The Secret Diet

[National Enquirer] Which Grammy-winning singer is getting weight-loss tips from another weight-challenged Grammy winner—without her knowledge? Diva #1 is working closely with an ex of Diva # 2, and he’s spilling all of his former lover’s secret diet and exercise tips! Who are they?

Chubster’s Side Chick Is Clucking

[EOnline] Forget Ashton Kutcher and whatever tabloid allegations have him tweeting mad today.

‘Cause we’ve got a Vice star that we know can’t keep it in his pants, much to the dismay of his poor partner and kiddos. Yep, Chubster Hunkster—who’s looking less hunkster and far more chubster these days—is back and still sneaking around.

Thing is, he’s starting to get nervous. Real nervous:

‘Cause one of his chicks on the side is ready to blab. » Continued

Fat Then Thin Then Gorging

[NationalEnquirer] Which newly thin film star is putting the weight back on faster than you can say “Supersize it?” The formerly fat funnyman, who has a new movie out, has been seen around town gorging on chili, cheeseburgers and greasy fries!

Franchise Actor Gets Fatter

[LaineyGossip] He showed up the first time fit and fine but this time around he was rather round about the tum. The director noticed and was not happy, fearing for the consistency of the franchise. When asked to slim down, the slightly schlumpy star responded, “This movie isn’t worth it.” The trim-down request was rejected, and the show went on, but feelings were sore and things were a bit stiff until Sir Portly finished his scenes.

Twilight Girl Only Eats Twice A Week

[CDAN] One person made an observation about how skinny the models are at Fashion Week and said something like, “If I wanted to look like that I could never eat.” A Twilight actress who was there said, “I only eat once or twice a week, and my last boyfriend said I should lose even more weight.”

Her Amazingly Bogus Weight Loss

[CDAN] What celebrity who lost a bunch of weight supposedly off her diet program and never stops talking about it actually had surgery to achieve her amazing results.

She’ll Get Pregnant With Or Without Him

[BuzzFoto] After being separated from her lover for over a year now, and in a new relationship, this MTV reality star is contemplating winning him back. He wanted to have a baby but she didn’t want to gain weight and want to party. She’s been shopping surrogates and plans on presenting the idea to him when he comes to LA for an upcoming event. If he says ‘yes,’ she’ll dump her current boyfriend and work on starting a family. If he denies her, she plans on getting pregnant herself with her current boyfriend just to make him jealous. 599

Celebrity Feud Leads To Relapse

[NationalEnquirer] The celebrity feud between this Grammy-winning singer and a former reality show darling (who’s now a TV personality) is getting so ugly that their handlers have told them both to give it a rest. The name calling – usually about each other’s weight – has gotten so vicious that » Continued

Actress Is Starving Her Children

[BuzzFoto] This C List Actress mostly from film and a few network TV cameos is such a health nut, her kids are starting to suffer. After years of hopping on what ever the latest fad diet is popular, she’s forcing her unhealthy habits on her children. Her daughters are underweight and school officials finally complained to the authorities about it out of concern for the girls’ health. 557

Before and After Had A Little Help

BlindGossip – Wow, she’s looking good, isn’t she? This award-winning actress has lost quite a bit of weight over the past year. Too bad you can’t chalk it all up to the exercise and/or diet methods she’s claiming. You can, however, credit » Continued

Frail Body and Sunken Eyes

BlindGossip – When this young performer was admitted to reh*b a while back, there was a lot of discussion about the problem that caused her to seek treatment. Her frail body and sunken eyes gave some indication that something was very wrong. When it was revealed that she was there to battle an eating disorder, people sympathized with her and praised her for getting help for an affliction that impacts many young girls. » Continued

The Reason for His Weight Loss

BuzzFoto – This C list celebrity has been getting a lot of attention for weight loss lately. While he’s claiming it’s the result of healthy living, it’s really because » Continued

The Bigger The Better

BuzzFotoThis actor, known mostly for his great hair and good looks over his acting ability, might surround himself with stick thin supermodels at times, but we’re told he has a ‘big girl f*tish.’ He scours the internet for listings and photos of lovely, big, and curvaceous women and hooks up with them whenever possible!

His Ex Wants Two Favors


[BlindGossip] His ex is personally ringing up various members of the media to ask a couple of favors. First of all, whatever you do, please don’t call it “cr*ck”. It’s OK to say that he is smoking c*caine, but don’t call it cr*ck, because she doesn’t want their child/ren to hear Daddy being called a cr*ckhead.

Secondly, if you’re going to comment on his scary 20+ pound weight loss, don’t say it’s because of the dr*gs. Say it’s because he loves working out and that he is actually healthier and in better shape than ever before. Right. » Continued

TV Star Sabotages Her Chubby Husband

BuzzFotoThis beautiful C List television star from a popular sitcom is married to someone who is overweight. Her spouse is trying hard to lose weight and as he gets closer to his weight goal, he gets more and more praise. The only explanation for this C lister’s behavior is that she is jealous or resentful of his attention because she’s sabotaging him at every angle. She knows how hard he’s been working and how food is such a temptation for him, yet she continues to bring home expensive take-out and fancy desserts. She eats greasy pizza in front of him, and keeps buying him clothing several sizes too large as gifts. For Valentine’s last night she bought him a gigantic box of chocolates, even though our source said he specifically said he didn’t want anything edible for a gift that day.

How Diva Stays So Slim

NewYorkPost – Which television diva who brags nonstop about her svelte body is secretly addicted to laxatives?

Movie Star Plays Family Man

VillageVoice – Which moderately plus-size movie star has led the straight family life for years, but I hear he’s actually a big, raving homosexual?

Weight Loss and The Spotlight

BlindGossip – This award-winning actress has done lots of film and television. Her focus right now, however, is on her weight (which is higher than it was at her career peak). She wants to get back into the spotlight so badly that she is  » Continued

He is Still Too Fat to Sit

CDAN – This former A list movie and television actor, recently lost a great deal of weight. Apparently it was not enough though. At a recent party, he sat his still large frame into an antique chair and it promptly collapsed under his weight. Damage? $35,000.

She is Sneaking Food On Set

Which host of a TV Weight loss show is struggling behind the scenes with her own food addiction issues? This woman is sneaking food on set and secretly munching away on high calorie treats while contestants battle the bulge.

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