So Hungry She Could Eat A Horse

horse meat[The Morton Report] Britain’s recent horseburger scandal — when some supermarkets were caught out selling horsemeat disguised as beef — reminded me of an old story told to me by a UK gossip columnist.

It concerns a world-famous woman who liked to protect her image. » Continued

Bonnie And Clyde Live In Separate Homes

bonnie clyde[Hollywood Street King] She may be a “rider”, and he may be a “roller” — but this self-noted “Bonnie & Clyde” couple could be failing to live the tight union they portray to the public eye. That’s because insiders say this husband and wife team live in separate homes. » Continued

Uncle Sam Wants Him

[Downfront2] What do you do when you haven’t paid your taxes? You turn to your wife, of course. This Music Mover and Shaker may have to ask his wife to touch her purse to settle up with Uncle Sam.

Music Man:


Taxing Reality

[National Enquirer] Which huge reality star is scrambling to get her failing finances in check before cameras start rolling on her popular show? The usually bossy lady is pleading with producers to help her get out from under the $20,000 she owes in back taxes!

Greetings From New Jersey

[VillageVoice] Which cable anchor craftily ships all her designer duds to New Jersey to avoid paying sales tax?

A Taxing Problem for a Stingy Celebrity

BlindGossip – Despite some sound advice from their accountant, this film actor is dodging some serious tax obligations. S/he is trying to categorize the housekeepers, nanny, personal assistant, etc. as independent contractors. It may not sound like a big deal, but the IRS has strict guidelines to define employees and independent contractors. These people all work for our actor full-time. In fact, some regularly work for our actor in excess of 60 hours a week, with no overtime pay. Plus they are expected to be available for weekends and holidays as well. The actor actually brags about » Continued