The Newest Place to Acquire a Child

kids adopted

BlindGossip - While you should take the rumors that she is pregnant right now with a grain of salt, this star couple is definitely looking to add a child to their family next year. Their latest hunting ground may surprise you. It's not Africa or Asia, or even the United States. [More...]

He has Boy Shipped to Los Angeles

ship 2

BlindGossip - This A list actor has always dated the most beautiful girls in the world. These girls are his beards. He actually prefers skinny boys. His latest flame is a boy who was involved in a European scandal involving starlets, drugs and high class prostitution. Scandal Boy [More...]

She is Running a Little Late

howard stern beth ostrosky

BuzzFoto - Which Celebrity who has been away from her husband for over a month due to work schedules is finding herself a little late? And by late, we mean she could be having a baby from the guy she’s been ‘having fun with’ while she and her husband are apart. Not Beth Ostrosky [More...]