Power Girl Builds Her Army

girl army[Blind Gossip] This very popular singer – who was at the Grammys last night – was actively trying to smooth over some rough relationships in the after-party scene. However, we found out that she isn’t doing it simply to be the nicer or bigger person. She » Continued

Embarrassing Rock Star

rock stars 1[New York Post] Which 1980s rock star was recently seen getting into an embarrassing physical altercation » Continued

User Punishes Singer

man and woman 3[Blind Gossip] We’ve told you before that this female singer willingly got back together with her ex, even though she knew he was using her to » Continued

The Anthem

singer 8[Blind Gossip] The Super Bowl has barely finished and there is already chatter about who next year’s main performer will be. We found out that there are already talks being held, and that there are three factors that are standing in one singer’s way. » Continued

Obsessed With Kegels

man kegel[Naughty Gossip] Which young singer is obsessed with doing » Continued

Diva Versus Chicken

fried chicken[Blind Gossip] This singer has a big performance coming up very soon, so we thought we would tell you a quick story that demonstrates how her fun on-stage personality doesn’t really match up to » Continued

The Makeover

man makeover[Blind Gossip] You may be wondering what is going on with this young performer. Years of crazy and destructive behavior have suddenly come to a screeching halt. Want to hear what’s really happening? » Continued

Pathetic Plastic Pop Star

woman plastic face 1[New York Post] What pop star keeps getting plastic surgery to keep a straying boyfriend, prompting pals to » Continued

That Specific Look

man magnifying glass 1[Blind Gossip] This singer really wants a boyfriend. Even a fake boyfriend will do! She has asked » Continued

This Will Rock Your Faith In Marriage

rock star 5[Blind Gossip] We don’t want this little story to rock your faith in marriage. But it just might.

In comparison to many rock stars » Continued

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