Singer’s Background Secrets

singer 6[Hollywood Street King] She may have been a chart-topping Grammy Award-winning singer, but her personal life has proven to be challenging for her. That may be because she began her music career marrying a much older, and powerful, music mogul. Sources say after saying their ‘I do’s’, her controlling husband attempted to stop her from taking her career to the silver screen. That’s just before our mystery woman was checked into a psych ward » Continued

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Pop Star Secret

women kissing 15[The People] Which pop star is secretly a lesbian? Men fawn over her but she’s not at all interested in any of them.

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Comeback Kid’s Exes And Wives

family 6UPDATED!

[Lainey Gossip] Just some personality and colour I thought you might enjoy…

Comeback Kid only dates famous girls. When he and Golden were together, he stepped out on her twice that she knows of: once with » Continued

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Two Days And Twenty Years

older woman younger man 3SOLVED!


[Lainey Gossip] She’s married and they have a child. And these days she’s much more visible — all over — than he is. There have been rumours, since they seem to be apart so often, that their relationship has been unstable. Though they’ve recently been seen together, and appear to be happy, he might not feel so secure if he were to find out who she’s sleeping with behind his back, and so indiscriminately. » Continued

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Singer Is Short But Gifted

[The People] Which singer shocked fans when he opened his dressing room door with no clothes on? For a short man, he’s pretty gifted.

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The Singer And The Model

[Daily Mirror] Which singer and which model hooked up recently? These two ladies were quite the cute couple behind the scenes…




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Hubby Puts Email On Lockdown

[The People] Which popstar’s hubby has banned her from reading her e-mails? He checks them first as he reckons she’s a love cheat.



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Old School Three Way

[Hollywood Street King] HSK Exclusive – He may have once been seen as reppin’ the ‘new school’, but today, this rapper would be classified as old school. Even though he’s no longer at the forefront of the limelight, some of his secret flip mode practices haven’t been forgotten by those who he may have personally told “got a big gun, and I’ma show you the size”. Don’t believe me… Just ask the male hairdresser who he reportedly told, “Gimme Some More”.

During his heyday, a three-way our mystery man reportedly had » Continued

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Dates One Sex But Sleeps With The Other

[Daily Mirror]  Which female singer has a penchant for the ladies of late? This star has supposedly been dating a man for months – but is regularly sleeping with women. Greedy!


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He Wants Her Back To Hurt Her

[Mouth To Ears] As if his first confessions weren’t enough…

This singer loves R&B and loves Marvin Gaye, which is no surprise given all the scandal in his life. He loves women and can’t get over his ex-wife.

He plays » Continued

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