Wedding Snub

women arguing 3[Blind Gossip] In the eternal quest to create drama for a reality show, these two women have agreed to » Continued

Courting A Former Child Star

girl star[Allie Is Wired] This former child actor has grown up to do some decent big-girl work, so it’s no wonder she’s in high demand. » Continued

He’s A Fed Snitch

tyga kylie[Hollywood Street King] “Dude forgot these streets got eyes – ears too.”

Today’s blind item subject looks to be a man who is secretly » Continued

No To A Movie Star

woman sexy 1960s[Blind Gossip] This actress is best known for her sexy role in a TV sitcom from » Continued

Single Brings Her More

woman love[Blind Gossip] This actress starred in a TV show before she moved on to films. She had a well-publicized split from her husband, and is now talking a lot about her single status.

But… what if » Continued

God Is Failing

god 2[Billy Masters] Could it be that a god-like guy more known for being seen and not heard is trading in tepid big screen success for » Continued

Olivia Is Hiring

olivia pope 2[TV Line] Olivia’s been Gladiating with a veritable skeleton crew on Scandal this season, but reinforcements are coming.

TVLine has learned that Liv in the near-ish future will » Continued

Whiny Whack

mafia 1[Blind Gossip] Authoritative TV producers operate a bit like Mafia dons. Casting and storylines are closely guarded secrets, to be leaked only at the producer’s discretion… and woe be it to anyone » Continued

One Up The Rival

baby sleeping[Blind Gossip] This TV star was recently talking about how worried she is that her husband might have fathered a child before they married. » Continued

Squeaky Pretends She’s Shocked

woman surprised 3[Blind Gossip] It is amusing that this TV girl had a such a dramatic reaction to her athlete boyfriend » Continued

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