This Singer Could Only Grunt

DailyMirror – Which singer got so wasted before a recent interview that the journalist decided to call it a day after only a few questions? At best, they received just a few monosyllabic grunts.

She Was a Tween Success Story

CDAN – This one is kind of sad. Hopefully there are some cheery ones for tomorrow. Back in the day this tweener singer/actress was pretty big. Not like Miley Cyrus big, but in the world of tween music and acting was probably like the equivalent of 98 Degrees in the boy band archives. Last to the party, but still had a couple of hits with her group. Anyway, she was making a decent wage had a boyfriend who was famous enough that the pair would get in the tabloids. » Continued

Sister’s Star Turn is Never Coming

BlindGossip – When you’re a famous performer, it helps to have back up. In this case of this singer, it’s her sister, who has a similar singing style… and whose voice is actually used in place of the singer’s on more than one recording. Although one sister is clearly more famous than the other, the other one has been assured multiple times that her turn at stardom is coming. The parents, who are very closely involved in their daughter’s’ careers, know that the second sister’s star will likely always orbit the world of her sister’s fame. Whoever you are thinking of, think younger.

How to Scare Away a Missionary

BuzzFoto – This Blind comes from the archives and happened about three years ago. This aging country singer, living on the East coast must have been feeling lonely when a group of male missionaries came to her door. She invited them in and let them share their message and then she left the room and » Continued

Singer Keeps Her Clothes On

CDAN – This B+ female singer is fairly attractive and has been in a fairly high profile relationship. Now she is in a new relationship but it still doesn’t change the fact that she does not get naked for him or any guy despite how she is perceived in the media. Good luck in convincing her to have sex too.

Two Country Stars Hook Up for Affair

CDAN – I don’t know if it is because it has been awhile since I had a blind item about country music singers or the fact of who this is about, but I love this one. Two country singers. The male is A++ list. Married. To a celebrity. » Continued

She Wants Her MTV

BuzzFoto – This singer is creating a stir by cheating on her man with a D List MTV star. She met him at some event and was enamored with his ‘charm.’ The two have been hooking up every chance they get and haven’t been too discreet. Hopefully we’ll get a photo soon! Not Christina Aguilera.

Singer Gets Sex and Chicken

DailyMirror – Which singer in a British boyband is having a secret affair with a woman who is much older than he is? The fella in question even makes her cook chicken for him after their nights of passion.

War of The Fake Accents

BlindGossip – Despite an earlier tiff, these two singers are actually friendly with each other. Not for long. Singer 1’s beau doesn’t like Singer 2 for a rather unexpected reason. It’s not Singer 2’s singing voice or choice of music or costume or imagery. He’s peeved about that weird fake accent that Singer 2 has adopted. He finds it personally offensive. So he and his publicist are planting stories about a fake feud between the two singers. Singer 1 does not find this funny at all, and insists that if her beau doesn’t stop torturing Singer 2, that he’ll be walking down the aisle alone. Frankly, all three of these people are so darn entertaining, it would be interesting to see this fake argument snowball into a full-blown three-way feud. Madonna is not involved.

Pop Star Skips Studio to go Shopping

DailyMirror – Which young popster is in hot water with her record label after she ‘forgot’ about a studio session and went shopping in Harvey Nics instead – costing them a real shedload?

Singer Enjoys The Gym Sauna

DailyMirror – Which British singer and Brit winner is getting himself a reputation in his gym? The good-looking star, a hit with women in their 30s, cruises the male locker rooms and invites young men into the sauna for steamy sessions.

Singer Forces Mom to Clean House

DailyMirror – Which pampered money-obsessed singer has fired her eastern European housekeeper – insisting her mother take over the duties instead and saving her a measly $80 a week?

Pop Singer is Tight Fisted

NYPost – Which pop singer/songwriter legend never tips—”I know five bartenders personally he stiffed after free drinks,” said one source.

They are Secretly Singing Duets

CDAN – These two singers are B list although one of them probably has close to A list name recognition. Both male. Anyway, it turns out that when they worked on a project together they ended up falling for each other. So far, it is being covered up for the sake of one of them who is involved with a woman.

Singer is Cheating with a Bartender

DailyMirror – Which sexy singer is cheating on her boyfriend with a bartender she met at party? She looks like the sweetest thing – but she is really a rather naughty minx.

Next Stop Lohanville

TheGossipBoy – This singer is on the fast track to Lohanville.  She has potential but had been spending her time off stage in the bottom of » Continued

He is a Secret Street Performer

CDAN – This A list singer/writer/musician is working on a secret documentary. Nothing really juicy. More like his impression of the world. In every city he goes to, he puts on a disguise, goes downtown, and plays music on a street corner and asks for money. He plays his songs but does nothing to let people know it is him. It all gets filmed. No one really pays attention to him or even thinks he is anything special. He then films himself on stage in front of 25,000 people singing the same song and the crowd reaction.

Singer Pulls a Verne at an LA Club

CDAN – This A list singer (ahem)/producer and performer who has been in this spot before was recently whacked out on Ecst*sy at a club here in LA. Unable to figure out where the bathroom was, or just figuring he could get away with it, he pulled a Verne and peed in the corner. No one even said a word to him. Yeah, go ahead and try that yourself, and see if no one says anything to you.

How A Teen Pop Star Copes With Fame

HolyMoly – Which mega-famous teen pop star copes with her fame, riches and dreadful singing voice by putting away more weed than Howard Marks in a weed smoking contest?

Boy Bander Posted Gay Personal Ad

HolyMoly – Which member of a very popular British boy band (not Take That or Boyzone) hastily deleted his Gaydar profile over the weekend when the pictures he posted revealed his identity? FYI, he’s a bottom, and will only send you full pics once he’s vetted you because he “is a public figure” (idolised by loads of girls who would be heartbroken obv).

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