Television Costars Refuse To Speak

relationship difficulties

SOLVED! [BlindGossip] A while back, this comedic television actor said some very offensive things during a performance. One of his television costars - who took the insult very personally - came down hard on him, and demanded that he refrain from ever repeating the offending [More...]

She’ll Become More Tim Tebow

tim tebow

SOLVED! [BlindGossip] This television girl has never been known for being very religious. In fact, many of the activities in which she has engaged might be considered the exact opposite of godly. However, look for her to start sprinkling her language with religious references [More...]

Hit Series Is Packing Up

moving van 4

SOLVED! [TVLine] As any TV expert will tell you, the success or failure of any series comes down to the three L’s: Location, location, location! OK, that mantra actually applies more to real estate than reel estate, but one should never underestimate the importance of [More...]