Psycho Germaphobe

[National Enquirer] What former child star – she’s currently on a new sitcom – has turned into a psycho germaphobe who’s driving her new co-stars and crew insane with her daily disinfection demands? The clean freak/new mom is constantly taking extra steps to make sure that she and her baby are healthy and don’t inhale any dangerous chemicals on the set!

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Drastic Plastic

[National Enquirer] Which former child star from a famous family shocked fans with her drastic plastic surgery during a taping of her new chat show? The TV personality’s body looks amazing, but she’s nipped, tucked and pulled her face so much that people in the audience thought they were there for a new show hosted by Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa!

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Dr. Drew Alum Relapses

[National Enquirer] Which former “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” alum has relapsed, » Continued

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Sassy Reality Star Gets A New Job

[Queerty] Our spies in New York tell us that a star of a now-axed reality show, in which he played his sassy gay self, is doing as so many have before him and getting into » Continued

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Nip Tuck Bombshell

[National Enquirer] Which former TV bombshell and “DWTS” hoofer is boozing and partying so much that she’s decided to get a quickie nip/tuck to smooth out her puffy face and deep wrinkles before she’s in front of the cameras again? The actress is concerned about her appearance in this HD age when she should be more concerned about her performance skills!

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Attack Dog Is Hiding A Lesbian Secret

[National Enquirer] Which high-profile TV personality – people in Hollywood call her an “attack dog,” and most say THAT’S a compliment – has been hiding a lesbian secret? The twice-divorced loudmouth says she has been burned by men in the past, but has always preferred women!

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Homophobic Reality Star Finds Love

[National Enquirer] Which early ’90s badboy reality star, who’s now married with children, has found love away from his manipulative and cheating wife…with another MAN? The hard-partying personality, whose cast mates once referred to as “homophobic,” is this close to coming out as gay! Who is he?

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Not So Comfortable In Her Own Skin

[Blind Gossip] This funny TV actress (and former reality-show contestant) comes across as outspoken and extremely self-confident about her plus-sized body. However,  she showed her true colors at a Hollywood event.

Each celebrity was assigned a thin, pretty female guide – models and beauty pageant contestants from the local area – to accompany the celeb through the gifting lounge. Our celebrity took one look at » Continued

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Skinny Actress Just Broke Up With Hunky Costar

[National Enquirer] Which TV actress has secretly broken up with her hunky sitcom co-star – she never owned up to the romance publicly – and is going through a massive midlife crisis? The rail-thin single mom doesn’t think she can keep a good man, so she’s actually contemplating taking back her wacky ex!



Actress’ Ex:

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The TV Chef And The Comedic Actor

[National Enquirer] Which closeted TV chef is carrying on a down-low romance with an openly gay actor/comedian from a popular sketch comedy show? The handsome cook refuses to come out of the closet – he has a gorgeous girlfriend – but his gay secret is about to explode because his new lover is yapping all over town about his celebrity boyfriend!



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