Costar Train

train 3[Out Magazine] Someone is leaving a daytime TV show. The reasons given for this exit were totally true. But there’s something else going on here, too. See, the person who’s leaving is telling friends that one of her co-stars is » Continued

Kids Fall For Underoos Ruse

underoos[Naughty Gossip] Which famous TV host, that loves the press, has been arranging private underwear parties » Continued

Bring In The Tailor Team

tailor[Naughty Gossip] Which movie star is now on a new hit TV show, but no one warned the costume department » Continued

Didn’t Even Try To Hide It

woman covering face[Blind Gossip] This former TV star doesn’t have a TV show any more, but she still shows up everywhere and does anything she can for a little press. Fake » Continued

Two Problems With This Teen Couple

holding hands 3[Blind Gossip] This cable channel – which has  moved away from its original programming angle – just started filming a new reality series that will premiere in the fall. It will feature » Continued

TV Girl Dishes Out A Little Extra Hospitality

younger woman older man 2[Blind Gossip] There were plenty of celebrities there to witness the Patriot’s Super Bowl win, including this TV personality » Continued

A Very Revealing Facebook Chat

facebook chat[Blind Gossip] This cute actor has had steady roles on several different TV shows. Younger viewers might recognize him from one of those cable dramas catering to their age group. » Continued

Bar Fight With A Wannabe

women fighting 10a[Blind Gossip] This past weekend, a female reality star traveled to New York City. While out at a bar with some friends » Continued

You Can’t Replace Me

women back to back[Blind Gossip] This television host is feeling very happy this morning. Is it because she did such a great job » Continued

She’s Teaching Them The Game

women playing game[Naughty Gossip] Which Real Housewife, who thinks she is now a TV expert, is meeting off camera with the cast members she likes to teach them how to » Continued

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