She Hasn’t Had Any In Two Years

[CDAN] What former talk show host and now reality star/producer/author said the other day that she has not had sex in almost two years. She said she just is not that interested but does enjoy time on her own if you know what I mean.

Dealing For A Part

[BuzzFoto] This actor who got his big start in a television series with an ensemble cast as a teen is now trying hard to keep up with the careers of his former costars. He has been supplying » Continued

Actor’s Behavior Isn’t Funny Or Welcome

[BlindGossip] This actor may be one of the stars of a comedy series, but their behavior isn’t exactly making their cast and crew smile. The actor thinks that they are an expert about everything. The set, the lighting, the camera angles, craft service, the wardrobe, the script, table readings, and – worst of all » Continued

She Wants Vegas

[CDAN] This C+ movie and television actress is on a huge network comedy hit. Small, but recurring role and is usually on every week. Well, she was at an event the other night and getting paid, but it was sparsely attended and she was not getting paid much. She was complaining that she never gets the good parties and the parties that pay a lot for her to attend. At one point she said, » Continued

Behind The Scenes Of A Popular TV Show

[National Enquirer] What cast of a popular TV series is so miserable that they can’t wait for their show to come to an end? The stars always put on their best poker faces during group interviews, but behind the scenes they’re desperately ripping each other apart!

Until You Have A Successful Fashion Line


[CDAN] This former reality star turned celebrity turned reality judge had the biggest attitude at an event this week. It was about fashion so of course she thought she knew the most and anyone who had a differing opinion with her was told, “Until you have a fashion line, then all you have is an opinion. I know what I am talking about.” She then looked at another former reality star from a show I hated with a passion and refuse to acknowledge even existed who had a fashion line and said, “Until you have a successful fashion line.” She then turned and walked off.

SOLVED! » Continued

These Costars Actually Hate Each Other

[EOnline] Fake à la Ferocity has nothing on wholesome TV and movie actress Trixie Twinkle-Tw*t, whose new series, Family Values, was renewed recently.

And, trust us, that’s saying a whole helluva backstabbing lot.

Trixie’s current crime?

Telling her bosses—and, consequently, the world—that she not only adores her famous costar, Vander Van Der Butt, but she wouldn’t considering doing anything other than their show, professionally speaking.

When the truth is Trixie, who’s got a reputation for sending homemade cookies to people she loathes, will not » Continued

No Money Left

[CDAN] This B list television actress has been on a long running fairly hit series. With its end, you would think she is looking forward to taking some time off. She can’t though because she has no money left from the millions she earned from the show.

His Wife Confronts His Colleague


[LaineyGossip] A popular married television personality who’s also a chronic cheater had an affair a few years ago with a woman (also married with kids) who’s now become his colleague. The colleague ran into his wife recently. The wife decided they would have a little conversation. There were no pleasantries. The wife pretty much opened with – who did you have to f-ck to get this new position? » Continued

Host Is Desperate To Get Married

[National Enquirer] This unlucky-in-love talk-show host is so desperate to land a husband that she’s resorted to begging her celebrity pals—but NOT her more famous BFF—to help her find a spouse? The almost 60, divorced mother-of-two is determined to get married in 2012. Who is she?

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