No Fans In Podunk

[Stoopid Housewives] This Housewife thought she had a sure thing… a very quick and easy appearance.

Hang around for a few hours, have a couple drinks, mingle a bit, smile while posin’ for photos… collect her appearance fee then scram outta that podunk town. Simple! The Housewife was looking forward to this easy money! » Continued

Hot Scandals Brewing For Fake Housewife

[Reality Tea] Reality TV Star Is Faking Wealth And Success

I know, I know, this could describe almost every single one of the reality TV stars of late, right?! Being rich seems to be the exception and not the rule. This little blind item tidbit has to do with a more up and coming Housewife/reality TV star and that’s all we can say about that.

The alleged dirt:

“Mrs. X has » Continued

Cheating With A Former Costar

[The People] Which reality TV star is cheating on his wife with a former costar of one of the shows he appeared on?

She Is Bound To Have A Long Career

[Blind Gossip] This attractive, under-40 actress is the star of primetime television show. She has good comedic chops and is bound to have a long career.

She is also bound to » Continued

The Spiller Has Two More Secrets


[Blind Gossip] This Television Personality likes to provide details of her pregnancy and birth so that she can seem like a good mom.

Only it’s all a lie. The Liar » Continued

Uncle Warns Funny Brothers About Women

[Hollywood Street King] Band Of Brothers?

He’s a colorful comedian who reigned in the 90′s – boasting the words “you can do what you wanna do”. But, according to our blind item, doing what you wanna do shouldn’t include marrying wh*res. Don’t believe me… Just ask his two nephews, who seem to be keeping true to their uncle’s teachings. » Continued

She Hates Because She’s Jealous

[Hollywood Street King] She may be a sista, but sources say our blind item is the first to tell entertainment execs how dumb and silly she believes Afro-American entertainers are. Know why? Because our talking blind item is said to be jealous of other entertainers who have more money and fame than she does. Don’t believe me… Ask Diddy.

According to one insider, our big-mouth blind item displays the most envy when it comes to » Continued

Gossip Girl Finale Will Be Deadly

[EOnline] Gossip Girl isn’t just going out with a super-romantic wedding and heaps of happiness for its main characters.

Someone is going to die. » Continued

Courtside Fit


[Bossip] Which attention sloring celebrity seed had a fit when she wasn’t seated courtside at last night’s Brooklyn Nets game?  SMH.

Somebody was salty they couldn’t Instagram from floor seats. Last night » Continued

He’s Really Into Twinkies

[Blind Gossip] It’s too bad that Hostess is going out of business, because this funny actor is really into Twinkies.

Although he has done tons of films and television shows, this actor is best known for his role on a successful sitcom » Continued

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