The Accidental Sexts

[Buzzfoto] Which B list pop star who won a big award this year, accidentally sent sexts that were meant for her manager to her husband? Oops! 643

Tech Billionaire Is An Asiaphile

[NewYorkPost] Which tech billionaire who rolls up to parties with a slew of leggy models always turns down their advances because he only has eyes for Asian women?

Young Actor Shares His iPhone Pics

[NewYorkPost] Which hot young actor has a collection of n*ked photos in his iPhone that he accepts from adoring fans? What the ladies don’t know is that he sends a roster of the hottest shots to all of his pals every week.

You Can’t Curl Up With a Good Ring

BlindGossip – This actress’ boyfriend has been hinting to her that he got her a very special Christmas gift… and that it’s even better than the one she wanted. She has been excitedly telling friends that she is sure it’s an engagement ring with an even bigger diamond than she requested. Who wants to be the one to break the news to her that her not-ready-for-marriage boyfriend actually bought her a Nook instead of a Kindle? Hope it’s aerodynamic, because she is totally going to throw that thing at him.

The Pre Paid Phone is His Little Black Book

man cell phoneBlindGossip – This famous actor is a husband and a father and a role model to adoring fans. He’s also a » Continued

Their Break Up Was A Set Up

jessica simpson 1BuzzFoto – These two stars who recently broke up did so because of a third party. It’s not what you think though, no affair. The third party would like it to be an affair, but so far nothing has happened. Instead, the third party was a big trouble maker in the relationship of the star-crossed pair and played the two against each other, sent steamy text messages to cause trouble and tried other antics to get the two to split. Not Jessica Simpson.

BG12345: Thursday Ice Cream Social

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She’s Just Pretending to be a Good Mommy

demi-moore-1EOnline – Celebs aren’t exactly known to be truth tellers—Toothy Tile continuously lying to himself and every ridiculous excuse Lindsay Lohan’s made to get out of pretty much anything are proof enough of that. But » Continued

Actress is Tracking Her Kids on GPS

gps-tracking-1CDAN – She might not always be the best role model as a mother, but this former B list movie actress with A list name recognition is extremely controlling when it comes to the location of her kids. Not only does she have GPS trackers on the cell phones of her kids, she also doesn’t allow them to go out at night unless she or a parent is with them. She knows what kind of mistakes she made as a teenager and doesn’t want her kids to make the same mistakes.

Bitter over Ashton Twitter

twitterBlindGossip – Which male celebrity is genuinely upset that Ashton Kutcher recently scored headlines over a competition for Twitter members? This celeb is so self-absorbed that he ranted to friends that he should have gotton the publicity instead of Ashton because he had been on Twitter a couple of months longer than Ashton. To make up for this perceived slight, he is now calculating ridiculous ways to ride on Ashton’s coattails to catch the crumbs of publicity. Look for him to use the words “Ashton” and “Twitter” in every conversation and interview for the next few weeks.

This Star Will Tweet for a Date

twitterBuzzFoto -Which Twitter-happy star uses the social site to find his next hook-up? You could be next, he has no preference as long as you live within driving distance and seem somewhat discreet. It’s not Ashton Kutcher.