Jersey Shore Star Offers Private Parties

[CDAN] What former Jersey Shore star offers private one on one parties for $5000 a night?

The American Idol Girl And The Gay Actor

[CDAN] One of my favorite American Idol castoffs was at it again the other night. Running from red carpet to red carpet to earn a few bucks and stay in the spotlight, she did spend some time hitting on this becoming very popular very quickly B list movie actor who is definitely not a bad looking guy. When he told her he was gay and not interested, she told him it did not matter to her. She thought they could help each other out. Well, he did help out someone else a few years ago.

The Movie Star And The Real Housewife

[CDAN] This A list movie actor. Wait, let me stop right there. I think I should make it cusp of A list. He has been the lead in lots of movies but they don’t always do well and he is sometimes overshadowed by another. That sounds mysterious huh? Anyway, after this Real Housewife got dr*nk and started hitting on our actor, he » Continued

Actress and Dog Are Both Vicious

[BuzzFoto] After walking her dog last week, this C list, (on her way to B list) actress (film and television) stopped by a park and let her dog run free. When her dog bit a young kid at the park, this actress allegedly » Continued

Celebrity Feud Leads To Relapse

[NationalEnquirer] The celebrity feud between this Grammy-winning singer and a former reality show darling (who’s now a TV personality) is getting so ugly that their handlers have told them both to give it a rest. The name calling – usually about each other’s weight – has gotten so vicious that » Continued

First Class Or Forget It

[CDAN] So, this reality star from one of my favorite reality shows. Anyway, she was at the airport the other day and checking in for her flight. Apparently there was an error so they had her in economy rather than first class. She did a don’t you know who I am thing and the person said no, they didn’t. “But, I am on a reality show.” Still didn’t work. » Continued

Gay Actor Is Pressuring His Closeted Boyfriend

[BlindGossip] These two young gay actors have been boyfriend and boyfriend for a several years now. One is on a young adult drama, the other on an older housewifey series. For now, the two just pretend to be best friends, with no public PDA.

While Drama Guy is still closeted, Housewifey Guy is all but out. Ever since Drama Guy and his blonde beard » Continued

Actress Is Trolling Craigslist For Paid Dates

[BuzzFoto] This D list ‘actress’ that was really made famous for her work on a drama/sitcom in the late ’90s is finding it hard to pay for her pill habit. To fund her dangerous and dark habit, she has been meeting people on Craigslist for money. 593

The Actress And The Asian Singer

[CDAN] This B- list television actress has traveled between scripted and reality television. She actually has both on the air right now. Anyway, she has been seeing this singer who is way younger than her. Not a problem because age is not the thing. The thing is he is Asian and her people want her to hide it because they feel her main African American fan base will not like it.

Glee Girl Is Out Of Control

[CDAN] Which Glee actress who does not think she has a c*ke problem is out of control with her c*ke problem. It will be interesting to see if she can make it through the season without reh*b.

An Excuse For Viagra

[NationalEnquirer] Which famous game-show host’s wife believes he’s cheating because he takes Viagra religiously, but is rarely intimate with her? He denies that he strays and says he pops the pills to curb his mood swings.


TV Actor Thinks He Is A Spiritual Leader

[BuzzFoto] We have heard that this B list television actor has gotten very deep into the New Age community. He is sleeping with several of the women that practice it with him and has them convinced that he’s some sort of spiritual leader. They are all into it. You know who is not into it? His wife and kids who have no idea.

TV Star Has A Surprising Dating Preference

[CDAN] This is an interesting one. This actress is C list. Yes, she stars in her own television show which should make her at least a B lister, but she just does not get the publicity or really have that special name recognition. Her name is easy to remember though. Anyway, our actress has » Continued

Tattoo Girl Is A Dirty Girl

[CDAN] An easy one to start. This television tattoo artist who seems to be more famous for who she dates rather than her tattoos does not have much respect from many of her fellow artists. They think she gives the industry a bad name because she has posted photos of herself doing tattoos without gloves or other safety precautions which is pretty scary when you are talking about blood and needles.

Cuddy’s Replacement On House

[TVLine] House Exclusive: Princeton-Plainsboro’s New Dean of Medicine Will Be…

…someone we’ve met before on the show!

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that producers are filling the Dean of Medicine post vacated by Lisa Edelstein’s Cuddy with a face familiar to fans of the Fox hit as opposed to bringing in a new cast member.


But who? I’ve been sworn to secrecy… except for the fact that I can reveal that Hugh Laurie’s new on-screen boss is one of the seven folks listed below. » Continued

TV Girl Felt Like A Sitting Duck

[NationalEnquirer] This wacky TV personality moved into a swank million dollar penthouse with super-tight security because she felt like a sitting duck in her Los Angeles home. The performer couldn’t shake a tragic fan encounter a few years back, so she packed her designer suitcases and never looked back.

Former SNL Star Gets Dirty At The Gym

[NationalEnquirer] Which closeted former “SNL” star is getting a bad reputation at spas and gyms around Hollywood for his illegal s*xual activities? The once-married actor has been » Continued

Not The Happiest Dad On Earth

[BuzzFoto] When this D List actor dad from a popular, mostly 90′s show couldn’t cut the line on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, he shoved the kid attendant and told him to “F**k off!” He then » Continued

She’s Not Daddy’s Little Girl Anymore

[CDAN] What celebrity father who had a reality show is not talking to his celebrity daughter. The reason? Apparently despite the fact he is married, he was jealous when he found out his daughter was sleeping with her boyfriend.

Leaving A Hit Franchise

[Downfront2] This Reality Star is leaving a hit franchise, but will the right price and publicity tempt this Star to reveal behind the scenes secrets that could hurt the show or its other Stars?

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