Pregnant Couple Both Cheating

CDAN – The husband is a celebrity, and the wife is a B- list actress who is pregnant. I know I usually give more identifying information, but this one time I think it is best not to. One of the things about this is that there have been two different versions flying around town. One is that he has been cheating on her not with anyone in particular, but basically just a string of no names that are attracted to him. The other version is they both cheated. I’ve met her, but never met him. So, with that in mind, I’m going to have to say that I don’t see her ever cheating and that he, in fact is the one doing the cheating. While she’s pregnant? That’s pretty low.

A Thing for Exotic Hookers

Daily Mirror – Which celeb is terrified his thing for exotic hookers is about to come to light, to the horror of his wife and children?

Cheater Caught Kissing Her Producer

CDAN – I actually never thought it would happen. Well, actually I thought it would happen, but I thought it would be the husband who would be doing the cheating. Hell, he probably would if he wasn’t so damn scared of his wife. Apparently though his B+ list actress wife with A list name recognition does not have the same fear of her husband. While shooting her new film, our actress has got extremely hot and heavy with one of the producers on the film. The producer is going through a divorce, and now one has to wonder if our actress would be willing to do the same.

TV Co-Hosts Having an Affair

NY Post – Which TV host has such good rapport with his fetching female co-host that his wife has correctly guessed they’re having an affair?

Comedian Won’t Find Divorce Funny

MediaTakeout – [Which] comedian’s wife is about to file for divorce? According to our snitches, [she] is very unhappy with how brazen her hubby’s cheating has become. [The] 40-something year old comedian is now bringing his jump off – who is about 20 years old – to his movie premieres. [His] wife has already hired a very prominent divorce lawyer and is set to file any day now. And the dude has no idea what’s about to hit him.

Sex With Wife’s Best Friend

NY Post – Which Park Avenue socialite split from her husband when she discovered that he’d been enjoying secret conjugal relations with one of her best friends for years?

Bankrupt Basketballer

NY Post – Which longtime New York basketball legend, whose wife handles his business, has gone bankrupt twice?

Rehabber Wanted Group Sex with a Minister

Janet Charlton – This celebrity made quite an impact on Celebrity Rehab. He was a real challenge for Dr Drew. He and his girlfriend were at a celebrity event when they happened to meet a man and his wife who were huge fans of the rehabbed performer. The couples started chatting and our rehab guy was so flattered that he invited the pair over for dinner. When the admiring couple arrived at the celebrity’s house they were startled to see large nude photos of the girlfriend hanging on the walls. The “rehabber” offered the visitors wine and an array of pills! The guests were horrified but before they could leave the celebrity invited them to strip down for a “sexy swing session.” The frightened pair ran off without getting a chance to tell the celebrity that the woman was an ordained minister!

It Will Hit the Fan When Their Spouses Find Out

BlindGossip – Which actress is making a play for her ex? Her husband is a recovering addict, and as time goes by, she is finding it more and more difficult to be supportive. Meanwhile, she has reconnected with her ex, letting him know that she thinks about him as the one who got away. At first the ex was cool towards a reunion, but it looks like her daily phone calls and emails are starting to warm him up. But when the actress’ husband and the ex’s wife find out what’s going on, expect everything to hit the fan.

Snow White Not So Innocent

Daily Mirror – Which sexy singer, who pretends to be whiter than snow, was caught holding hands with another man? It will be the end of the married babe once her fella finds out.

Married Actor Orders a Drink and a Hooker

EOnline – [ChubbyA is an actor who] used to be so cute, in that trash-collector-hit-the-lottery-and-got-a-makeover kinda way. Always something likable about his in-your-face appeal, totally doable, too. Until he decided bad TV was his thing and Sara Lee was his lady, along with all those real-life ladies you have to purchase. ChubbyA’s unhappy in his marriage, big deal. [Go] to Vegas and order a hooker to the club where you’re having a drink instead of straight to your hotel room? Total loserville on so many levels. You must truly be desperate. And It Ain’t: John Travolta, Scott Baio, Howie Mandel

Shut the F Up About My Relationships

BlindGossip – Girl 1 and Girl 2 have been friends for a long time. Girl 1 is clearly the more well-known and high profile of the two. While both have had their share of man troubles, Girl 1 has had extra press scrutiny in the past year based on some revelations about the demise of her relationship. Girl 2 has always been a good and supportive friend, and has always backed her pal both privately and publicly. Unfortunately, Girl 1 is not at all happy about the latter. In fact, she just told Girl 2 to “Shut the f*** up” and let her handle her own business with the press.

Fling Became a Name Dropper

BlindGossip – Which married actress needs to do a better job selecting her one-night stands? Unhappy in her marriage to another celebrity, she thought she was being discrete in her selection of boy toys by choosing another actor with a familiar name. Unfortunately, the boy toy has a big mouth and aspirations of superfame, and sees her as his ticket into the big time. He has been making mention of her name and their liaison at multiple auditions in the hopes that it will help him move him up from supporting actor to star.

Married Star Collected Digits

Daily Mirror – Which mature married star went home with at least 10 girls’ numbers in his little black book? The naughty boy was eyeing up lovelies all weekend.

Bankrupt Shopping Spree

NY Post – Which wife of a top Lehman executive went on a $132,000 shopping spree at the Americana Manhasset Mall the day after her hubby filed for bankruptcy?

Needed to See a Doctor While on the Road

CDAN – This married A list country singer has a very jealous wife. She has toned it down lately [but the jealousy might] come raging back when she discovers why her husband saw a doctor twice while he was on the road recently.

She Just Wants Him to Fetch the Money

Downfront2 – This woman is married to a very popular comedian. His comic act is very rude and vulgar, and he seems to hate his wife. A lot of people ask how his wife puts up with his behavior. She’s got the kids and a big hold on his wallet. She loves the money and the high lifestyle. She could care less about him. She just sends him out to get that paper.

Sharing the Warmth Via Text

BlindGossip – Which athlete and entertainer are dating on the sly? One of them lives with an unsuspecting spouse, the other with a steady. The couple are bound to be discovered, though. Too many people have seen at least one of the intimate texts he sends each day extolling the impact her warmer bits have on his private parts.

Secretly Married but Not Telling

Which celebrity couple had a secret wedding but still haven’t told anyone except their immediate families? One is more famous in the acting world than the other, but you would recognize both names from the small screen. He wouldn’t mind telling people, but she is extremely protective of their privacy after a negative experience with the paparazzi taking an unflattering photo of her a while back. bg

A Triple Flip with a Down Low Twist

BlindGossip – Which soon-to-be-announced celebrity couple split will get really ugly if the truth about the husband’s activities are revealed? They have made plans to play nice in public and pretend that their breakup is amicable and mutual, but it is unknown whether the wife will be able to keep up the facade, because right now she can barely contain her rage over his behavior. She flipped out once when she found out he was cheating. Again when she found out that he was cheating on her with a man. And a third time when she found that his down low behavior had resulted in him giving her a nasty STD.

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