Princess Covered Up Secret Trip

NewYorkPost – Which New York princess used her considerable p.r. power to cover up a trip to rehab a few months after her wedding?

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The Real Contents of His Wedding Bag

PopBitch – Girls’ Gone Wild sleazeball, Joe Francis, got hitched at his house in Mexico this weekend, with a celebrity-filled party. One of the guests told us that there wasn’t any shortage of » Continued

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This Bride Ditched the Dress

BlindGossip – Vera Wang was interviewed on The Insider tonight.

Q: What’s the most expensive dress you’ve ever made?
A: I made a dress that was probably around a quarter of a million to three hundred thousand dollars that never got worn. [The client] was a celebrity. Maybe it was better left unworn.

Wang then pursed her lips as if she didn’t want to say anything more. Who do you think the celebrity might have been?

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Enjoy This Couple for One More Year

BlindGossip – We frequently report on couples that are the product of two consenting celebrities and their public relations teams. But if they plan to get married, they must really love each other, right? Wrong. This couple serves some very specific needs. For the guy, it’s about a paycheck (as she will be footing the bill for the next year) and some time in the spotlight. For the girl, it is a distraction from a couple of recent professional fumbles. So they both benefit from this deal. Before you start shopping for their wedding gift, however, you should know that their breakup is already scheduled for next year. It is timed to occur right around another announcement.


» Continued

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War of The Fake Accents

BlindGossip – Despite an earlier tiff, these two singers are actually friendly with each other. Not for long. Singer 1′s beau doesn’t like Singer 2 for a rather unexpected reason. It’s not Singer 2′s singing voice or choice of music or costume or imagery. He’s peeved about that weird fake accent that Singer 2 has adopted. He finds it personally offensive. So he and his publicist are planting stories about a fake feud between the two singers. Singer 1 does not find this funny at all, and insists that if her beau doesn’t stop torturing Singer 2, that he’ll be walking down the aisle alone. Frankly, all three of these people are so darn entertaining, it would be interesting to see this fake argument snowball into a full-blown three-way feud. Madonna is not involved.

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Actress Bride Cheats with Sports Son

NYPost – Which Hollywood producer is divorcing his actress bride after just a few months of marriage because he caught her cheating? The beauty had a tryst with the son of a prominent couple in the sports world.

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Sunshine and Thunder Get It On

TheGossipBoy – We all know Sunshine as the poor woman who had fallen in love with the gay, two-timing Rainbow Dark and blackmailed him into an engagement. They have yet to walk down the aisle, but Sunshine had been keeping a close watch on RD. Sunshine has been with R.D for a good bit and doesn’t seem like the kind of girl that would ever cheat, but we all have our weaknesses. And for Sunshine, that weakness comes in a hot body with a foreign accent. While she was off filming, Sunshine became » Continued

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Secret Wedding will Happen This Summer

BlindGossip – Just when we thought this couple was growing apart, we find out that they’re engaged. This actor has not only popped the question to his gorgeous girlfriend… she has accepted, and the wedding plans are well underway! The paparazzi had better be prepared to » Continued

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He’s Hoping Her a la Mode Bump Vanishes

apple pie a la modeBlindGossip – This actress is cooking up some serious trouble in her relationship. She is foreign-born, but as American and as sweet as apple pie. However, there’s » Continued

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This Actor’s Mommy Still Runs His Life

justin timberlake 2BuzzFoto – We got an email this weekend from someone claiming to have once been good friends with this B List Actor. They have since parted ways, but this incident apparently happened two years ago. The B Lister was in love and wanted to get married to the girl we was dating at the time. He said he had never met a girl like her and was completely head over heels. Even though he is a full grown adult, he has what we’ll call some ‘mommy issues.’ The reason why » Continued

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