Mr Dress Up

man in drag

[National Enquirer] This 60-something stage and film star was caught in a hotel room wearing a dress and makeup! The Oscar winner, who married a popular ’80s teen actress, attracted attention after guests called about a loud commotion in one of the rooms. When security and hotel [More...]

Talkative Writer


[Village Voice] Which '70s writer and her husband who sat next to me during a recent play had a lively conversation at full volume all throughout the performance? ("Who's that?" "He looks old!"; "Who blackmailed him?" "The KGB!"; "This scene reminds me of the conversation we had [More...]

Pick A Seat Any Seat

theater seats

[VillageVoice] Which oldies-but-goodies legend drove everyone crazy with his prestige effort, sitting all over the theater from every imaginable angle at rehearsals and complaining that the sound wasn't good enough? (Hmm, maybe it wasn't just the acoustics.) [More...]

Tony Winner’s Odd Behavior

tony award 3

VillageVoice - Which Tony winner has a lot of cynics speculating that she was c*ked out of her mind -  judging from her behavior all season - although there's no hard evidence of that? BG Note: Whoops! This is a VV item, not a BG item. That's what happens when you post at 1:00 [More...]