Actress is Messing With The Clothing Tags

BlindGossip – This award-winning actress isn’t getting offered as many good parts as she would like. She’s always been a healthy person, and has always had a great figure, but she’s begun to alleviate her stress by eating. Now we won’t go so far as to say that she has been binge eating or that she has gained a lot of weight. However, she has gone up a size or two. The numbers on her clothing are such a source of aggravation now that she recently had her assistant remove the size tags from every single piece of clothing. Then she had the assistant sew in new size labels marked with a smaller size. As she has a large wardrobe, this particular task took several days. By the way, she has hired a personal trainer and stepped up the exercise, but she will definitely be avoiding photographers until she is back down to her fighting weight.

Actress is on The Reverse Diet

BlindGossip – There is a certain famous television actress on a popular show who is thin even by the most subjective standards. Too bad she’s not as secure as you would think. During a recent wardrobe fitting, she peppered the stylists with questions about other female actors. She quizzed them about how her body compared to theirs: “What about X?” “Is she thinner than me? “How much does she weigh?” » Continued

The Real Reason She Fears Pregnancy

Downfront2 – She is a major star and the baddest chick in the game. She is married to a very powerful man. He wants children but she’s hesitant because if she gains weight she knows he will lose interest in her.

Star is Surrounded by Sheep

BlindGossip – This star is in trouble. Her husband has been keeping her emotionally and physically propped up for months now. An intervention would be the next natural step, but for all her popularity and fame, she does not have anyone who will step up, confront her, and advocate for her. She is surrounded by an entourage of sheep who are either unable or unwilling to do anything for fear they will be financially cut off. Her career is fizzling, she is depressed, she is gaining weight, and she is drinking every single day. She recently had a blackout, but there was no publicized trip to the emergency room. A private physician was called in instead.

Diet Coke and Cabbage

BuzzFoto – This young B/C list starlet hasn’t been getting much work lately compared to her contemporaries. She is convinced it is because she is a little on the pudgy side (if bone thin means being fat). She is on a dangerous diet plan limited to cabbage and diet coke, and is even paranoid about drinking water because it she believes it has too many calories. The idea is a terrible one, and probably won’t do anything to her but give her a trip to the hospital. So dangerous and dumb! Not Rachel Bilson.

He Switched Sides at the NTA

DailyMirror – Which gay star switched sides after hooking up with a female co-star? The bloke in question let the wine do the talking at the National Television Awards after-party, where he scored with the skinny woman.

She's Toning Up and Toning Down

Downfront2 – She’s losing weight and staying quiet. She has toned down her silly antics and suspect behavior. Sources say she is gearing up for her next gig on a new TV show.

Pop Star Claims Weight Loss is from Touring

woman thin 1DailyMirror – Which pop star claims her recent rapid weight loss is all down to non-stop touring? It’s actually due to » Continued

She Orders Big Meals and Stays Thin

dinner 2CDAN – Oh, I guess this actress is B list, but only because of her name. If not for her name she would be C list at best. Movies, always movies. Oh, and she is married. Oh, and she has child/ren. One of her favorite tricks for losing weight is to meet people for lunch or dinner. This works best for her when it is a first time meeting. She will go to great lengths to order a big meal. When it arrives she invariably finds something wrong with it and sends it back while insisting her companion keep eating. When her food arrives again, she picks at it and will say she doesn’t want to send it back again but it still isn’t perfect. By this time her companion usually finishes and our actress just says she will eat a big dinner when in fact she will eat nothing.


» Continued

How She Really Became Super Skinny


BuzzFoto – This super skinny A/B lister has always blamed her skinny weight on her incredible metabolism and good genes. Well, we know that every time she goes out to a restaurant, » Continued

We Hope Mommy Stops Wearing Spandex

42-16340512BlindGossip – There has been a lot of speculation over the past couple of months about her weight gain. Well, she’s pregnant. However, due to a previous miscarriage, she will not be announcing until the cocoon is well into the second trimester. Will she start wearing more clothes when she becomes a mother? We hope so. Frankly, we think the girl is way too obsessed with spandex.

Lose the Lies and You'll Lose the Weight

hamburger 4BlindGossip – This television star has gained a lot of weight over the past couple of years. Because this has been an ongoing issue, s/he has started seeing a therapist to get to the root of the problem. It turns out that the star’s » Continued

Hunky Guy is Actually Wearing a Mirdle

man girdleSOLVED!

[BlindGossip] This good-looking and award-winning male actor has always been known as being rather vain. That’s why it should come as no surprise that he asked the director to help him mask his weight gain (he is a good 25-35 pounds heavier than when he first landed the role). He is especially self-conscious about how he appears when filmed from the side. We don’t think he looks that bad with the extra weight (he has always been built like a tank), but the wardrobe person has fitted him with a men’s compression girdle to help smooth him out. Just don’t expect to see him unbuttoning his suit any time soon. » Continued

Convinced She Will Gain Weight if She Stops

scaleJanetCharlton – This singer has been losing weight for an important TV role but she’s doing it the dangerous way » Continued

Crude Nude Dude Gets Lewd With A Prude

bradley cooper 3EOnline – Think most of our homo Vices have totally effed-up ways of pursuing love? Well, don’t rule out the » Continued

There's Too Much Donk in her Badonkadonk

BlindGossip – Which actress’ weight problem temporarily brought shooting to a halt? She’s had issues with weight fluctuation before, and had committed to a lower weight this season. We don’t know what she did to » Continued

When Size Zero Isn't Thin Enough

girl thin 1CDAN – This dark haired C+/B- movie and television actress who was on a fairly hit network show and has had some very famous ex-boyfriends was at the airport last week when she fainted. She said it was because » Continued

This Star Hates You If You're Overweight

nick nolte 1BuzzFoto – Which star that recently lost weight has no tolerance for overweight people. In fact, any time our star sees someone with a little extra weight, they make terrible comments, roll their eyes and are hostile towards them. The resentment has gotten so bad, they won’t interact or attend events where they know people who are overweight will be there. We think they still have a little self-loathing from the time when the tables were turned. Not Nick Nolte.

Skinny Girl is on a Vodka and Fingers Diet

vodkasDailyMirror – Which uber-skinny Hollywood starlet can’t seem to keep a thing down her throat apart from her fingers? The only thing that manages to stay down are the shots of vodka to keep her going through the day. Your extra clue: Wonder if this has anything to do with her recent breakup.

Just a Few More Pounds

scaleBuzzFoto – A source tells us that this certain star is getting super thin because of a increasingly bad eating disorder. Maybe the pressures of handling a career and family are getting to her. Her family is concerned, but word is, her handlers aren’t- they’re the ones that suggested she lose the weight to get the work. Not Katie Holmes.


» Continued

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