Velvet Drops A Dime

[Blind Gossip] The Velvet Mafia (gay Hollywood power players) passed this famous actor around earlier in his career. He became very famous, but when he had lapses in his career, he would always return to them.

Sometimes people wonder how it is possible that no photos or videos of him with other men exist. Oh, they exist! In fact, » Continued

Intimate With Himself

[BlindGossip] Lots of drama and activity around some photos and a video of a young man engaging in some very intimate behaviors. In the center of this controversy is someone who looks exactly like one of those suddenly hot actor kids. » Continued

Mother’s Advice

[Downfront2] S*x tapes are a path to fame these days. They usually involve a consenting couple looking to ignite their careers. But, what if a third person organized one of these encounters? That’s what an ex is saying. Is this bitterness making a truthful revelation or an outright lie? Is a mother’s advice needed here, or is that what started this mess?

Reality Star Will Get Legal Workout Over A Video

[NationalEnquirer] Which model-turned-reality star may get a legal workout in court over a fitness video she was working on before she and her soon-to-be ex broke up? Hubby is singing the blues, claiming that he should get a piece of the pie if the video gets made. But she’s telling her lawyers he didn’t have anything to do with it!

Shut Down The Entire Hotel

[NationalEnquirer] Which overexposed entertainer demanded that a resort hotel completely shut down while her hush-hush music video was being filmed? The singer abused her star power and didn’t seem to care that a busload of kids had to wait hours to get access to the public beach area near the hotel!

There’s A Tape And No One Cares

[CDAN]  This actress is probably C or D list. She was on a hit television show in the sense it lasted for a good five years, but because of where it aired it was not a monster hit. She has had very little work since it went off the air but that is not stopping one of her boyfriends from » Continued

China Girl Is Being Blackmailed

[CDAN] This actress is A++ list in China. She is actually more popular than the actresses from China who have made it big internationally. This actress wants nothing more than to finally make a movie outside of China, but her manager/controllers do not want to see her go fearing they would lose their gravy train. So, they blackmail her into staying. Several years ago they forced her to » Continued

Kiddie TV Host Made A Naughty Tape

[BuzzFoto] This children’s network television host has a s*x tape floating around the internet. » Continued

Funnyman In Some Compromising Positions

[NationalEnquirer] Which Latino comic’s k*nky “s*xcapades” were caught on video and are now making the rounds in Hollywood AND on the Internet? It seems a disgruntled ex downloaded the dirty clips that show the funnyman in some very compromising positions!

Celebrity Couple Going In Different Directions

[BuzzFoto] This celebrity couple have been trying to make it work for several years now but can no longer keep it together. He likes her only for her exhaustive sex drive but cares very little for any of her hobbies, other talents or opinions. Since she’s started to be more inclined towards » Continued

Send Me Three Supermodels

NewYorkPost – Which artist, after a long recording session, demanded that three supermodels be sent to his bedroom? The sleeping beauties were awakened and dispatched to the hotel with a promise that they would be featured in his next long-form music video.

Chef and Singer Redux

CDAN – Honestly, this is getting as god [sic] as the Director’s wife. This female celebrity chef who has been in this space multiple times and has been revealed has had some very interesting other encounters in her past. Apparently she kissed and told all to that singer she was with previously and he has been telling all to anyone who will listen. Recently he told some people that when Star Magazine called his publicist to tell him the story was going to break, our singer told our chef that it would do no good to deny anything happened because there was apparently some security video showing the two of them together. Our singer said he had not spoken to the chef in a few months which was too bad because she gave the best » Continued

Video of Chefy and Singer

BlindGossip – This petite and perky television chef is getting passed around like yesterday’s leftovers. She not only serviced Singer 1, a famous male singer who is quite the lady-killer. She has also been on her knees for  Singer 2 and Singer 3. Whew! She is supposedly quite the » Continued

North and South Unite On Tape

Bossip – This New York rapper “Gets Money” and has been reportedly linked to several other celebrity women: a black cougar, a white cougar, and the two-steppin’ Atlanta “singer” that he allegedly has a s*x tape with. He’s been known to stir up trouble with other MCs from time to time, but is also known to be as charming as he is callous. With his interest now in movies, he » Continued

Snorter Wore a Pink Tank Top


RadarOnlineThe drama surrounding a young Hollywood actress caught on camera snorting c*caine may be moving into the legal arena. broke the news that a mystery star was seen snorting c*ke in a sensational video that made a brief appearance on YouTube and elsewhere on the Web before being taken down.

And while that report sparked a frenzied guessing game about » Continued

Gross Details Behind the Mexican Standoff

BlindGossip – It was big news when this couple broke up, and now you’re going to hear some of the grossest behind-the-scenes details. » Continued

Hollywood Actor Likes to Film His Friends

NewYorkPostWhich Hollywood actor has a penchant for p*rn stars whom he visits regularly with a guy friend? The actor then films his friend in the act.

This DVD Isn’t for The Kiddies

BuzzFotoWhich A list star in the eyes of children everywhere just finished wrapping up a s*x tape that will be ‘accidentally released’ in the future? 446

Actress had a Meltdown During Audition

CDAN – Going back to the 90’s for this one and one of my favorite movies. Anyway, back when this movie was shot, this current A+ list female always movies actress still had to audition. So, she did for this comedy but did not get the role. Why? In a very, very brief audition our actress broke down three times crying and screaming. » Continued

How He Lost His Virginity

BuzzFoto – We don’t want to ruin the magic for you, but this D list star claims to our source that he lost his virginity on a ride at a very popular and famous theme park. » Continued

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