Dogged At The Dog Run

andy cohen dog[Blind Gossip] In his new book, The Andy Cohen Diaries, Cohen discusses a phone conversation he had one day while he was out with his dog Wacha. » Continued

Everything Has Its Price

price tag[Blind Gossip] This actor comes across as acerbic and confident, but he is actually very insecure about where his career is going. His past few » Continued

Celebs On A Plane

family planeSOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] Lots of celebs fly first class, but not all act in a first-class manner when they fly. » Continued

Straight To Bed

[Blind Gossip] This naturally brown-haired TV actress was thrilled when she found out that she was pregnant for the first time.

She was getting ready to announce the pregnancy » Continued

Only In The Front Row At Home

[Blind Gossip] This TV star has been at every New York Fashion Week since she became famous. She always goes to multiple shows and is always photographed in the front row (or she won’t attend).

So where is she this year? » Continued

Riding The White Horse

[BlindGossip] We wish we had some good news about this celebrity, but there is none. His downward spiral continues. He doesn’t have much of a career left. Just a crappy TV show here and there. And – based on his current lifestyle – he is bound to lose even those gigs.

He is making a lot of bad choices, starting with his new “girlfriend”. She is also » Continued

Cast In Cast Out

[BlindGossip] This network is pretending that they are totally satisfied with their casting choices for this television show. It’s a lie. Ratings aren’t great, and they are already planning a shakeup. One of the new cast members (who isn’t stirring up enough controversy or fans) is out, and one of the old cast members » Continued

This Actress is Exactly The Right Height

nba2BlindGossip – This item will be short and sweet, just like this adorable TV actress. Although she’s petite, this girl apparently makes a big impression wherever she goes. There’s a famous NBA player » Continued

Flat-Out Lies About Flat Screens

flat screen tvBlindGossip – This actress is making up some tall tales to convince people that she is more cultured than she really is. She was overheard remarking to someone at a post-Emmy party that although she works on TV there are no televisions in her home. This is so their child/children will grow up more interested in books and art and culture than in TV and video games. A member of her staff let us know that they actually have a half dozen very nice flat-screen televisions in their home, and that sometimes all of them are on at once so the actress can see the same show as she moves from room to room.

A Little Nookie on the Set of TV Show


BuzzFoto – These cheating TV costars have been very sneaky in the past to keep their affair under wraps. One is married, one has a boyfriend, but now another costar, with connections to our source discovered their little secret rendezvous and told everyone else on set. No one is happy about it, because the cast really like this actor’s wife. No one from the Office.


Jim Parrack from True Blood. Source: BuzzFoto.

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