Giving It All Up For A Talk Show

[Downfront2] This Reality/Sitcom/Media Personality seems to have the world on a string, but does she really want to give it all up…….for a talk show?!!!

Respected Actor Is Unraveling

[National Enquirer] Which well-respected actor of stage and screen is starting to show signs of emotionally unraveling on the set of his critically acclaimed cable show? The nearly 60-year-old star raised eyebrows when he suddenly and mysteriously dropped out of a hit network show a few years back!


Current Show:

Past Show:

Dad Is Having An Affair

[Blind Gossip] This couple – who you’ve seen on TV – does a lot of posturing for the camera. They present themselves as a long-time, happily-married couple. You’ve probably heard them give thanks for family and faith at some point. They do it a lot.

Behind the scenes, though, it’s a totally different story. Dad is having an affair. With » Continued

Still Paying For Old Mistakes

[Blind Gossip]  This pretty and talented actress has done some growing up, but she continues to be haunted by her past.

When she started out in Hollywood, she was willing to do whatever it took to get a job, and she entered into a full-fledged affair with a major Hollywood producer. After her career started taking off, she tried to end the relationship with The Producer. The Producer got very angry, and » Continued

The Husband’s Boyfriend

[Blind Gossip] We already told you that although this young man is married, he is gay and his marriage is fake, fake, fake! You may be curious as to whether or not he has a boyfriend. Yes, he does! The Boyfriend is » Continued

Doctor Mirror

[PopBitch] Which TV doctor likes to make a very thorough examination of his sexual conquests by covering his bedroom with mirrors? Must be very embarrassing…

Phony Tears

[Blind Gossip]  We already knew that everything about this girl was phony, but even we were surprised to hear how far she is willing to go to sway public opinion. During a filmed television segment about her breakup, she simply couldn’t show any real emotion about her decision to end the relationship.

Her manager told her to cut filming, pulled her aside, and started yelling at her » Continued

Bitter Will Get The Boot


[Blind Gossip] Bitter started out as the star of this television show, but her holier-than-thou attitude has become tiresome, and her attacks on another cast member are going to backfire on her. The other cast member, who has been surprisingly restrained so far, is threatening to reveal » Continued

Producers Warn Animal Hoarder

[National Enquirer] This bighearted talk-show host has been warned to stop taking in rescue animals! Her exasperated producers are concerned because the fanatical animal lover adopts homeless pets, then pawns them off to the show’s staff, network execs… and anyone else she can corner! Who is she?

Stinky Actress

[The People] Which actress stinks the dressing room area out at the TV studios where she works with her BO?

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