Nail Down The Kettle

tea kettle

[The Morton Report] This story did the rounds in the UK a few years back, but as the late Queen Mother used to say, ”The old ones are always the best.” A very famous and very wealthy female singer was invited to appear on a British television show. Used to dealing with stars, [More...]

Rapper On Roids

man muscles 2

[Hollywood Street King] Who am I? I’m considered a rap legend, yet I seem to have run out of ideas. That’s why even my ghost writers have proven to not be able save me. As a rapper, I don’t appear to have much talent, and my producing abilities are no different than P Diddy’s [More...]

Hot Homewrecker


[National Enquirer] What aging British rock star’s gorgeous daughter is getting a hotter reputation in Hollywood as a homewrecker than as a talented actress? The 20-something starlet is dating a married production assistant she met on her latest film. Rock Star: Daughter: [More...]

Laced Chocolate

chocolate 1

[Sunday Mirror] SssH! Which pop star is enjoying her hallucinogenic chocolate (chocolate laced with acid) a bit too much these days? Apparently she loves getting off her head. Naughty! [BG Note: Could one of our UK friends please explain the phrase "Off her head"?] [More...]

Leave Dionne Warwick Alone

dionne warwick

[Village Voice] Which feud supposedly started years ago when she said "Who the f*ck is Diane Warren?" and he thought she said "Who the f*ck is Dionne Warwick?" (That level of ignorance pissed him off and he went ballistic about it. From there, the grudge grew like a [More...]

Triple Threat Heartbreak

broken heart

[Downfront2] This mega Superstar sings, dances and acts. She recently left her husband and is seeing a much younger man. A lot of people are urging her to be careful about her new romance. Her young beau may be after her money. Meanwhile, the mega Superstar husband is having the [More...]

The Stingy Singer


[Star Magazine] Which young singer-actress is known around town for being the worst tipper? When she gets manicures, she’ll tip the nail technicians just $1 on a $30 bill, and massage therapists are lucky to get a few bucks – far from the customary 20 percent gratuity. Her [More...]