This Actor Fools with Jewels

jewelsBlindGossip – This young couple turned a work relationship into a romance. There is lots of paparazzi evidence of the two spending their off-screen time together. So there was naturally a  considerable amount of buzz when the actor was seen shopping alone for a very beautiful and rather expensive piece of jewelry. A few weeks later, the jewelry was spied being worn… by another actress on the same production. Oops.  It looks like the couple we all think is a couple isn’t very exclusive.

Store Still Wasting Money on Jets

clothing-rack-1StyleList – Which landmark NYC department store is still making its corporate jet available to senior execs for non-company business, despite being in serious financial trouble?

She Tried to Rip Off Marc Jacobs in London

winona-ryderPopBitch – Which fashion designer was caught doing a Winona at the London Marc Jacobs store? She had to be called up and ordered to return the stock to keep it all hush-hush.

Rocker is Ratting Out Her Friends

rat-1StyleList – Which messy tabloid favorite who thinks she’s a rock-style icon (actually she just married shrewdly) is known for calling journalists in a pill-haze and ratting out her celebrity friends? She has some especially good stories about her famous pals The Shoplifter and also The Godmother Of Her Child.

Reality Star Offended a Photographer


BuzzFoto – Which C List Reality Star recently made a very racist joke directed towards a photographer? This woman seemed to be pretending that she was offended that her picture was being taken, which is pretty ironic seeing as how she was shopping on Robertson Blvd, where everyone goes to be photographed. It wasn’t Tila Tequila! » Continued

She Demanded Seventeen Free Handbags

louis-vuitton-bag-3NY Daily News – Which young starlet demanded 17 free handbags after forgetting she needed to buy gifts?

Her Luxury Designer Items Fell Off a Truck

louis-vuitton-bag-2NY Post – Which singer/talk show hostess should be more careful where she shops? She was taken recently to a downtown storage facility where she bought $10,000 worth of luxury designer goods of dubious provenance — not fake, but fallen off the truck.

Bookworm Worms His Way to Front of Line

bookwormCDAN – Have you ever waited in line at a bookstore? You know how they have designed a way to make you feel like a rat in a cage by winding you back and forth like you are in line at an amusement park? Well, last night » Continued

Department Store was Her Cocktail Party

department-store-counterBlindGossip – Before she appeared on TV, this reality star worked behind the counter of a department store frequented by A-list celebrities. She was so desperate to be noticed that every time a celebrity came in to the store she would emerge from behind the counter, introduce herself, and start chatting with the celebrity as if they were at a party. Several celebrities complained about her creepy and overly familiar behavior, and she was fired for unprofessional conduct.

Shopping Girl Experiences Credit Card Woes

credit-cards-1BuzzFoto – This idiot of a D-Lister may be more known for her drunken sidewalk antics than her “music” career, but the recent gossip we’ve heard about her is definitely hilarious. She went for a spot of shopping earlier this week, and when she got ready to pay, her card was declined. She tried another without batting her eyelashes. Also declined. Her shopping buddy graciously stepped in at that point and covered the purchases, but we were kind of hoping to see how many cards she could go through.

It’s not Daveigh Chase.

Actor is a Thrifty Shopper

coupons1BuzzFoto – This is one of the Hollywood ham and eggers. You probably might know his name, and he works hard in B roles in film and television. Here’s a clue. He has been in a movie with Emile Hirsch. A comedic role. Anyway, our actor has been recently using coupons like mad. Oil changes, restaurants, and the word is that he makes his significant other use them when she does the grocery shopping. Not sure why our actor would need to save so much. He makes pretty good bank. He tells friends its a hobby, and maybe it is. But we still think it’s a little weird to see our tall & hot actor whip out a coupon for 10 bucks off his meal.

It ain’t Harland Williams.

Actress Buys Toys in LA

90210-cast1Perez Hilton – What cast member of the new 90210 was spotted at the Pleasure Chest sex shop in Los Angeles on Thursday? Sources tell us the “naughty girl” was looking kind of f* up, buying sex toys with her male friend.

Actor Takes Wife Shopping to Distract Her

woman-shopping-21Buzzfoto – This A list film and sometimes television actor has hooked up several times with the babysitter of his children. The mother of his child/children has no idea, but has been suspicious a few times. Whenever she begins to question his love, he takes her on a shopping spree. Sadly, that seems to do the trick and she stops asking questions.

It isn’t Jude Law.

Drama Queen is Rich and Cheap

rich-woman-shopping-21BlindGossip – This thirtyish drama queen was shopping at one of Beverly Hills’ ritziest stores recently. She brought several items to the counter, then proceeded to argue with the clerk about the price of each and every item, saying that the store should be grateful for her patronage, and should be giving her the items for free. The exasperated clerk looked the actress in the eye and said “We sometimes do give items to celebrities, Ma’am, but I have absolutely no idea who you are.” The celebrity tossed down the clothes and left in a huff. The clerk later confessed to a colleague that she actually did know who the celebrity was but didn’t like her attitude and was willing to lose the sale to put her in her place.

Reality Star Can’t Afford to Shop

woman-shopping-2NYDN – Which cheesy reality star goes on $30K shopping sprees and returns all items the next day when she realizes she can’t actually afford them?

He is Babbling About His Former Bosses

latex-suitBlindGossip – Everyone knows that the first rule of hiring celebrity staff is to have them sign airtight confidentiality agreements. Which couple is going to regret dropping the ball on this one? One of the former staff members of this famous couple used to run errands for his bosses. One time he was given money to go to a specialty shop to purchase full-body latex suits for the couple. The suits weren’t for scuba diving. They were for bedroom play. This is just one of many wacky tales this person can tell about Mr. and Mrs. Kinky. Much more to come.

Holiday Spirit is Just an Act

This A list actor on a hit network comedy show has been telling anyone who will listen about all the holiday giving he has been doing and how he has adopted several families in the Los Angeles area to give them a Christmas since they cannot afford one on their own. He talks about how he has been buying gifts and is going to be bringing them a holiday meal and it goes on and on and on. He isn’t doing anything like that at all. He just likes that it makes him looks good. When his publicist found about the ruse, she decided to find an actual family and make good on at least some of the crap her client was spinning. When she approached the client about visiting the family she found, he declined saying he didn’t have the time but autographed a couple of DVDs from his television show for them instead. c

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