Young Star Trashes Carrie and The Who

BlindGossip – Which young star embarrassed themselves at a Superbowl party yesterday? Not only did they have way too much to drink, they were also very loudly critical of both musical guests that performed. During Carrie Underwood’s singing of The National Anthem, they started to howl and clutched their ears as if in pain. During The Who’s halftime performance, they talked loudly about how stupid it was to have some “Grandpa¬† Band” that nobody ever heard of playing. When someone at the party asked them to pipe down because they actually did want to hear the music, the young star responded by saying that it was a waste of time to listen to music that sounded like crap they had heard a million times before. It will be interesting to see how much our star enjoys people critiquing their singing in a an upcoming film.

News Guy Cheated with One of Tiger’s Girls

NewYorkPost – Which news correspondent who died on foreign soil cheated on his wife with a woman who later became one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses?

The Soccer Star and The Reality Star

DailyMirror – Which married Premiership footballer is having an affair with a D-list former reality TV star behind his unsuspecting wife’s back?

She Sang He Laughed He Cried She Fled

woman singing microphoneCDAN – This foreign born much more famous in the rest of the world than in the US world class athlete and his American born C list singer/reality star broke up because she said she wanted to really focus on her singing craft. Her boyfriend then laughed so hard he cried. She didn’t find it funny and they are no more.

Huge Lips to Match Her Huge Sports Star

lips 7NYPost – Which knock out party girl, a mistress of a huge sports star, has her lips plumped at the SmoothMED clinic on East 59th Street?

Toothy’s Guy Friends Say He’s in Love

james marsden 2EOnline – Something our dear, closeted Toothy Tile most certainly does not share with his also-in-the-closet brethren like Lloyd Boy-Toyed, Crotch Uh-Lastic and Jackie Bouffant is a virtual cornucopia of straight buds.

I don’t mean the pretend kind, but the ones you never see Toothy photographed with. Yeah, you heard me right: These are heterosexual bros with whom Toothy loves to » Continued

Tiger Woods Will Have Some Competition

tiger woods elin nordegrenHolyMoly – You think Tiger Woods created a s*storm? Wait until the US Tabloids print the expose of an even bigger sports star who’s been found having ANOTHER year long affair in the states…

This Athlete Continues to Play the Field

sports ballsStarMagazine – Which athlete has been playing the field behind his A-list girlfriend’s back? One flirty night club encounter has already turned into a series of dates, and his main girl is getting suspicious.

Narcissistic Guy Thinks Rules Don't Apply to Him

man black eye 1BlindGossip – Who’s been behaving even more badly behind the scenes? This guy! He’s been famous for such a long time, he’s become quite the narcissist. He just doesn’t think the rules of life and scandals apply to him. Everyone loves me! Nobody will believe an opportunistic cocktail waitress over me! Well, Dude, what about two cocktail waitresses, two club hosts, a couple of hookers, and a porn star or two? Oh, yes, they’ll be crawling out of the woodwork now. You can’t blame the media for your bad behavior. You can’t shill for millions of dollars of consumer goods as the epitome of a good guy and then claim privacy when it comes to light that your good guy act is a sham. Take your lumps and quit blaming everyone else, and you’ll get past this scandal a lot faster.


» Continued

He’ll Bring the Banana Hammock

speedoBlindGossip – Some grownups enjoy a game of dress up now and then. This popular actor, though, takes it to a whole new level. When you spend the night with him, you’d better have some serious wardrobe changes available. » Continued

Wife Gets More Bad News About Mr. Perfect

woman shocked 4SOLVED!

BlindGossip – As if this famous athlete didn’t have enough dang problems right now, you can add a couple more to the list. His wife knew that he had relied on a certain substance in the past to relieve his extreme bouts with performance anxiety. However she did not know until a couple of days ago that he has been experimenting with other substances that could get flagged during testing.¬† The second problem he has is his penchant for women who are paid handsomely to be discreet about their extra-curricular activities with him. Word is that he likes to be punished for his bad behavior. He was subjected to harsh discipline from an early age,¬† and he tells the women that he needs them to continue that tradition in order for him to be perfect. But don’t expect either of these habits to come to the forefront in the coming months. Everyone is getting paid off to lie or to keep their trap shut. » Continued

The Actor and The Neighbor and The Hot Tub

hot tub 1BlindGossip – There is an actor on a television series who seems like he would be an interesting character to live with. That might not be the case for his wife, however. A couple of weeks ago, our actor came home from work a lot earlier than usual and found his wife » Continued

BG12345: World Series of Gossip

philliesBlindGossip – It’s Wednesday! Today brings us the promise of another exciting World Series Game tonight. Will Chase Utley bash another one into the seats? Will Ryan Howard snap out of his batting slump? Will Kate Hudson appear onscreen more often than ARod?

We don’t know the answers to these questions. But we do know that we’d like to offer you a BG12345 today! The first team to score 100 YES votes will have their logo and colors incorporated into our banner for the rest of the series. So start voting “YES Yankees!” or “YES Phillies” now!

UPDATE: As of 12:45 pm, the score is Yankees 37, Phillies 48. You Yankee fans better pull through if you want to head off an upset here…

UPDATE: Phillies win! BlindGossip will proudly display the Phillies logo and colors for the duration of the series.

Celebrity Girlfriend Really Wants a Baby

woman and baby 1Downfront2 – This Football Player has a celebrity Girlfriend who is dying to have his baby. She comes from a celebrity family, and she is tired of being in their shadows. Look for her to » Continued

Athlete and Wife Pick Up Some Company

david victoria beckham 4BuzzFoto – Which High Profile Foreign Footballer and his wife were recently seen picking up two very young looking girls and inviting them into their limo when they made a recent visit to the states? Not David Beckham and Victoria Beckham.

This Soccer Star Works It With The Ladies

soccer ball 2DailyMirror – In today’s Daily Mirror, we asked: Which footballer would infuriate his wife after he was overheard » Continued

Athlete is Keeping it All in the Family

sports ballsDailyMirror – Which star is secretly sleeping with his brother’s girlfriend? The fella in question has a track record for scoring on and off the pitch. Your extra clue: Well, he’s never been the most loyal guy.

Five Customers for Gucci Girl

gucci python handbagPanacheReport – Back in the day, she was the number one » Continued

What This Rapper was Like in High School

school housePanacheReport – When this rapper was in high school, him and his crew had a rep for running through the prettiest girls on campus » Continued

This Actress is Exactly The Right Height

nba2BlindGossip – This item will be short and sweet, just like this adorable TV actress. Although she’s petite, this girl apparently makes a big impression wherever she goes. There’s a famous NBA player » Continued

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