Actor Hates His Own Movie

[CDAN] What Hollywood actor got ‘buyer’s remorse’ about a movie he stars in and began publicly distancing himself from it at its Sundance after-party, saying another movie was better?

Singer Has A Wild Night At Sundance

[CDAN] Sundance: So, apparently this pretty much A list rapper R& B singer has a little k*nk in him. Actually I should say a big k*nk in him. Now I get why he and this A list female pop star with the bad judgment when it comes to exes hit it off for a few months. They can each out k*nk the other. Anyway, our male A list rapper » Continued

The Sundance Walk Of Shame

[BuzzFoto] More fun from Sundance! This C list actor and entertainer was seen in the very early morning hours, leaving the hotel room of a very old film actress who is in town promoting her movie. 695

The Sundance Walk of Shame

BlindGossip – An interesting little hook up took place at Sundance. This married actor and pretty actress were each featured in their respective films at the film festival. » Continued

Actor Sobbed at Sundance

BuzzFotoOne last Sundance blind for you from the festival this year. Which up and coming C-list actor with promise, excused himself after the Q & A of the film he was in to » Continued

He Sparked a Lot of Love at Sundance

NewYorkPostWhich high-ranking entertainment executive got Sundance off to a flying start by offering free ecst*sy — “the good stuff”– to partygoers, sparking a lot of love in the room?

She Left Sundance In Disgrace

NewYorkPost – Which Z-lister had to fly home in disgrace from Sundance in coach — paying extra for her bulging bags — after shamelessly feasting on the swag suites?

Cheap Jock at Sundance

BuzzFotoWe’re getting lots of good blinds from our Sundance source this year. Our source has another interesting piece of info about the Olympian we told you about earlier. This time, she claims that whenever he and his ‘crew’ are in Vegas partying at a famous club the athlete only tips 2% of his bill. The owner of the club is very frustrated with him and has told the servers to avoid his table when he comes in. He expects freebies and gives very little for what he gets. 476

The Actor and The Sundance Waitress

BuzzFotoThis A List aging actor was at a Sundance party sans girlfriend at a table with several other big names. He stayed at the party only a few hours, but entertained himself by buying shots for the waitress working his table. He seemed to enjoy seeing her flirt and make out with his buddies, » Continued

The Sundance Olympics

BuzzFotoAt a big Sundance party, opening night- this Male Olympian stayed at the club until six in the morning until the girls at his table were so drunk they were passed out. » Continued