The 127 Hours Band

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[Blind Gossip] The pressure is too much! The schedule is too grueling! The fans are too mean!

The fact that this singer is gone is not shocking to us, and it should not be shocking to you. His unhealthy » Continued

The Break Up Decision

couple breaking up 14[Blind Gossip] You may be wondering what this singer’s fiancee is going to do. Well, we can give you a little insight as to what’s going on » Continued

Justin Bieber And The Siblings

justin bieber 6[Blind Gossip] Justin Bieber and Madonna had several interesting moments on Ellen the other day.

They played a little game » Continued

The Jerk Finally Got Caught

couple kissing 22[Blind Gossip] This male singer is really stressed out. He isn’t stressed out because he has been cheating on his celebrity fiancee. He is stressed out because he got CAUGHT!

Since he has millions of » Continued

The Singer And The Arabs

man in dubai[Pop Bitch] Which pint-sized soap star-turned-singer, currently on the comeback trail, has been » Continued

His Ego Is Bigger Than His Bank Balance

man no money[Blind Gossip] He has been spending money for the past couple of years as if he is a big rock star with huge world tours. The reality is that most » Continued

Overlapping Foursome

four people puzzle[Blind Gossip] Here’s an interesting foursome of celebrities. Two actors, one model, one singer.

Singer and Actor 1 were dating last year. » Continued

Underage Girls At The Concert

girls concert[Blind Gossip] Here is a story that is being shopped around: A few nights ago, this Singer and his band held a concert. There were a couple of underage girls at the Meet & Greet. The Singer » Continued

Whining Over Infidelity

heartbreak 1[Blind Gossip] This singer’s ex-husband is doing a lot of whining about how awful it was when he found out that the singer was cheating on him » Continued

Why He’s Sleeping On The Couch

man sleeping on sofa 1SOLVED!

[Lainey Gossip] Before it happened, his friends were begging him not to do it. Begging him not to make it permanent. But he was in too deep, and a little wounded » Continued

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