Oscar Girl Is Helping Kate

kate middleton 2

[National Enquirer] Which blonde Oscar winner – known for helping out celebrities in crisis – has reached out to Kate Middleton after her topless scandal made headlines? The squeaky-clean A-lister got chummy with Prince William and his bride when the couple was in Los Angeles [More...]

Prince Rumoured To Be Gay


[The Morton Report] The Actor, The Father, The Prince, and The Palace Maid This blind item is short and intriguing. A famous actor had a gossipy father. He was well-versed in the secrets of high society and of diplomatic and royal circles. (This is the father, not the [More...]

Royal Love Children

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[The Morton Report]  The existence of royal love children is an interesting subject. Although history is littered with examples, only two children fathered by living royals have been officially acknowledged in recent times: Prince Albert of Monaco has admitted that he is the [More...]

The Pendulum Prince

prince white horse

[The Morton Report] Who Is This "Pendulum Prince"?  The Royal Husband was already a man of a certain reputation when his naïve bride married him. She wanted to believe the romantic best about a man she adored, and so ignored the society rumours that swirled in more than one [More...]