An Actor On Line at A Bakery

bakery pastry 2CDAN – I was picking up food … and a B list television actor with A list name recognition on a hit network drama walked in and was standing next to me » Continued

ABC Actor Has a Crush on Another Hunk

man – Which ABC actor was obsessed with a rival network hunk but when the big queen caught a glimpse of another soap star, he quickly ditched the object of his affection?

Actress Has Been Celibate for a Year

chastity beltCDAN – This former B list television and movie actress who is fairly young and very pretty and is now probably a C list actress has now been celibate for a year. This was a result of » Continued

What Happens Away from the Table

dave martin chefDaily Beast – Dave Martin/The Culinary Loft, Top Chef contestant: So I did the birthday party for a very, very famous celebrity who shall remain nameless. It was great; we had all this food. And then everyone » Continued

Reality Star is Getting His Own Show

spencer pratt 3BuzzFoto – This celebrity star of a reality TV show, does his best to get along with his co-stars, but secretly despises them. He tells our source he plans to soon get his own show and leave everyone else in the dust. Not Spencer Pratt.


» Continued

His Big Ego Got Him Written Off The Show

big egoBlindGossip – This actor is part of a newish ensemble television drama. Frankly, we can’t believe anyone would want to hire him after he walked around » Continued

Wave Goodbye to Daddy and The House

waving goodbyeCDAN – This should be a very interesting divorce. This B list actor on a hit cable show recently separated from his wife. The wife who is also mother to one of his kids. Instead of letting them stay in his huge home, he decided to stay in the house himself so he could entertain and kicked the wife and kid down the road to an apartment.


» Continued

Surprised Actor is Getting The Boot

bootEntertainmentWeekly – I get that there’s no easy way to lay someone off, but, come on, this is ridiculous: A male series regular on a one-hour drama — a onetime ratings powerhouse — learned that he was out of a job only after reading his character’s death scene in the script! According to my mole, the popular and well-respected leading man — who tapes his final scenes this week — was blindsided not just by his ouster, but by the tacky way in which it was handled. “He was hurt that the producers didn’t tell him first,” says the source. “He deserved better.” The real surprise is that, well, anyone was surprised at all. The actors on said show have long been frustrated by the lack of communication coming from the front office. Still, as the insider points out, “This was low even for them.” So, who’ll be looking for work starting next week? And what show does he currently star on? Here’s the first of two hints: It’s not — I repeat not — Grey’s Anatomy.

SOLVED! » Continued

She Just Wants to Know Who's Going to Pay

pregnantbelly 5CDAN – This long haired B-/C+ list movie and television actress kind of hops between one and the other. She is also a huge publicity hound. She loves to see pictures of herself. Anyway, at a party over the weekend she was » Continued

When Size Zero Isn't Thin Enough

girl thin 1CDAN – This dark haired C+/B- movie and television actress who was on a fairly hit network show and has had some very famous ex-boyfriends was at the airport last week when she fainted. She said it was because » Continued

An Annoying Musician Walks Into a Restaurant

padma lakshmiBlindGossip – While Padma Lakshmi was busy licking herself, the contestants on Top Chef Las Vegas were asked: “What’s the most annoying thing a customer’s ever asked for/ordered?” Kevin Gillespie, Executive Chef and Partner at Woodfire Grill in Atlanta, replied:

“We had a famous musician demand that we not make contact, address her directly, or engage her in any way. We told her that once she could go out to dinner like normal people, should could eat at our restaurant.”

Who is the famous musician Kevin was talking about?

She Could Be Breaking Up A Marriage

affairCDAN – Probably the most well known of the Canadians in the blinds today. This is an actress who is B list because of a very hit show she was on. She is currently filming another show where she and her much older co-star are having a fling. No big deal in Hollywood although it will probably wreck the long term marriage of her co-star.

World Record Actress Gets 100K for One Child

childs drawing familyCDAN – This C list movie and television actress (born in Canada) has a movie world record all to herself. She is also married to an Oscar nominee/winner writer. Anyway, our actress, who has children was at her children’s doctor when she started talking to a woman who » Continued

He Wants His Daily Treat

lollipopDailyMirror – Which TV star refuses to film until he’s received his daily ‘treat’ in the dressing room first – oral, er, satisfaction from a member of production. Your extra clue: We’d love to know what his colleagues think of this.

Actress Engages in Paper versus Plastic War

grocery bagBlindGossip – This television actress – who is environmentally conscious – usually brings her own reusable shopping totes to the supermarket. One day she forgot. When the time came to check out, she asked for paper bags. The clerk packed the groceries into paper bags, but when the actress went to pick them up » Continued

Actress Will Help With Paternity Story

father and – Which east-coast character actress will be returning to her show before the end of the year to help tell a major paternity storyline?

Humiliated Soap Superstar Apologizes to Cast

woman – Which soap superstar says that she’s humiliated and ashamed of the garbage dialogue she’s been given and actually apologizes to her castmates and crew before and after her scenes are filmed? And yes, it’s who you think it is.

This Soap Hunk Has More Than A Six-Pack

man – Which returning soap super-hunk has been nicknamed “12-pack” by some of his co-workers — but even though he has great abs, that’s not what they are referring to.

All My Children Star is Acting Strangely

all my – Which major All My Children star is worrying her castmates with her erratic, non-sensical behaviour? “We think she’s » Continued

Simon Cowell Doesn't Like Powder Girl

simon cowell thumbs downDailyMirror – Which star received angry glares from Simon Cowell and co as she kept indiscreetly disappearing off to the loos to “powder her nose?” Then later she heckled during the speeches. Your extra clue: But she’s normally so quiet.

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