Crusty Singer

krusty the clown[Blind Gossip] This singer is one of the coolest musicians around. He comes from a successful family, has made plenty of money on his own, has won at least one Grammy Award, and has been in relationships with several famous women. » Continued

You Are A Total Moron

waiter 2[Blind Gossip] This actress is half of a married celebrity couple. He is a much bigger star than she, and most of the films from which you remember her probably starred her husband and featured her in a much smaller role.

With that discrepancy in fame, there » Continued

Father Upset That Star Touched His Daughter

father daughter 3[New York Post] Which married star is cheating on his wife with every hot young girl he can get his hands on? » Continued

Mad Men Actress Buys Buys Buys

[CDAN] #4 – Which Mad Men actress buys and returns thousands of dollars worth of merchandise each week just so she gets attention from the staffs at stores. She loves when they swarm all over her.

That Snot Nice

DailyMirror – Which grotty celeb was snot on his best behaviour when doing a photoshoot at a swanky store? An onlooker told us he was constantly “picking his nose and wiping it on one of the most delicate designer pieces on display. Urgh!

Caught Shoplifting at Topman

PopBitch – Which risible “trendy” DJ and teen TV presenter was caught shoplifting a tracksuit from Top Man, but was able to keep thing hushed up?