Coco Does Pizza and Beer and Bathroom

EOnline – If anyone’s been wondering why the very funny Coco Crack-Head, who used to have a most natural figure, has recently become bone-thin, we have a pretty good clue as to why: » Continued

How Plastic Girl Stays Thin

StarMagazine – Which plastic surgery-loving actress stays thin by purging after every meal? During a recent dinner party in the Hollywood Hills, she kept excusing herself to go to the powder room. Everyone at the party knew.

Veronica Bee-Stings’ Plastic Secret

EOnlineWe were expecting to induct Veronica Bee-Stings into our exclusive Blind Vice club when one of her flirt fests with a certain married costar went too far. See, V. is a knockout, that’s for sure, and she loves that men want her—especially hunky ones who are already spoken for. And they do, surely. But we’re not here to discuss her femme fatal ways. Rather, today’s secretive lesson is about all the money that’s gone into » Continued

Why Lucretia is a Bloated Babe

EOnline –  We toss around the word celebrity here at Awful Truth, about as loosely as Toothy Tile guards his homosexuality. That said, there’s a celeb in town by the name of Lucretia Johnson, whose talent is, uh, questionable, at best. And the poor gal’s also currently getting raked over the rumor coals for possibly being preggers. And, trust, in a town that wants to skewer folks (mainly women) for being a half-ounce over weight, that’s pretty scandalous stuff. Shouldn’t be, but it is. And guess what? » Continued

Weight Loss Demands Were Too Heavy


[BlindGossip] A well-known weight loss company wanted to hire this multi-hyphenate beauty. She was interested, but her manager ruined the deal by making ridiculous demands of the company.  Of course, the manager requested the usual star treatment for his client. Beyond that, though, he absolutely refused to let the company meet or speak with the star before the first photo shoot. He also insisted that the company lie about her starting weight and Photoshop the “Before” photographs of the star so that she would appear less chubby than she actually was. The company refused and dropped her as a spokesperson before the campaign even began. » Continued

Stalling the Baby Announcement


BlindGossip – This celebrity is pregnant, but her SO wants to hold off on the announcement. Why? Because, while he really, really wants this baby (even more than she does), he is very concerned that she is obsessing about her weight. She is not eating enough, and she is on the scale several times a day fretting about her weight gain. If she can’t stick to a healthy eating plan, it will be difficult for her to sustain a healthy pregnancy. He doesn’t want them to make a public announcement only to have to retract it a few weeks later.


» Continued

The Answers Are No No No

BlindGossip – This girl’s life is both charmed and complicated. We’ll make it easy for you: The answers are no, no, and no. She was so self-conscious with the way her body looked after gaining a few pounds that she dropped out of a high-profile gig. She wasn’t too worried about it though, because she thought she had another job lined up right behind it. That didn’t work out either. So, no baby, no movie, no television. Maybe she should try singing.

Thin and Exhausted Girl is Cracking

BlindGossip – This actress, who is the star of a very successful television show, has become completely obsessive about her weight. » Continued

Skinny with The Runs

DailyMirror – Which skinny female celeb has lost weight through a new US ‘wonder drug’ designed to stop food being absorbed but resulting in awful diarrhoea?

The Secret to A Slim Physique

JanetCharlton – This well-known personal trainer has an enviable physique and a successful TV career. The trainer urges clients to lose weight the natural way through exercise and diet management. But our slim and muscular gym buddy » Continued

She Only Hangs Out with Fat People

Downfront2 – Since her gastric bypass surgery and major weight loss, this former TV talk show personality only likes to hang with people who are heavier than she is.

Less Weight and More Energy

BlindGossip – This television star claims that she lost those annoying pounds so quickly because she was so completely committed to being healthy. Really? Committed to an addictive substance is more like it. Sure, she exercised and ate healthier. She also ingested enough white powder to cause rapid weight loss, a sudden burst of energy, and a future commitment to a rehab facility.

Flops Take a Toll on His Sunny Personality

BlindGossip – All actors have their ups and downs in their career. Some have them independently of a career. This actors’ previous series attempt have flopped quickly. Although he has recovered each time to land another gig, the failure is starting to take a personal toll on him. His sunny personality is gone, he’s gaining weight, and is spending every night in a bar, drinking away his rejection. Nothing funny about that. Friends are trying to distract him right now while his latest flop burns off episodes over the summer.

She Gave Up Her Baby for Adoption

BuzzFoto – This C/D list actress in work but more famous in name has been pregnant at least three times. She allegedly had one child under the radar years ago through a series of cover ups and gave the baby up for adoption. Her other pregnancies were terminated because the star is so fearful of her body image, she doesn’t want to gain weight. She also didn’t want her partner to know that they were the result of one night stands with random guys. Not Lilo.

Photo Credit: BuzzFoto

He Will Dump Her If She Gains Weight

TheGossipBoy – This couple was all smiles last night but no one knew about the argument just moments before arriving because the girl thought that she looked [too] fat.  Normal right?  Well her boyfriend agreed and told her that if her figure goes, so does her status as his woman.

She Uses Food as a Weapon

BlindGossip – When asked about their upbringing, this celebrity talks about it in idyllic terms. She describes her childhood as if she was raised by at least one loving and supportive parent. The truth is that both parents had serious problems, and she was » Continued

Young Actor Getting Bigger and Smaller

BlindGossip – With young Hollywood getting more and more body conscious, it’s not surprise that young girls are adopting extreme exercise and diet plans. However, there is a young male actor who seems to be succumbing to the pressure as well. » Continued

Skinny Girl Makes Her Own Meow Mix

DailyMirror – Which skinny celeb has a worrying new obsession – meow meow mixed into lemonade? She drinks a pint a day, is wasting away, and is turning into a paranoid wreck.

Her Natural Weight Solution Really Isn't

BlindGossip – Family and friends are getting very concerned about this c-list TV actress who says she’s been losing weight naturally with supplements. In reality, she’s been » Continued

British Tubby in The Gym Tub

DailyMirror – Which tubby British star keeps telling people he’s joined a gym to lose weight. But in reality he is using it only to pick up women AND men, making full use of the hot tub facilities.

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