Thank You Yoko

john lennon yoko ono[Blind Gossip] The management team of this former teen singer is laughing today about the new Yoko Ono! » Continued

Surprising Reason Behind Two Breakups

broken heart 4[Mouth To Ears] We thought it was a match filled with glee when this rapper and girlfriend were sorry, for not being sorry, to showcase their love affair. » Continued

Billboard Fat Comment

billboard music awards 2015[Blind Gossip] A famous female singer walked into the ladies’ room at the Billboard Music Awards. At the same time, another famous female singer was just exiting with a friend. » Continued

Mariah Carey’s Thieving Competitor

mariah carey album cover[LA Times] BG Note: In a recent interview, Mariah Carey discussed both her residency in Las Vegas » Continued

Opposite Of The Zombies

zombies[Blind Gossip] If you are thinking of booking a ticket to this female entertainer’s upcoming concert series, you might want to consider this first. » Continued

Singer Is Back On The Gak

coc 11[Pop Bitch] Which American singer looks like she might be » Continued

Pushing Management’s Buttons

man pushing button[Blind Gossip] If your work colleague just got fired for something that you happen to do as well, wouldn’t that make you extra careful » Continued

Lock Him Down

heart lock[Blind Gossip] This American music artist is engaged. The story behind his new fiancée is… interesting!

Just before getting engaged to our singer » Continued

Cattle Call

cattle 1[Blind Gossip] This female pop star was one of the few to hit the number one position on Billboard last year. She was out at a New York club recently with a male musician » Continued

Madonna Gets Revenge

madonna wink 2[Hollywood Street King] Madonna called up her friends in the entertainment industry to let them all know that she » Continued

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