The Mistress Contract

He’s a megastar by all standards. He is mediocre-talented at his non-thespian career, but there’s nothing mediocre about his looks. His equally famous wife is just the topping to his life. He’s pretty much the dude every guy wants to be and every gal wants to nail. He has no problem stepping out on his honey and family. He’s just careful as hell when he does it. Every lady is required to sign on the dotted line of a confidentiality contract before she’s allowed between the sheets. And it isn’t Kobe Bryant, Gavin Rossdale, or Seal. eo

Pregnant Wife Trumps Controlling Mother

Downfront2 – Sometimes it doesn’t pay to listen to your mother. This singer is trying to downplay his marriage to help salvage his career, but his very pregnant wife isn’t going anywhere. She plans to stay married to the singer despite his mother’s publicity machine.

Why the Child Doesn’t Resemble Him

BlindGossip – Hollywood couple, one more famous than the other, both are household names. Everything looks pretty on the outside, but she has a dark secret. While working on a project, she had a brief affair with another performer with whom she had some history. That fling resulted in a child.  She is terrified about what would happen to her relationship and family and reputation and career if her husband found out that he was not the baby’s father. It’s bound to happen eventually, though, because the fling has a very distinctive look, and the child is looking more and more like him with every passing day.

Beeline for the Drag Queen

CDAN – Married, former A list singer. Wife not with him. Went straight for the drag queen at a party in the last few days. Did not leave his side once. Interesting.

Escort Service Sent Him a Surprise

CDAN – This married A list director enjoys perusing escort sites and calling one to come over to his hotel room, especially when he is on the road. In this instance though he was in town, but was put up in a hotel because he had been doing press earlier in the day. Before heading home to the missus, he decided to call up his favorite agency and they sent someone over. Well imagine the shock on the face of both our director and the escort when it turned out to be the cousin of the wife’s director. They had just seen each other at a family gathering two days prior. There were a lot of umms, but both decided it would be just a little too strange to do anything. Most guys would have gone home to the wife, but not our director. He called up the agency and got someone else.

Editor’s Note: We think that the story makes more sense if the escort “turned out to be the cousin of the director’s wife”.

Married Man Buys Mistress a Condo

Downfront2 – This actress has finally landed a married man. She tore her way through married actors, singers and athletes, and now she’s got her married man. He’s so smitten that he’s ready to go public. He has already bought his mistress a condo.

Four is a Crowd

BlindGossip – Which divorce will get even more complicated when multiple affairs are uncovered? Everyone thinks that one party was at fault because they were out of control and having an affair. The truth is  that BOTH were having affairs. The couple wants to hustle the divorce process along, but once the paramours start coming out of the woodwork and talking, it’s going to get very complicated and very ugly and very expensive.

She is a Five Million Dollar ATM

CDAN – What singer and I use that term loosely is running out of money fast? The reason? Her fairly new husband is now acting as her business manager and using her bank account as his own personal ATM. In the short time they have been married she has lost almost $5M all because of him.

Double Adultery

Daily Mirror – Which ex-footy star has been playing away with two blonde beauties behind his wife’s back? The former England ace even has videos of his sordid affairs.

Editor’s Note: “Footy” = footballer = soccer player

Tranny Hookup No Longer Anonymous

EOnline – Dimpled Drew is a successful performer. He’s got it all: good wife at home, a family who adores him, looks, bucks, nice bod, cute face. And a transvestite lover who didn’t know his true identity. That’s because DD would send emails from an anonymous email account, and then only connect with the tranny with the lights out. DD recently slipped up, though, when he sent the tranny an email from an email account with his real name on it. BTW, it isn’t Keith Urban, Tom Cruise or Ryan Reynolds.

Editors Note: This is a rewrite of an EOnline item.

Rocker’s Affair Causing Marital Strife

NY Post – Which rock superstar has been having an affair with his young blond personal assistant? His longtime wife might suspect the worst because they’ve been squabbling plenty lately.

Time in the Penalty Box for Adultery

CDAN – Don’t be fooled by the rumors. They are a distraction. You may have heard this former A list singer has been dating a hockey player. [She has, but] not the one in the stories. A married one. She doesn’t need the bad press and so the other name was floated out there.

Not Allowed to Walk the Red Carpet Alone

The Mirror – Which celeb is only allowed out to award shows if he’s chaperoned because his wife doesn’t trust him? The young stallion said he doesn’t even trust himself after a glass of champers.

Editors Note: Champers = Champagne

Gay Third Wheel

NY Daily News – That picture-perfect Hollywood couple may want to have their hunky friend walk a little further behind them. Word’s getting around that he’s the actor’s boyfriend, but apparently the actress is cool with it.

His Version of Fantasy Football

CDAN – Think Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian are the only ones with NFL boyfriends? Well, I think you are forgetting about one very important C+ actor on a hit network drama who leaves his wife and kids every weekend to go cheer on his boyfriend who is on an NFL west coast team.

If You Don’t Take Her to the Strip Club

NY Post – Which wife of a rock superstar has been punishing him for going to strip clubs without her? The spouse has spent about $30 million on a house they don’t really need to get back at him for not including her in his adventures.

Three is Not a Crowd in This Marriage

CDAN – Singer and her husband… She had a baby and the marriage all fell apart. Well sometimes you may see them out together. What you don’t see is the fact that she makes out with other guys right in front of the husband. Oh yes, they are still married although it is in name only. Now as for other activities she does in front of the husband, still no word. Working on it though.

Mistress Helped with Wedding

The Mirror – Which Premier League star is cheating on his wife with someone 10 years his senior? His mistress even helped arrange the wedding.

Editor’s Note: The Premier League, aka The Premiership,  is the English professional soccer league.

Dirty Texting His TV Co-Star

CDAN – Well it is the period for fall television premieres. This one hasn’t kicked off yet, but when it does, you need to keep an eye out to see if you can catch any of the sparks that are apparently happening on set between this married B- list actress and her in a relationship C+ male co-star. Apparently his relationship is not going smoothly at all now that his significant other caught him sending dirty texts to the B list actress. What our B list actress probably doesn’t know is that the C lister has a reputation for always cheating on his significant others with castmates and that our actress is nothing special to him. Hopefully she will realize that fact before she walks out on her husband.

He’s Hosting Her Behind the Scenes

The Mirror – Which married TV presenter and self-professed family man’s affair with a colleague is making him the talk of daytime television?

Editor’s Note: Presenter = Host

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