Guitarist Dropped A Dookie

baby ruth pool[PopBitch] While most people know this rock guitarist for being married to a society beauty, which of his New York-based school friends remember him chiefly as the boy who shat in her swimming pool when they were kids?

Rock Guitarist:

His Wife:

His School Friend:

Livid Sisters

Two women wearing the same dress at a party[Out] Which socialite sisters were livid when they showed up at an event wearing the same couture outfit?

(It was sort of like the “Paris Original” number from How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, but not quite as hilarious.)


Fascinating Facts About The Judge’s Baby Mama

woman pregnant 2[Blind Gossip] We have LOTS of fascinating information for you about the married pregnant socialite who has recently been thrust into the headlines!

She has a long and » Continued

Stay Away From My Outrageously Lavish Home

mansion 9[New York Post] Which globetrotting socialite refuses to allow her outrageously lavish home to be photographed despite groveling overtures from a top fashion editrix?

BG Note: Editrix = a female editor



Waiting For Photographers

[New York Post] Which socialite is the butt of jokes for waiting patiently at every event for party photographers to find her, which they seldom ever do?

The Socialite And The Siberian

[Village Voice] Which daughter of a late socialite used to lube herself from head to toe in an attempt to seduce a Siberian husky? (The maid would find the daughter all scratched up and the dog » Continued

The Socialite And The Diet Pills

[VillageVoice] Which thirtysomething blonde socialite is using her diet pills at such an alarming rate that her doctor » Continued

Socialite’s Brother Starting His Own Career

[NewYorkPost] Which younger brother of an infamous socialite appears in a » Continued

The Socialite And The Fire Escape

[NewYorkPost] Which married socialite was recently spotted in a compromising position with a man not her husband on a fire escape at a fashion party?

Socialite And Hubby Are Star Students

[NewYorkPost] Which socialite and her artsy husband are the star students in a New York s*x guru’s outrageous extended-org*sm classes?

Married Socialite Is Secretly Into Girls

[NewYorkPost] Which polished married female New York socialite is secretly into girls? Her husband doesn’t really seem to mind.

Wealthy Widow Shunned By Society

[NewYorkPost] Which wealthy widow is so obnoxious that she has to take her maid to lunch because she’s now totally avoided by the Hamptons social set? She was recently seen dining at an outdoor restaurant in Southampton with her maid—who was still wearing a work apron.

This Beauty Cost Him a Lot of Cheddar

NewYorkPostWhich high-profile society beauty was set up with her new boyfriend by a “fixer” paid by rich New York men to find them beautiful girlfriends?

Socialite Wants an Eight Ball and a Midget

NewYorkPost – Which sexy socialite happily loaded up on Vitamin Water, Tulle, Linea Pelle, Vintage Revolution jeans and other freebies at Robert Verdi’s “Fashion Weekend Retreat” gifting suite? After getting a free manicure and filling up on snacks, the dark-haired beauty declared, “Give me an eight-ball and a midget and I’m in heaven!”

Rich Couple is Flinging and Splitting

NewYorkPost – Which art-collecting philanthropist got a face-lift, threw her professor husband out, and is now having a fling with her chauffeur? But don’t cry for the professor — he’s been hitting on his students for years.

Socialite Reality Star For Sale

CDAN – This very young, but legal, socialite reality star (not cable) was at a party the other night when she made it very clear that she was available for the night for the right price. Her asking price? » Continued

A Comedian and A Model and A Coat Room

HolyMoly – Guess the comedian-type and socialite-type: “I was at a house party last year and was leaving, so nipped into the room where everyone had dumped their coats. I thought the room was empty, so just steamed in only to see BLANK giving BLANK a good old BJ!” Clues: wet comedian/actor/shagger with ohpleasegoaway scenester/writer/model.

Socialite Spied on Her Ex-Boyfriend

NYPost – Which aspiring socialite did the same kind of electronic spying that got Ali Wise in trouble, but managed to avoid prosecution? This lucky woman got caught hacking into the voice mails of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend and could have gone to jail since she was on probation for a previous legal problem. But she turned on the charm so her love rival wouldn’t press charges, and now they are actually friends.

Socialite’s Dad Gets Booted from Home

NewYorkPost – Which socialite is distraught over the plight of her alcoholic father? The old man has been barred from his apartment because of the street people he brings into the building and is now in a hotel.

Heiress Believes Husband is Plotting Against Her

thurston howellNYPost – Which heiress who married a mob-connected artist years ago is now claiming to old friends that her husband is conspiring with shady lawyers and doctors to declare her insane and seize all her money?

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