Singer’s Pants Are On Fire

pants on fire 3[Blind Gossip] Do you know why some celebrities tell blatant lies? Because they know they can get away with it.

Such is the case with this young female singer, who claims that she dated one male singer… but not another male singer.

Liar! » Continued

Loser Mistake

[diamond ring 1Blind Gossip] This singer recently got engaged. Good for her!

However, one of her exes is definitely NOT » Continued

Singer Begs Blogs To Pull Embarrassing Photos

girl computer[Sandra Rose] Which R&B Diva is so weary of the hate directed toward her » Continued

The Middle Aged Pick Up Method

hair band[Blind Gossip] This very famous rocker has been married to more than one famous and gorgeous woman.

We thought he had curbed his lascivious behavior a while back » Continued

Musician Likes Men In Dresses

tom cruise dressed up[Sandra Rose] This rapper is known for his predilection for men in dresses. He is known to wine and dine » Continued

Singers Are Just Stringing You Along

wedding rings on string[Blind Gossip] Don’t the fans of these two singers know that they are being played?

You see, if things stay the same » Continued

Underwear And Car Keys

car keys[Blind Gossip] This male music artist is currently on tour. During a recent concert, there apparently was as much activity going on backstage as there was onstage! » Continued

Pop Singer Bearding For NFL Star

football touchdown 2[Hollywood Street King] The Future of this mystery woman’s public image was beginning to look grim… until one pro-footballer » Continued

Thank You Yoko

john lennon yoko ono[Blind Gossip] The management team of this former teen singer is laughing today about the new Yoko Ono! » Continued

Surprising Reason Behind Two Breakups

broken heart 4[Mouth To Ears] We thought it was a match filled with glee when this rapper and girlfriend were sorry, for not being sorry, to showcase their love affair. » Continued

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