He is Turned On by Giant Feet

DailyMirror – Which star has a secret f*tish for women with freakishly big feet? He even sends his girlfriend away on shopping sprees while he beds the large-footed beauties.

Actress Gets a Kick Out of Coffee Kindness

michelle trachtenberg 1BuzzFoto – Yesterday several stars were snapped out shopping and running holiday errands. While they were out doing that, one star tipped off photographers about another star who was shopping nearby. It worked and the photographers took their shots and then ran off to follow the other star. We heard that the reason for our actress to send photographers after someone else is so that they could buy coffee for everyone in the store and didn’t want to make it a big deal. Not Michelle Trachtenberg.

Grandpa Got Run Over by a Reality Star

man elderly 1CDAN – So this female reality star was out shopping on Sunday and standing in line with what my source said was an incredibly hot guy. Anyway, who she was with is not really the point of this, but just an added bonus. Anyway, the point is our reality star who has even had her own show was talking on her cell phone in a very, very loud voice. » Continued

Geek Actor Calculates Cheap Trick

man geek 1BlindGossip – Which geeky actor from a popular TV show tried to pull a fast one on an established retailer? Several months ago, he set his sites on a particular item and asked the retailer if he could have it. They told him that although they would not simply gift it to him, they were willing to entertain a reasonable offer for it. He never made an offer. A few months later, he came back, wanting the same item again. This time, he » Continued

Fake Family Will Gather Round the Tree

family christmas treeBlindGossip – This a traditional “shopping” weekend for this established celebrity couple. She will likely be combing the aisles of every exclusive store, looking for that perfect flat panel TV or watch or digital camera or set of golf clubs for him. He will be busy too, but not in the way you think.

» Continued

TV Actor is Meaner Than Mr. Grinch

mr grinchCDAN – If you were at The Mall Of America this weekend in Minneapolis you might have seen this very good looking B- list actor from one of those network initial shows. He was walking through the mall when a woman » Continued

She Declared Open Season on Oreos

oreo cookieBlindGossip – This actress is a chameleon on the screen but seems to be quite down-to-earth in real life. That’s why it was surprising for us to learn that she is considered a real nut case by a former employee. One day she ordered the staffer to throw out » Continued

Hip Checked at the Canadian Pharmacy

canadian pharmacyCDAN – You just never know when and where you will run into a former A list television actor and producer and now a stumbling C list parody. Anyway, on Wednesday, our actor was in a drug store in Aldergrove, BC looking at herbal supplements. While he was looking a fellow customer grazed our actor with her basket. At that point our actor » Continued

His Wealth is Just an Illusion

money 5PanacheReport – He’s a ladies man and he’s known to lavish his women [with gifts,] but when the newness of the relationship wears off, he’s abrupt and kicks them to the curb. He gives the impression he’s a big time baller and he’s had some recent big paydays. This is nothing but an illusion. Allegedly, four of his luxury cars have been » Continued

Dinged Five Times at the Hotel Counter

credit card cut upDailyMirror – Which over the top spender is so skint that all five of her credit cards were declined when she tried to pay her hotel bill? Your extra clue: We dread to think what’s she’s been buying.

Actress Engages in Paper versus Plastic War

grocery bagBlindGossip – This television actress – who is environmentally conscious – usually brings her own reusable shopping totes to the supermarket. One day she forgot. When the time came to check out, she asked for paper bags. The clerk packed the groceries into paper bags, but when the actress went to pick them up » Continued

Put Those Sofas in a Swag Bag

sofa roche boboisBlindGossip – A youngish film actress we all know did a bit of furniture shopping over the weekend. She was in several high end stores – accompanied by a designer – focused specifically on purchasing a pair of modern sofas in the $10,000 and up range. She » Continued

Blaming Her Jeans on Her Genes

mom jeansBlindGossip – While we are pleased that the newer styles of blue jeans include higher waists, there is one female star who needs a little help in the fashion department. She doesn’t seem to be able to find a pair of pants that don’t embarrass » Continued

Clumsy New York Socialite Goes to Paris

broken vase 2NYPost – Which New York socialite went into a shop near her five-star hotel in Paris and accidentally broke something, causing a huge scene? After police detained the philanthropist, she was thrown out of her hotel.

Star Undermines Obama’s Socialist Agenda

showerBuzzFoto – This star is very conservative in their political views. They’ve even (allegedly) donated some of their own funds to help right-wing candidates. In order to ‘spite’ Obama and his so-called ‘socialist agenda’ this star bragged to friends of our source that they plan on ‘using as many plastic grocery bags’ as they can, leave their ‘car idling every chance’ they get and take ‘some extra long and hot showers.’ We’re not sure how this politically thwarts the democrats, but it does prove a point that our celebrity is a moron. Not Heidi and Spencer.


» Continued

NBA Star Enjoys His Time in Atlanta

basketballMediaTakeOut – Here’s a report sent in by one of MediaTakeOut.com’s faithful readers:

Its gay pride weekend in Atlanta right now and Lenox mall has unofficially been turned into a » Continued

Parent Abandons Child at the Supermarket

Denise RichardsBuzzFoto – Which celeb is so used to dumping their children off to the nannies, that when they took the family to the store this last weekend, accidentally left one of the children inside the grocery store? Once they loaded into the car and started to pull away, another child mentioned the one left behind. Our celeb turned around and got the kid, no harm done, but was glad when the nanny came back to work the next day. Not Denise Richards.

How to Make Shopping More Fun

reese-jake-1BuzzFoto – These two stars went out on a shopping trip and were photographed recently. Both carried drinks and shopping bags and looked like they were having a great time. Apparently one of them was having a really good time! Our source said they saw the star crushing up several little white pills and mixing it in her drink before heading out to be snapped by the paps! Not Reese and Jake.

Line at Convenience Store is Inconvenient

CDAN – This very good looking C+ list movie actor who doesn’t work as much as you would think was in a convenience store. There were two people in line in front of him and after waiting patiently for about two seconds pushed them out of the way and said he needed to go first. When the clerk told him he would have to wait his turn, our actor screamed and yelled and then walked out. He opened the door so hard that it broke off its hinges.

Former Singer Doesn’t Pay for Designer Wear

marc-jacobs-1StyleList – Which wealthy, » Continued

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