Singers Reject Gay Talk Show Host

[NationalEnquirer] Which popular singing duo has decided to no longer appear on their gay pal’s talk show in order to appease their religious fans? The entertainers were flooded with hate mail from their goody-two-shoes followers who clearly don’t approve of the TV personality’s sexual preference.

Singer Is Stepping Out

[CDAN] This a-hole R&B singer is stepping out on his current girlfriend. Hopefully she does not confront him about it.

Boyfriend Didn’t Buy The Appointed Gift


[CDAN] This former almost A list female singer who does not do too badly for herself in her other endeavors now, gave her boyfriend a certain amount of money she wanted him to spend on her for Christmas. She even told him what she wanted and when she was planning on displaying it on public. Not only did the boyfriend not get what she wanted him to get, he » Continued

Singer Checked In Thrice This Month

[CDAN] This former A list female singer who has had a very crazy year has checked into reh*b on three separate occasions this month. She has also checked herself out the very next day each time because she is afraid she will lose her current job if her current bosses find out.

The Singer And The Beauty Pageant Winner


[CDAN] This seemingly perfect celebrity couple has just a few flaws. The husband is a very good looking B+ singer with a dad who used to be famous back in the day. The wife is a B- list actress who seems to be everywhere these days. They always seem so happy with each other but that does not mean the husband is not tempted to stray. At a recent party, the singer got really dr*nk and » Continued

Rock Star Reeks of Playboy

[EOnline] You’d think that buckets of moolah, tons of adoring fans and a hot chick at your side would be enough.

Not so for Lesley Grotto, one of those swoon-worthy rock star types with the slick moves and killer abs. See, Les has all of that (including a knockout gal most dudes would kill to canoodle with) but—surprise! surprise!—he wants more, more, more.

Especially when it comes to chicks. ‘Cause let’s be honest…

Lesley is a » Continued

Wife May Not Know About The Redhead

[CDAN] This recently married male singer says all the right things about his wife and marriage but I wonder if he told her about » Continued

Private Pilates Lessons

[PopBitch] Which aging rocker-turned-crooner has been getting hotel concierges to arrange ‘private’ pilates lessons for him in his room, specifically requesting that his instructor be female?

The Male Version of Superhead

[Bossip] Long before Karrine Steffans took on her “Superhead” moniker this male R&B singer earned a reputation in Hollyweird for wetting more than just whistles.

Said singer’s career was pretty hot in the’90′s but not nearly as blazing as his jaw work… Insiders say ol’ boy » Continued

Pop Singer Forgets He Is Married

[CDAN] This newly married male A list pop singer really needs to remember he is married. Of course he has had problems with cheating in the past. Famously so. Anyway he was spotted getting really flirty and touchy feely with this reality show singer/actress who continues to hang on to fame by a thread.

Rock Star Is Schmoozing And Boozing

[NewYorkPost] Which supposedly s*ber rock star was spotted at a high-end gala schmoozing the tables and surreptitiously swilling all the other guests’ wine?

Pop Star Is Goal Oriented

[CDAN] This foreign born pop sensation is making his way through the teens of Hollywood. His goal is to have sex with as many as possible. So far he has had sex with the following teen actresses » Continued

Singer Shared Everything On Thanksgiving

[CDAN] This A+ list R&B singer helped with a food drive for the homeless this week and then afterwards spent several hours » Continued

Singer Is Patient Zero In Hollywood

[BuzzFoto] This C list singer (who has done a little acting) is known all around Hollywood for being the go-to man if you want an » Continued

Disney Heartthrob Is Secretly Into Boys

[NationalEnquirer] Which former Disney teen heartthrob still makes all the little girls go gaga, but he’s secretly into boys? The singer/actor was spotted at Hollywood’s Bar Marmont carrying on – hugging and kissing on his gay posse!

Sabotaging Thanksgiving Dinner

[BuzzFoto] This A list singer has decided to cook and host her own Thanksgiving dinner at her home for the first time, this year. Her jealous sister-in-law has a different plan. She told friends that she’s planning to sabotage the meal because it’s not fair that the singer ‘gets to have everything.’ 651

Twenty Five Hundred A Day

[CDAN] This up and coming just about A list R&B singer either needs to head for reh*b or get clean. She is out of control and spending almost $2500 a day on her dr*g habit.

Trojan Freak Out

[NationalEnquirer] Which mega pop star freaked out when room service delivered two boxes of extra large condoms to her Beverly Hills hotel suite? When the entertainer later walked through the lobby, she » Continued

Pay Off The Fling

[CDAN] This A list R&B/Pop singer is married. She believes in her vows and has been said here several times, her husband who is also a musician does not. She thinks he has finally straightened out. Well, he probably will be after he takes care of paying off his latest fling. Apparently she » Continued

The Accidental Sexts

[Buzzfoto] Which B list pop star who won a big award this year, accidentally sent sexts that were meant for her manager to her husband? Oops! 643

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