What This Pop Star Really Smells Like

[VillageVoice] Which pop star whose shtick is acting skanky really is? (In fact, sources swear she smells like a kettle of rotten fish.)

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Diva Disses Oprah

[NationalEnquirer] This A-list celebrity – who’s been on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” many, many times – refused to show up for the queen of talk’s send-off spectacle. The award-winning entertainer was asked to sing something for the special event, but Miss Diva didn’t want to share the stage with so many other “lesser” stars.

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Music Guy Has Two Big Secrets

BlindGossip – This recording artist has had a very successful solo career for the past few years, and has also collaborated with both black and white artists on other projects. At least one of his albums has been #1 on Billboard, and he has had multiple Grammy nominations/wins. But while he may be a great artist, he’s not a great guy. » Continued

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The Wandering Pop Star

PopBitch – Which pop star, who is on tour this summer, should be a little careful that he doesn’t get outed, footballer-style, for his extra-marital wanderings?

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Buxom Star Ready to Pop

NationalEnquirer – Which sexy, buxom, B-list star – known for breaking up a director’s marriage – is now trying to become a pop star? Even though the former TV actress was dropped by a UK  record label, she’s still trying to charm US music producers with catchy demo tracks.

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Rock Star Has Household Troubles

BuzzFoto – She is a non-famous and very insecure wife to this lead singer of a Top 40 Rock Band who lives outside of LA. The couple have only been married for a few years, but she is so worried about affairs and losing him, she’ll do whatever she can to keep him happy. The trouble is, she » Continued

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The Singer and The Suitcase

NewYorkPost – Which apparently clean singer has a huge dr*g problem and had to make a big payout to a tour manager, who quit and sued after he was asked to look after a suitcase that turned out to be packed with dr*g paraphernalia?

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Idol Guy has a Bigger Ego than JLo

Which American Idol Top 10 contestant has an ego bigger than JLo’s? It’s a real turn off for fellow contestants as well as for the established artists and record producers who have been helping him.

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Oscar Versus Grammy

BlindGossip – This Oscar winner has good reason to be worried. A Grammy-winning pop star is writing a tell-all that includes descriptions of the very passionate times they spent together. The Oscar winner is female. » Continued

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Diva Has Nasty Words About Actress


BlindGossip – This legendary Diva and this Actress do not like each other. When asked recently if she was friends with the Actress (who is currently on a popular TV show), the Diva had a nasty response. “Absolutely NOT! I’ve never liked that fat c*nt!” There was stunned silence as she danced away into her limo.



Show: » Continued

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Anything for a Royal Wedding Invite

BuzzFoto – This B/C list actress and singer wanted so badly to be invited to the Royal wedding she tried to pull strings anywhere she could. She first offered to perform at one of the celebrations free of charge. When those pleas were ignored, she offered to pay for an invitation to attend. That didn’t work so she propositioned a family insider and that seemed to pay off, because we hear she’ll be in London that week! 536

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While She Was In Concert

BlindGossip – She may be an aging diva, but this Grammy winner is still out there performing on a regular basis. During a recent concert, her boyfriend was right there in the third row, supposedly supporting her. Not. While she was belting her heart out on stage, he was offering his heart (and other parts of his anatomy) to a married woman in the audience.

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Kara DioGuardi’s Very Bad Encounters

BlindGossip – Kara DioGuardi, the talented singer/ songwriter/ record producer who was a judge on American Idol, has hit some tremendous peaks in her celebrated career in the music industry. But as her new memoir A Helluva High Note reveals, she’s endured more than her fair share of low notes, as well.

» Continued

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BFF Impersonates Her at Film Festival

BuzzFoto – This best friend of a famous Pop star told our source that when she and the star were at a Film Festival together overseas, the BFF dressed in the singer’s clothing and a wig, not once, but twice and got her picture taken as the star. 528

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Diva Allowed to Compete on The Voice

BillyMasters – Could it be that a very familiar face and body will be turning up on “The Voice?” As a contestant? So say people close to the production who tell me that the dynamic diva was allowed to compete, despite her notoriety and well-publicized association with that other show. After all, she didn’t exactly get to strut her stuff – at least not during the competition. C’est magnifique!

SOLVED! » Continued

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Cheater Ready to Tie The Knot

Downfront2 – This Singer is ready to tie the knot again, but can he end his cheating ways? His former wife was a real Winner, but cheating ruined that marriage. Is history repeating itself?

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How He Kept His Singing Voice

CDANThis male Academy Award winner was known for his singing voice. What is not known to many is that to keep his career going and his voice, he had himself » Continued

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Not So Sweet 16

NewYorkPost – Which female rapper, who was paid big bucks to play a sweet 16 party, blew a gasket when the sound system wasn’t up to snuff? The diva stomped off-stage, ending the show and breaking the hearts of her teen fans.

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Chef and Singer Redux

CDAN – Honestly, this is getting as god [sic] as the Director’s wife. This female celebrity chef who has been in this space multiple times and has been revealed has had some very interesting other encounters in her past. Apparently she kissed and told all to that singer she was with previously and he has been telling all to anyone who will listen. Recently he told some people that when Star Magazine called his publicist to tell him the story was going to break, our singer told our chef that it would do no good to deny anything happened because there was apparently some security video showing the two of them together. Our singer said he had not spoken to the chef in a few months which was too bad because she gave the best » Continued

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Singer Wanted Three

CDAN – This model and C- list female celebrity is telling all her friends that despite appearances to the contrary, her ex boyfriend and current A list singer has no interest in women at all. She also says that he was always suggesting threes*mes with other guys.

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