Naptime Wasn’t Very Private

BlindGossip – This relationship between an actress and athlete is over, but here are a couple of the more interesting details. Their relationship was purely » Continued

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The Custody Battle Begins



BlindGossip – Here comes the custody battle! But before you decide that the kids need to be taken away from Husband and given to Wife, there’s something you should know. Selecting which of these two parents is best is like choosing the lesser of two evils.

He has told people that he believes he’s managing his sobriety well if he “only binges on cr*ck twice a month.” » Continued

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Handsome Athlete Has Given His Heart

BlindGossip – Men would be shocked – and women would be heartbroken – to learn that this popular and good-looking athlete has already given his heart away… to another man. His salary and endorsement deals are far too lucrative for him to come out of the closet, so he keeps up a macho appearance by » Continued

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Heading Towards An Unhappy Ending

BlindGossip – This celebrity couple’s relationship is not good. However, after years of dating, kids and marriage probably just seemed like the next step. She still can’t trust him, though. When he is on tour, she is really stressed out about » Continued

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He’s Not Gay in Europe

NewYorkPostWhich barely closeted gay male movie actor recently had a passionate affair with a woman while spending time in Europe?

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Flaky Rapper Down Under

CDANThis B list rap star who also acts in movies and even on Broadway was scheduled to do a tour of Australia. The thing is he told the promoter one thing who went out and sold a bunch of tickets and then two days before the show said he was not going to be able to make it and could the promoter reschedule the entire festival for our rapper. Umm, no.

Our rapper has his tour rescheduled to fit his new dates. The problem is he decides he does not want to get on the plane in the US so the dates are postponed again and again and again. A few of the shows which had to be postponed are charity concerts that the rapper wanted set up in the first place. Meanwhile, our rapper did find time to dance on stage with Prince in New York. When the rapper finally did make it to Australia he would show up late despite strict instructions he must be on time because of curfews. He also canceled random shows and has just been the biggest pain in the butt ever and caused the promoter of all these shows to shut down his business.

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The Sundance Olympics

BuzzFotoAt a big Sundance party, opening night- this Male Olympian stayed at the club until six in the morning until the girls at his table were so drunk they were passed out. » Continued

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Billionaire Juggles Multiple Women

NewYorkPostWhich extraordinarily wealthy jet-setting businessman has a wife and two girlfriends on different continents but refuses to be seen in public with any of them for fear that the others will go crazy with jealousy and sue him for his billions?

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A Secret Relationship with Two Russians

NewYorkPostWhich female international jet-setter known for dating high-profile men has a secret relationships with two sexy Russian girls in New York?

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Anchor Goes to Florida

NewYorkPost – Which affable TV anchor regularly takes trips to Florida to be with his mistress while his wife knowingly sits at home?

SOLVED! » Continued

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