I Demand to Speak to Ralph Lauren

NewYorkPost – Which Hollywood actress went on a recent Ralph Lauren shopping spree in New York and flipped out when the store didn’t give her the discount she wanted? She even demanded the staff get Lauren himself on the phone, but ended up storming out in a huff without her dress.

He’s Shopping for a New Beard

BlindGossip – The last one worked out well for him, but he’s ready for a new beard. He’s been meeting with potential candidates for several weeks now. In case you’d like the job, here are his criteria:

  • Female, pretty, age 25-40ish
  • Actress (No musicians or models)
  • Established in your own career (But don’t outshine him)
  • Feminine but athletic (He would like to have a workout buddy)
  • Primary residence in or around Los Angeles (Bonus points if you also have a New York pad)
  • Previous experience as a beard preferred
  • Available to start within the next three months


She Has Sticky Toes

BlindGossip – This actress makes plenty of money and is always well turned out, so you may be surprised to hear that she has sticky fingers. Or, in her case, sticky toes. She has a particular method that she uses to literally walk off with expensive shoes. » Continued

Sticky Fingers Gets Busted

BossipLindsay Lohan isn’t the only Hollywood sweetheart who has a thing for five-finger discounts. According to sources, another pretty young thing recently got busted boosting, but this time it was a dress in a bourgeoisie boutique. The store’s managers were more annoyed than outraged because the celebutante is likely a millionaire » Continued

He Messed With Abercrombie

CDAN – This A list designer who really should be considered F list for his contributions to the horrible fashion he has produced in the past few years is not a very friendly customer. » Continued

TV Actor Spends His Raise

CDAN – This B- list actor is on a hit network television show right now. He used to be on another hit show back in the day, but was not the star like he is right now. Anyway, he recently got a very large raise and decided to spend a portion of it doing good. » Continued

She Doesn’t Know About the Naughty Videos

BuzzFoto – This B/C television/film actress in the tabloids frequently, is in trouble with an online retailer and doesn’t know it. It seems her ex opened up an account on her card to purchase a subscription of naughty videos for couples. She hasn’t paid her bill and instead of legal action, the company is considering selling the info first because it’s so salacious.

Actress Scams Target and Walmart

BuzzFoto – This C List actress leaves LA for Thanksgiving to be with family in the Midwest. This year she did a little Black Friday scamming/ shopping with family. She went to Target and » Continued

Parents Teach Young Actress a Lesson

BuzzFoto – This now very successful actress who can sing grew up as a child star. She told our source about a time when she was a young girl and was so tired she wanted to take a break from acting and take a nap. Her parents refused and worked her until she was cranky and crying. The parents were so upset by her refusal to work, they took her » Continued

Enjoy This Couple for One More Year

BlindGossip – We frequently report on couples that are the product of two consenting celebrities and their public relations teams. But if they plan to get married, they must really love each other, right? Wrong. This couple serves some very specific needs. For the guy, it’s about a paycheck (as she will be footing the bill for the next year) and some time in the spotlight. For the girl, it is a distraction from a couple of recent professional fumbles. So they both benefit from this deal. Before you start shopping for their wedding gift, however, you should know that their breakup is already scheduled for next year. It is timed to occur right around another announcement.


» Continued

Designer Axes Staff Over Cheap Tunics

NewYorkPost – Which fashion designer fired a staffer at her Greenwich, Conn., store for selling off a whole rack of tunics for $25 a piece? No wonder shoppers lined up to buy every frock — they were supposed to be priced at $125.

Pop Star Skips Studio to go Shopping

DailyMirror – Which young popster is in hot water with her record label after she ‘forgot’ about a studio session and went shopping in Harvey Nics instead – costing them a real shedload?

Movie Star Out of Money and Credit

BuzzFoto – This once hot film  star is so desperately low on funds she » Continued

Lots of Shopping and Disgusting Returning

BlindGossip – This young and pretty Hollywood celeb lives in a nice home, drives a nice car, and takes nice vacations. However, they are not so nice when it comes to their clothing. Since their wardrobe on their show generally does not consist of the designer fashions they crave, they spend a lot of time shopping at the nicer stores in LA. This past spring, they purchased some really gorgeous high-end clothes, » Continued

Ego Girl Keeps Her Coffee

CDAN – This B list television actress who is without a show at the moment threw a huge hissy fit when she entered a store yesterday. She brought coffee in and they told her no drinks allowed. She pulled the don’t you know who I am routine and a manger was brought over. The manager let her keep the drink. The actress then told the guard that this is the way things work in Hollywood.

Shopping at Walgreens at 3 am

BlindGossip – This well-known young actress went shopping at a drug store in the middle of the night, her friend or assistant by her side. The celeb was a little paranoid about their purchases, so she would point out something on the shelf and the assistant would put it in the basket she was carrying. As the clerk rang up the items, she casually said “You two girls look too young to be out this late” To which the actress replied, “My parents know that I’m out. This stuff is for them.” The clerk just smiled and kept checking them out. We’re sure lots of parents send their child out in the middle of the night to buy cold medicine and condoms and Mountain Dew.

Singer Has Removed Her Wedding Ring

CDAN – This married couple is still married but it is pretty much for show. She is an A list singer who drags her husband out of the house for shopping and things. The only reason she is keeping him around is because she has a new album coming out and doesn’t want to talk about marriage. She doesn’t wear her wedding ring even when they are out together. She makes him sleep in the guest house or at his friends. Meanwhile she has “friends” who come stay with her.


» Continued

Moisty Mohr in The Dressing Room


EOnline – Jeez, what hath Jesse James wrought, huh? Are quasi-good-looking TV stars who behave badly suddenly the norm here in Hollywood?

Sure looks that way.

Because Moisty Mohr, a man never known for his looks so much as his ratings, is pulling some » Continued

Why This Small Rapper Gives Big Gifts

DailyMirror – Which rapper is secretly dating a member of his all-male entourage? The small fella in question gets big favours in return for showering him with lavish gifts.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for All The Ladies

StarMagazine – Which TV and movie star has been cheating on his wife for years? His makeup artist was his latest conquest, but he owes many other ladies Valentine’s Day presents!

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