Band Hotel Drama Part 3

hotel-sign-3[Blind Gossip] Let’s finish out this story.

Some of the members of this very popular band (not all of them) were running around their own floor of the hotel after a concert and a night of partying, drunk and c*ked up and out of control. » Continued

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Let’s Dish On The Third Party

[Blind Gossip] These musicians have been dating on and off for a year or two. Both are very famous, both have been at the top of the charts multiple times, and both have a history of hooking up with some interesting partners.

There have been some headlines lately that he has been cheating on her behind her back and that this has been very upsetting to her.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to guess the identities of the two musicians. But we have some additional information to dish: we know the identity of the woman with whom he has been cheating! And it is just the most delicious gossip ever!

The Third Party is » Continued

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