Flaky Rapper Down Under

CDANThis B list rap star who also acts in movies and even on Broadway was scheduled to do a tour of Australia. The thing is he told the promoter one thing who went out and sold a bunch of tickets and then two days before the show said he was not going to be able to make it and could the promoter reschedule the entire festival for our rapper. Umm, no.

Our rapper has his tour rescheduled to fit his new dates. The problem is he decides he does not want to get on the plane in the US so the dates are postponed again and again and again. A few of the shows which had to be postponed are charity concerts that the rapper wanted set up in the first place. Meanwhile, our rapper did find time to dance on stage with Prince in New York. When the rapper finally did make it to Australia he would show up late despite strict instructions he must be on time because of curfews. He also canceled random shows and has just been the biggest pain in the butt ever and caused the promoter of all these shows to shut down his business.

Rock Star’s Son Scores but doesn’t Show

tickets 1NYPost – Which son of a rock icon used his name to score six free tickets to a Broadway show, but then never showed up?

Sold-Out Actor Promised Two Superstars

movie tickets 1TVGuide.ca – Which east-coast Emmy winner had to cancel his fan event because he only sold a handful of tickets? The reason? Another actor having a fan gathering at the same time outsold tickets in droves. But then again the sell-out actor promised two superstars who didn’t end up showing!

It’s Not Safe for This Musician to Perform

jesse-mccartney-1BuzzFoto – What young and spoiled musician, was set to perform a sold out concert to young fans but cancelled at the last minute? His management decided the conditions weren’t ’safe’ so he refused to perform, causing some of his fans to cry and the venue to lose a lot of money on refunds. Not Jesse McCartney.

Singer Needs New Manager to Shine Again

singing-starBlindGossip – A couple of years ago, she was one of the most popular acts in the business. So this singer expected that her career would be soaring higher than ever this year. Turns out to be exactly the opposite. She is completely stressed, she is spending more than she is making, her weight is all over the place, her career is not being managed well, and she is now practically giving away tickets to her performances. Enough people have told her to boot her current management that she is actually starting to listen. However, she is terrified of the implications it may have on her family life. If she does find the strength, she could be a star again. If she doesn’t, expect the downslide to continue.

Britney Spears is a Wanted Woman

britney-spears-circusDaily Mirror – Who’s the celeb so stingy she wouldn’t put her hand in her pocket to pay for a Britney ticket… but had the cheek to get her assistant to try every trick in the book to get them for free so she could take her friends?

Drunk Actor Steals Car

Which good-looking young actor took a car that didn’t belong to him? After dining at a restaurant favored by Hollywood hot shots – and consuming as much alcohol as food –  he pointed out his car to the valet. The valet grabbed the keys without checking to see if the numbered valet parking tickets matched, and handed off the vehicle to the actor. It wasn’t until the actor got a parking ticket on the car an hour later that he realized that it wasn’t even his car. He drove straight back to the restaurant, where a very relieved valet quickly and quietly exchanged keys. The actor didn’t pay the parking ticket, nor did he tip the valet. The first car’s owner is in for quite the surprise when they get the late notice in the mail.

He Parks His Car Wherever He Wants

This A list comedian with A+ name recognition apparently can’t be bothered with parking meters or valets or parking garages. Instead he seems to get some kind of perverse thrill of accumulating as many parking tickets as he can. He always pays his tickets, but just hates looking around for a parking spot or finding change for meters. Thus he parks his car where he wants for as long as he wants. Total amount of money spent on parking tickets last year? About $40,000. That total includes his auto being towed on average of about once a month when he parked in a fire zone. It also averages out to about one parking ticket per day for an entire year.

Performer Steals Millions from Fans

Which music maker is being accused of ripping off millions of dollars from fans? Fans plunked down their cash and credit cards and purchased tens of thousands of tickets for this performer’s tour. The performer suspiciously canceled the concerts, making vague and changing claims about their health or family issues or some such nonsense. The fan’s money was refunded for the face value of the tickets. However, management kept the hefty non-refundable fee that fans paid to purchase tickets. Millions and millions of dollars worth of fees, without the performer ever having to step foot on stage. bg