Tootsie Roll

[Blind Gossip] This nationally-known politician is all business when he is in front of the cameras, but behind the scenes, indulges in a little fantasy. He privately enjoys » Continued

She Demands The Right Shoes

[CDAN] This B+/A list movie actress kept people waiting at an event for her for almost 30 minutes. Why? She was busy yelling at her assistant for not bringing the right shoes and made her assistant go back and get them. Oh, the best part? The audience would only be able to see her feet for the 10 seconds it took for her to get to her seat.

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Let’s Crush This Celebrity

BuzzFoto – This Blind today is brought to you by a foreign, non-acting Celebrity who has a strange f*tish. An illegal one. This Celebrity has too much money and must be evil, because they are » Continued

She Has Sticky Toes

BlindGossip – This actress makes plenty of money and is always well turned out, so you may be surprised to hear that she has sticky fingers. Or, in her case, sticky toes. She has a particular method that she uses to literally walk off with expensive shoes. » Continued

He Works Out in a Leather Jacket

VillageVoiceWhich lanky and quirky middle-aged actor works out in jeans, a leather jacket, and dress shoes, as if his body is too precious for strangers to see?

Actress Will Fire You Over Shoes

CDAN – On an almost network, there is an even more popular show. They had a female in a recurring role who is a B- list actress known for movies and television. She tried to have a production assistant fired because he came in her trailer without removing his shoes.

Blitzed Mom Goes to School

CDAN – When we last checked in with C*ke Mom she was actually doing better. Well, better has turned into really bad now. At least for one night. C*ke Mom went to an event at her child/ren’s school last week. » Continued

Action Star is Sneaking Around

BlindGossip – This action star has a thing for feet. This isn’t the usual preoccupation with a carefully pedicured foot gracefully slipped into a fashionable open-toed stiletto. The object of his desire is much more pedestrian. He will » Continued

He is Turned On by Giant Feet

DailyMirror – Which star has a secret f*tish for women with freakishly big feet? He even sends his girlfriend away on shopping sprees while he beds the large-footed beauties.

We'll Bet His Favorite Ballet is The Nutcracker

nutcracker 1BlindGossip – He is the lead actor of a current television series. He comes across as such a nice normal guy that it is hard to believe he is really odd behind closed doors. » Continued

You Should Empty Out Your Pockets

woman empty pocketsBlindGossip – This one starts out as a kind act, but ends up a little oddly. There is an actress we all know who has seen success in both television and film. Like many of us, she has closets stuffed to the gills with » Continued

No Shoes No Club Service

bare-feetDailyMirror – Which well known actress was denied entry to several clubs in London because she wasn’t wearing any shoes?

Short Actor Doesn’t Want to Remove His Shoes

shoe-liftsCDAN – Today is nothing juicy or earth shaking but it cracks me up so thought I would share it. I almost didn’t because there have been a lot of stories recently about actors and their lifts, but this one is too good to pass up because it’s so funny. » Continued