The Accidental Sexts

[Buzzfoto] Which B list pop star who won a big award this year, accidentally sent sexts that were meant for her manager to her husband? Oops! 643

From Dirt Poor To Living Large

[NationalEnquirer] This New York-born R&B diva went from dirt poor to living large, but she’s now worried about her dwindling bank account. The Grammy-winner is desperate for another hit album so she can get her life back on track! Who is she?

The Secret Diet

[National Enquirer] Which Grammy-winning singer is getting weight-loss tips from another weight-challenged Grammy winner—without her knowledge? Diva #1 is working closely with an ex of Diva # 2, and he’s spilling all of his former lover’s secret diet and exercise tips! Who are they?

Singer Is Getting A Divorce

[Downfront2] This popular Singer/Reality Star is in the process of divorcing her husband, a Musician. There have been reports that she is dating a younger man, but she is keeping quiet because she doesn’t want to pay alimony to her husband.

Rapper May Replace Fantasia For Mahalia

[Downfront2] With Fantasia dealing with so many personal issues, word is producers of the Mahalia Jackson story are looking for a Plan B actress. They’re looking at a Rapper. This Rapper is a music powerhouse, but this Rapper’s personal life might have the Jackson family running right back to Fantasia!

Rap Star Hooked And Hepped

[CDAN] This A++ list rap star who has been quite of late is not only hooked on h*roin, but also has hepatitis. Hopefully that is all he has since he keeps having unprotected sex with as many fans a day as he can.

American Idol Girl Cozies Up To Two Married Execs

[CDAN] This former star, but not winning female recent American Idol contestant is currently sleeping with a married executive of her record company and a married president of a company she met two weeks ago. Apparently our singer does not have many as in no female friends at all. I wonder why.


Sex Symbol Comes Out To His Wife

[BuzzFoto] This elderly singer who was a sex symbol in the 60’s and early 70’s used to pay for s*x acts with men so he could be discreet about his sexuality. As he is getting older and dealing with health issues, he finally came out to his wife a few months ago. The wife claimed she has known their entire marriage and agreed to stay because she claimed that she still loves him and always has, and claims she’ll be his best friend for as long as they live. 628


Baby Monitor Reveals Adult Craziness

[CDAN] This former A list female singer and now still a great singer, but more of a hot disheveled mess with lots of money to burn would be a more accurate description. Our singer has been partying a lot. She knows she parties and she knows she has way too much » Continued

At A Dump In Chicago

[BuzzFoto] This male singer from an ensemble group was allegedly seen snorting c*ke at really dump cr*ck house in Chicago this last week. It would surprise you because of his clean-cut image. 626

Singing Star Smacked Down At The Mall


[CDAN] You know, it has been awhile since I have had a jack*ss blind. Not that most of the people are not jack*sses or have jackholian behavior to get them in here, but this is just a straight up, I am better than you, do you know who I am kind of situation that begs for the additional specificity of calling it a jack*ss blind. Do you like that word jackholian? It is kind of my tribute to Beavis and Butthead. I am Cornholio.

About a week or two ago, this unfortunately B list R&B singer who I wish desperately was a F or even lower was in a city for a concert. Because it was not the largest city, of course our singer thought he was the most important person in the city. » Continued

Why She Left Emmy Party Through The Back Door

[NationalEnquirer] This petite actress/singer got so drunk at HBO’s Emmy Awards after-party – which she attended with her new actor boyfriend – that handlers had to escort her through a back-door exit so she wouldn’t be photographed. Who is she?

Pop Star Has a Seattle Secret

[NationalEnquirer] Which female pop star has been hiding a lesbian secret – particularly her obsession for busty » Continued

She Is Paying The Paparazzi To Follow Her

[CDAN] This former almost A list R&B singer is now closer to C. She is struggling to stay relevant and has spent a great deal of money promoting herself. Recently she has started paying paps $300 a day to meet her at certain times of the day to get “random” shots. They are so posed and ridiculous that paps are having a tough time even giving them away to the tabloids, but keep showing up for the money she pays.

Singer Was Paid Off To Go Away

[CDAN] This B list R&B singer who has suffered silently as the mistress of this A list producer/celebrity for years seemed to indicate that the relationship has ended. She was overheard telling someone that, “He paid me off. Not enough, but he paid me. I should have made him pay for » Continued

Singer Takes Extreme Smoke Break

[CDAN] This former A list singer who is now pretty much just a celebrity was being honored at an event recently. Just because you are being honored does not mean you cannot take a smoke break. The thing is that our singer took smoke breaks with » Continued

Oscar Girl Sells Paintings To Make Ends Meet

Which Oscar winner is selling off a few of her Andy Warhol paintings to make ends meet? The wacky actress/singer, who lost a good amount of money during a messy public divorce, can’t seem to get her boozing under control long enough to book a decent paying gig.

Vocal Powerhouse Is Struggling

[NationalEnquirer] Which legendary Grammy winner, after years of s*briety, is back on dr*gs? This vocal powerhouse, now in her late 50s, is seriously struggling and refusing to check into a treatment center. (Hint: It’s NOT Whitney.)

Bubblegum Wants A Baby

[CDAN] This former bubblegum pop singer and now an actress who sometimes sings is probably the best way to describe her. Anyway, she was overheard telling someone that she and her » Continued

Trying Hard And Looking Atrocious

[CDAN] Fashion Week: Which A+ fashion editor was overheard telling someone, “I have never seen someone try so hard for attention while looking so atrocious at the same time.” She was referring to a solid B list singer who is striving really hard to become an A.

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