Movie Actress Acts Like Her Marriage is Perfect

barbie-kenCDAN – This former A list and now a B- always movie actress always likes to pretend she has the perfect marriage. Whenever she does press for a new movie like she is now she always talks about how she and her husband do everything together and seems to forget they spend about two months a year together and those are the most miserable two months of the year. Oh, her husband is an A list writer.

Hottie Adds One Person to His Entourage

entourageStarMagazine – Which globe-trotting young hottie has been hiding a big secret in his entourage? No matter where he goes, the actor always makes sure to have his AA sponsor by his side.

This Pop Tart Likes to Try Different Flavors

pop-tarts-brown-sugarBlindGossip – This pop tart just can’t seem to make up her mind about which flavor she likes better! Sometimes it’s vanilla, sometimes it’s chocolate, and sometimes it’s brown sugar cinnamon. Sometimes she keeps all of them handy when she travels just so she can pick a different one each day.

Add 2 Blondes and 1 Brunette and Mix Well

chef-2CDAN – This A list celebrity chef loves his women. He loves them a lot. He always has and probably always will. I don’t know his wife » Continued

Nice Girl is Actually a Super Freak

lauren-conrad-1EOnline – Remember meeting Dommy-Do-Rightly a couple of weeks ago? The Hollywood wannabe princess who definitely thinks her sh-t don’t stank?

Well, Dommy dearest just doesn’t know how to keep her indiscretions all that quiet. Which, of course, we love.

The TV, and attempted big-screen, queen has been in » Continued

She Was Taking in the Fresh Air in Atlantic City

atlantic-city-postcardNYDailyNews – Which ditsy blond didn’t seem to care when a crowd of ladies caught her sniffing Colombia’s finest – right out in the open – in Atlantic City?

Editor’s Note: While we have published the item exactly as it appears in the NYDN, we’re not thrilled with their choice of words. See thread for more details.

The Teen Singer and The Married Manager

teen-girl-older-man1CDAN – What teenage B list female singer who always seems so good is having an affair with her married almost 40 road manager?

This Celebrity Has Lousy Eyebrows

eyebrow-1HolyMoly – Which stateside shambles of a celebrity brought more than a suitcase with them on their recent trip to London. The woman was found to have nits in her eyebrows by a make up artist on a shoot. GROO!

Music Man will Take You on a Magic Carpet Ride

persian-carpetNYDailyNews – Which music man brings along three necessities on all his tours: men in tight shorts, muscular food servers and Persian rugs?

Obnoxious Actor has Six Figure Job Available

travel-1CDAN – This A list comic movie actor is looking for a new assistant. The pay is six figures which is extremely high for an assistant. The reason it is so high? Well first of all there is travel 70% of the time and you have to deal with one of the most obnoxious, irritating, pains in the asses in the business. Our actor has tried to offer less money in the past but they all quit after a few days. As it is he can barely hang on to them for long.

Redhead Gets Casual When Boyfriend Travels

redhead-2HolyMoly – Which flame-haired supermodel/actress is open to a bit of ‘hows your farver’ with City types when away from her transatlantic boyfriend, especially around her birthday? “A good effort,” is how they described her. The poor boyfriend had recently been in the press, bemoaning the fact they don’t live closer to each other. Sadly, it doesn’t sound like she’s too arsed, mate!

He Was Doing the CanCan with a Man in Cannes

french-flag1BuzzFoto – In Cannes, this male ‘musician’, married to another musician, was seen getting very up close and personal with some male dancer while the wife was engaged elsewhere.

Supermodel Will Fire You for Having Sex

condo-2StyleList – Which super-famous European supermodel fired her NYC apartment-sitter when she came home after an international job and found a condom at the foot of her bed?

A Very Very Expensive Taxi Ride

taxi-2CDAN – B list movie actor. He did the whole popcorn flick thing and it didn’t work out so he is back to the co-lead or second lead in movies. He is definitely a dramatic looking guy. He doesn’t really have that comedy vibe. So, he and his girlfriend » Continued

Actor Enjoys Relaxing by Candlelight

candles-red-1N Daily News – Which SAG Award-winning actor has pals ship him marijuana in hollowed-out candles when he’s working out of town?

Actress’ Hotel Room Raided at Cannes

german-shepherdCDAN – This B list television actress on a very hit network drama is in Cannes. Hey, at least I narrowed it down for you. I mean how many could there be? Well, it seems our actress got VERY lucky. How lucky? Well our actress was apparently spotted receiving a large quantity of white powder from a male acquaintance. The person who spotted this reported it to the police, who decided to raid our actresses’ hotel room. All this for coke? Anyway, after a 30 minute search with a drug sniffing dog, nothing was found. Yeah, well they should have come the night before. Unfortunately our actress is like a Hoover vacuum cleaner and had finished what she had been provided. When she finally gets busted her world is going to come crashing down.

Supposedly Sober Star Did Shots at Cannes

cannes-2009BuzzFoto – This star that is supposed to be sober, was seen downing shots in Cannes this weekend. Not Tara Reid.

Pakistanis Use Lap Dances to Fight Taliban

lap-dance-1NY  Post – Which Pakistani officials, in town for Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari’s meeting at the United Nations, spent $14,000 on lap dances and drinks at a topless bar? The expensive evening came just as President Obama was pledging billions in aid to that country and the United Nations was warning of 800,000 new Pakistani refugees.

Five Celebrities in a Tangle of Relationships

david-beckham-2EOnline – HN Nick is the hottest star, both bod-wise and at the box office. His wife’s figure and professional goings-on aren’t too shabby, either, as both Mr. and Mrs. Nick enjoy fame and fortune regularly up on the big screen—though his paychecks dwarf hers, big-time.

Yep, everything’s pretty cozy Chez Nick, even the bisexual couple’s » Continued

Three Directors Import Their Interns

directorCDAN – Three directors. All A list. Each has had multiple #1 movies. Well I have written about them in this space before and some of their really bad behavior. This one though might even top what I wrote before. Last summer one of them took a trip to Thailand where he » Continued

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