could see. On the other hand, I could see Sting (formerly of the Police) or Phil Collins fitting the bill.

  • eyeroll

    I was thinking Gene Simmons. He’s all about appearances and publicity.

    • saraleigh

      gene simmons is married to shannon tweed who is more awesome than most girls will ever be.

      • pixxie

        and the most awesome part you may ask.. their not even married. =)

      • Barry

        he is not married to her. she he thinks that she is so awesome that he nails anything that comes his way – including photos up on the net of him and some Euro model for Red Bull or something. they have an open deal and he lets girls visit the house.
        when you can have anything in the candy store, chocolate is just another food…

  • clementine

    I guess it isn’t Steven Tyler since he just bit the dust falling off the stage.
    it’s not Sir Paul. hmm. who has a son that’s married?

  • Todd

    Could “Hip” be a clue? Eddie Van Halen had a hip replacement, no?

  • sneezy

    Wouldn’t the son call the dad out on this!? What the hell is wrong with these people?!

  • leek

    What kind of a turd would let his wife be treated that way? She should leave him. Hollywood proves over and over that money don’t buy class.

  • maggiemay

    bob dylan’s daughter-in-law, paige (jakob’s wife)

    • MizFabulous

      Umm…I’m not sure Bob Dylan would fall into the “would do anything to be perceived as young and hip” category, would he?

      • anonymous

        There was that Victoria’s Secret commercial that time…which backfired, as women were horrified by the scary old dude!

    • Without you I'm just Me

      Now you leave Bob alone, the man can do no wrong! Grrrrr

  • JaundiceMachine

    For whatever reason, I immediately thought of Steven Tyler for this blind – even though I have absolutely no evidence to refute it.

  • Sluggo

    I heard rumors to this effect about Bryan Ferry (ex-Roxy Music frontman) quite some time ago, so maybe it’s him …

    • dotdotdot

      ah yes, of course! So clever of you to remember this- wow! “His son’s ex” I believe it said at the time (late last year?). You have a great memory!

      • AA

        All I can find is that he is dating his son’s ex-girlfriend who was never his daughter in law. This one is killing me, I want it solved and you would think it would be easy if they are spotted out together.

  • Eric Shinn


  • Pagette

    Nah, not Planty. He doesn’t do silly things just to appear young and hip, and I don’t think his family is obsessed with his will either.

    • anonymous

      Agreed! I’ve heard he is very down to earth and unpretentious, and I’ve never heard of him acting like a slavering dirty old man like Woody Allen or any Rolling Stone.

    • MollySue

      Yeah. I guess you’re both right – I skipped over the skeevier parts. The reason I thought of him wasn’t that I think he’s desperate to look young, but that I’ve heard that he’s the type always to be in love and was maybe “keeping up appearances”. ?
      The young and hip and the will business is confusing me. Are we talking about “aging” or “old”

  • mook

    Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones is dating a younger woman…

  • Cat

    Robert Plant’s son Logan is married to a very attractive woman and I have heard Plant is concerned about his appearance.

  • goldfish swirling

    Ted Nugent.

  • The Gryphon

    Tommy Lee?

  • auntmidgee

    No guess but my father used to do this with me when I was in my late teens, early twenties. He thought it was cool that all of his friends thought he had a mistress. One of his friends even asked him if my stepmother could talk to his wife and let her know it was OK to have a mistress. I’m still creeped out about it 15 years later…

  • goldfish swirling

    McKenzie Phillips, is that you?