Behind The Scenes With Wifey And Cheating Hubby

[BlindGossip] He’s been cheating on Wifey since before they were even married, so no one – including Wifey – should be surprised that he continued after they got married. While there’s been lots of media coverage of the public information, here’s what’s really going on behind the scenes of this celebrity couple: » Continued

A Warning To Basketball Wives

[NewYorkPost] Which producer of a VH1 reality show is fed up with negotiations over contracts for Basketball Wives? The producer was overheard telling people that the ladies ‘better fall in line’ or they’ll be booted ‘like the New York Housewives’.

The Oscar Director And The Real Housewife

[NationalEnquirer] Which married Bravo “Housewife” was proposed to by a married Oscar-winning director? The unlikely duo have been attracted to each other for years – and since they’re both in unhappy marriages, he asked the reality star to dump her hubby and marry him.

How This TV Star Stays On Top

[CDAN] This almost network show is all about drama. It seems though there is even more drama off the set and it involves a bunch of jealousies. The people on this show have been in this space before, many times. It seems though one of the reasons they keep turning up in this space is because of one of the actresses on the show. At this point she is probably the most well known. It was not always the case but she has made sure to toss her competition out of the way. » Continued

Keep The Kids Away

[CDAN] He is not really c*ke dad, because he is not a dad, but this B-/C+ actor has made it very clear to his new celebrity/reality star? girlfriend who is a mom that he plans on continuing to party whether there is a child present or not. “Just keep the kid away from the c*ke, and there will not be a problem.”

Acting Couple Loans Money To Small Businesses

[BuzzFoto] This low-key couple, both actors (one in television and one in film) have been spending one day a week doing Kiva loans together for people all over the world. Our source says they want to keep it low key and private because it’s something that brings them closer together, but each week they take turns picking out a different person to loan to. 625

Why She Left Emmy Party Through The Back Door

[NationalEnquirer] This petite actress/singer got so drunk at HBO’s Emmy Awards after-party – which she attended with her new actor boyfriend – that handlers had to escort her through a back-door exit so she wouldn’t be photographed. Who is she?

Actor’s Manuscript Details His Wild Life

[CDAN] This is one of my favorite blind items in awhile. Anyway, there is a manuscript that is floating around town that was written by a former almost A lister. I mean he was close. Starred in a set of franchise films but after those went by the wayside he has pretty much stayed with television. Been on two very big hit shows in the last few years, but probably just a B- lister and that is only because so many people would know our actor’s name when you here [sic] it. In the manuscript our actor writes about how he and this almost A list television actress on a very hit network show » Continued

Hooking Up With The Stars

[CDAN] Dancing With The Stars: This male pro and female pro are currently tied at four hookups with contestants each. I just want to know if they had any while__________________. Oh it is like a Mad Lib.

Cheating Guest Is Back

[CDAN] Dancing With The Stars: This guest of a contestant was back last night because the woman he was cheating on with while he was with the contestant dumped him. So, he ran back to the woman he dumped because he was dumped. The contestant had no idea. Well, maybe now she will if she reads this.

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