She Wants A Ring On It

BossipLife as a superstar sans a steady man isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… at least for some people. Insiders say that one sexy starlet is ready to have someone put a ring on — asap. The entertainer is on the prowl for Mr. Right and her ideal candidate is a well-known » Continued

Bleacher Babe Agrees to Three

NewYorkPostWhich bleacher-babe girlfriend agreed to a threes*me with her brawny boyfriend to keep him from straying with every pretty blonde?

TV Actors Caught in a Make Out Session

NewYorkPost – Which closeted male small-screen stars, who both have publicly dated actresses and other famous women, got stuck in a deep make-out session with each other at a Super Bowl after-party in Dallas?

The Football Player and the Reality Star

CDANThis star NFL wideout was showing off naked photos of this network reality star over the weekend to anyone who would look.

NFL Player Not Worried About Testing

CDAN – This NFL quarterback must not be worried about any random dr*g testing because he was going at it over the weekend.

Look Who’s A Sports Fan Now

BlindGossip – You won’t see this actor at any regular season games, but he is lucky enough to make it to the big game. OK so he’s not really there for the sport. He is there to grab » Continued

Mistress Plays Moneyball

BlindGossip – This athlete and his celebrity wife spent a lot of money on attorneys over the past year in a desperate attempt to cover up the athlete’s cheating scandal. Everyone got paid. Except the mistress. That wasn’t smart. Because now » Continued

Pro Baller is a Changed Man

Downfront2A Pro Baller is declaring himself a changed man because he met the right Woman who offered a dash of reality. Problem is that woman isn’t the Babymomma of his three children with whom he had a long time relationship with that never resulted in marriage.

A Spicy Side Dish of Pigskin

StarMagazine – Which married TV star is getting spicy with yet another side dish? She’s always denied rumors of cheating, but that hasn’t stopped her from hooking up recently with a hunky NFL star behind her hubby’s back. This girl just can’t stop playing with fire.

Celeb Couple Can’t Agree on Childhood

BlindGossip – This celebrity couple presents a unified front to the public, but there’s trouble behind the scenes. Mom wants the kid/s to carry on the family tradition of high-profile » Continued

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