Producers Outsmart A Lying Actress

student books[Blind Gossip] Have you ever wondered why a young star would quit a TV show at the height of its popularity? This young actress said it was because she wanted to » Continued

Guitarist Dropped A Dookie

baby ruth pool[PopBitch] While most people know this rock guitarist for being married to a society beauty, which of his New York-based school friends remember him chiefly as the boy who shat in her swimming pool when they were kids?

Rock Guitarist:

His Wife:

His School Friend:

Leading Man Drops In

man falling[Gawker] Surprise, surprise!

A leading man dropped in unannounced to » Continued

Terrified That His Past Will Be Revealed

man stri[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which male TV host is terrified that his str*pper past might come back to haunt him?

Now in » Continued

Mommy Left Me Alone

[BuzzFoto] This B list film and television actress is always bragging about being a mother to the press, but she might not be so good at it out of the spotlight. She’s » Continued

Tutor Took Advantage Of Virgins

[CDAN] So, as you may know, when you are a minor and on a film set or a television set, you still need to go to school. Well, to take care of that thorny issue, tutors are hired and pretend to work with the children until they can be called back to the set and work.

I wrote about one tutor way back in the day, but wanted to tell you about a guy who was a particularly vile guy. He d*ed not too long ago and he took the virginity of about half a dozen celebrities you would know » Continued

Hot For Teacher

[BuzzFoto] We hear that this A/B list actor who started out on television and moved to film (mostly with his buddies) had always dreamed of making love to one of his high school teachers when he was younger. He vowed that when he was famous, he would do it. Guess what? He did » Continued

Desperate Housewife Versus Real Housewife

[NationalEnquirer] Which “Desperate Housewives” actress and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reality star are fighting to get their kids into the same swanky private elementary school in L.A.? The women stuck their noses up and avoided each other as they dragged their privileged kids in for the grueling interview process on the same day!

College Student Is A No Show

[NationalEnquirer] What movie star/college student has been rattling the cages of his fellow undergraduates because he never shows up to class? The actor regularly sends his assistants in his place and has them record the lecture for him to review at a later date!

Socialite And Hubby Are Star Students

[NewYorkPost] Which socialite and her artsy husband are the star students in a New York s*x guru’s outrageous extended-org*sm classes?

Actress Is Starving Her Children

[BuzzFoto] This C List Actress mostly from film and a few network TV cameos is such a health nut, her kids are starting to suffer. After years of hopping on what ever the latest fad diet is popular, she’s forcing her unhealthy habits on her children. Her daughters are underweight and school officials finally complained to the authorities about it out of concern for the girls’ health. 557

How To Pack A Green Lunch

BuzzFoto – This glowing TV star allegedly made a mistake most moms have never had to worry about. Her kids brown bag it at school most of the time and now they’re getting old enough to pack their own lunches. One of her children accidentally packed » Continued

My Mommy Has a Pretend Boyfriend

BuzzFoto – It’s a sad world when celebrities start teaching their children to lie about what goes on in the home. This B/C actress sent her confused daughter to school who confessed to friends, “Mommy’s boyfriend is pretend.” When the actress found out about it, she was worried the word would spread to her ex. She decided that if her fake relationship couldn’t pass by her daughter, she’d have to step it up, and she’s been working on convincing her daughter over and over that her PR relationship is real, even though it’s not. 515

Celeb Couple Can’t Agree on Childhood

BlindGossip – This celebrity couple presents a unified front to the public, but there’s trouble behind the scenes. Mom wants the kid/s to carry on the family tradition of high-profile » Continued

Blitzed Mom Goes to School

CDAN – When we last checked in with C*ke Mom she was actually doing better. Well, better has turned into really bad now. At least for one night. C*ke Mom went to an event at her child/ren’s school last week. » Continued

Behind the Scenes with a Child Star

BuzzFoto – This Blind comes to us from a former child star who is having trouble now making it in the real world. He says he was done a disservice by his on-set tutor from his days on this famous network 80′s sitcom. » Continued

Hoppy Mommy Forgot The Kids

BuzzFoto – The gossip never seems to stop coming in from this B List Actress/mother. We’ve told you about her in the past and some of the crazy things she’s done while parenting. The latest comes from a source who claims she was supposed to pick up her children from school » Continued

Catholic School and Fire and Virginity

BuzzFoto – It sounds like a cliche, but this foreign born actor over 30 was booted from Catholic school as a boy for setting fire in the library after trying to light a joint. He has since donated a substantial amount of money to the school since he’s made his money. That isn’t too much of a secret. What is more hush-hush is that he claims he lost his V card and his heart to a young nun at the school. 378

Singer Fails on Her Kids’ Education

StarMagazine – Which separated singer, who makes noise about how much her kids mean to her, failed to show up for a parent-teacher conference recently for two of her children? Her ex stepped in for her.

Real Reason Daughter is Home Schooled

CDAN – These A list parents used to allow their daughter to go to school. Now though, she is home schooled and watched almost 24 hours a day. The reason? » Continued

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