Regular Royal Rows

royal couple[The Morton Report] Which Royal Couple Had Regular Stand-Up Fights? Flashback to over twenty years ago…

Imagine the scene: one of the most opulent buildings in the world. It’s a royal palace, » Continued

Royal Dust

[NewYorkPost] What member of a foreign royal family was caught inhaling disco dust in a nightclub bathroom during a recent sporting event?

Lord Tripp And Lady Unzipped

[EOnline] No Taming This Royally H*rny Sl*t!

There’s something about living a fairy-tale life that just dares you to screw it up—or so one would think watching Lord Tripp Unzipped and all his dalliances. Despite having many high-profile affairs, Tripp has never seemed able to find the right looker to settle down with, that is, until he met the gorgeous Lady Unzipped.

And my, how the world ate it up, watching Lord and his pretty partner in marriage settle down—with lots and lots of future poshly positioned heirs to look forward to.


No. Quite wrong, in fact. The only thing that’s really a stunner here is » Continued

Transfixed by Jennifer Aniston’s Cleavage

[NewYorkPost] Which aging royal was recently totally transfixed by Jennifer Aniston’s cleavage as she dined with Justin Theroux at the Sunset Tower Hotel’s Tower Bar? He was sitting with a group at a nearby table and so obviously staring at Aniston’s breasts that other diners worried he would spill his soup. Aniston, meanwhile, stayed totally focused on her date.

Designer Opines on Kate Middleton

NewYorkPost – Which hot fashion designer—perhaps upset that he didn’t get the call to design that dress—was spotted stumbling out of the Boom Boom Room, yelling » Continued

Brit Caused Network Tug of War

NewYorkPost – Which British royal expert caused a tug of war when he was booked by one US network for an exclusive interview, then started offering himself to rival nets once they escorted him inside the media compound outside Buckingham Palace?

This Royal Likes Underage Girls

EOnline – Special Royal Scandal Edition: Let’s face it: We debauched Americans at the Awful Truth were dressing up salacious celebs with our Blind Vice Superstars (and lesser Vice mortals) ages ago. And not to rain on William and Kate’s happy day, but we simply cannot leave out the Vice-lovin’ Brits!
The very shady HRH the Duke of Schl*ngsbury is like millionth in line to the British throne, but, babes, the law-breaking stud is legally entitled to rule the country, should it come to that. Which is why members of Parliament are super nervous. » Continued

Anything for a Royal Wedding Invite

BuzzFoto – This B/C list actress and singer wanted so badly to be invited to the Royal wedding she tried to pull strings anywhere she could. She first offered to perform at one of the celebrations free of charge. When those pleas were ignored, she offered to pay for an invitation to attend. That didn’t work so she propositioned a family insider and that seemed to pay off, because we hear she’ll be in London that week! 536

Kate Middleton Has A Vice

LaineyGossip – [Kate Middleton] seems relaxed, right? Well… she may have one vice to steady to her nerves. Something she’ll never, ever, ever, ever, ever allow herself to be seen doing publicly. It’s not a rumour. I have a slamdunk source who confirmed it, including the brand. But don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll quit once they’re in their cottage in Wales and trying to have babies.


» Continued

Royal Keeps The Rags

NewYorkPost – Which royal has a reputation for calling in dresses from fashion houses and not bothering to return them?

A Royal Tennis Match

CDAN – In honor of the US Open, I will offer up this tennis blind. This Top 25 foreign born men’s player is currently having an affair with a married Princess of a Northern European country.

Prince Opens His Porthole on a Yacht

yacht-2NYPost – Which perennial bachelor princeling should be more careful? While His Serene Highness was cavorting on a yacht in the Mediterranean with a hunky guy, he thought the servants on board would keep their mouths shut. He was wrong.

The Actress and The Royal

crownCDAN – So this Royal personage had a recent breakup and the reason for it might be the fact that this foreign born C list actress with one huge movie and one great nominated role was not exactly discreet when she was talking about her relationship with him and what they had done and when.

Thigh High Boots are Very Royal

thigh-high-bootsHoly Moly – Which member of the Royal Family used to organise orgies when they shared a flat with a Lufthansa air stewardess in London? They used to particularly love wearing a pair of thigh-length leather boots.

Snorting Royal Hanger

PopBitch  – Which royal hanger-on is getting known around London posh haunts for an increasingly indiscreet cocaine habit?