Star Crush Sits and Chats

CDANThis is just a great story. Earlier this week, two women were having lunch at a place in Toronto when they noticed that a man had sat down. This man, who used to be A+ list back in the day and is still loved by enough people that he is a B list singer and reality star saw them looking at him. They waved and he waved back. This is like their biggest star crush. That would usually be it, but our celebrity, got up from his table, walked over to the two women, sits down and starts chatting with them. He stays and talks to them about his career and answers all of their questions. Then, one of the women asks if she can take his photo and a waiter rushes over and says there is a no photo policy, but our celebrity will have none of that and says of course. He then takes a picture, chats some more and even asks to use one of the stories about him that one of the women shared which he is going to use in his shows. After he left, the restaurant manager came by and said that most celebrities are a-holes but this guy was the greatest and the biggest tipper in a place that gets its share of A list movie stars.

Junior Financier Pretends to Be A Partner

NewYorkPost – What presumptuous, preening, junior financier at a European investment bank believes he’s such a big shot that he asked for his business card back after handing it over at Travertine the other night? When we responded he wasn’t a big enough player to be a boldfaced name in this column, he then tripped over himself to hand his information back to us. Here’s a tip: People who say, ‘I can’t be in your column,’ are usually not interesting enough to be on Page Six in the first place. His card, which didn’t back up his claim to be a partner in the bank, would do a tremendous job lining our waste-paper basket.

Mogul Shocks Celebrity Diners

NewYorkPostWhich mega-rich mogul shocked diners at a top New York restaurant when he left celebrity guests at his table and locked himself in the loo with his wife?

Another Actor and Another Waitress

CDANThis B list television actor who has alternated between middling movies and a successful cable show was at dinner two nights ago when the waitress began flirting with him. Our actor, who was with two other guys said, “Look. Lets just cut to the chase. If you are so into me, then lets » Continued

Crumpets and Lesbians at The Wolseley

PopBitchWhich recently single comedian is experimenting with a new lesbian lifestyle? It’s less racy than it sounds. The two ladies generally enjoy breakfast dates at The Wolseley.

BG Note: The Wolseley is a cafe/ restaurant in London, located next to The Ritz Hotel.

Chef Serves Old Bread

NewYorkPost – Which celebrity chef has had his reputation put at risk by the penny-pinching owners of an Upper West Side bar and restaurant who have left the kitchen so bereft of fresh bread that patrons have been served aging scraps?

Actor and Actress Got Served

CDAN – This almost A list always foreign born movie actor was dining at a restaurant two nights ago with his B list movie actress significant other. When our actor saw who was serving them, our actor told his significant other they could ask for another waiter because it turns out our actor had slept with the waiter. His significant other replied, “Oh, its ok, I slept with him too.”

Top Actor is Having A New York Affair

NYPost – Which longtime married A-list actor is having a secret affair with a former foreign beauty queen who now works at a top New York restaurant?

Homophobe Channels Bette Midler


BlindGossip – This strait-laced former sitcom actor was at a restaurant/bar with his wife. A fan walked up to him and asked for his autograph. He held up his hand to shush the fan and said, “Shh, we’re listening to this song.” The actor and his wife then held hands and swayed back and forth with their eyes half-closed and sang along with tears spilling down his cheeks. » Continued

TV Star is a Classy Eater

CDAN – This former A list co-star of a long-running NBC drama from the 90s was always known for being sexy and classy. Recently she was at a trendy L.A. eatery shoveling down not one, not two, but three huge cheese and fixing-laden salads as though she were eating for two. » Continued

Pants on the Ground Not Funny

BuzzFoto – This B list comedian/actor didn’t leave patrons laughing when he left a restaurant  several nights ago. The poor guy who has been struggling with sobriety showed up to dinner already half plastered and continued to drink throughout the night. He was escorted out before dessert for pulling down his pants and rubbing up against a waiter. 374

Cheating on Both His Wife and His Mistress

BuzzFoto – It wasn’t too long ago that this cable channel star was unheard of. Now he’s climbing to fame with an ever growing fan base. His ego is also growing and so is the list of his sexual partners. He’s cheating on his wife with a young lady he met at a restaurant who hopes to make it into the business. He’s cheating on his mistress with someone from his show. 373

Ben Isn’t Welcome Here

NYPost – Which popular Manhattan restaurant had a problem when a rat scurried out of the kitchen across the dining room floor and over a woman’s foot? The lady shrieked and ran out, while the eatery went silent as other customers sat in disbelief.

Lothario Buys Chicky a $2000 Bottle of Wine

StarMagazine – Which aging Hollywood Lothario was spied at a Beverly Hills steakhouse ordering a $2,000 bottle of wine and getting cosy with a beautiful brunette years younger than his famous wife?

Treated Like a King but Tips Like a Pauper

HuffingtonPost – Forbes magazine determined this entrepreneur’s net worth to be over $4 billion. When he ate at a popular Hollywood eatery he loved every minute of the experience and had servers surrounding his party to make sure he was taken care of like a king. Even with all this attention, this eccentric billionaire only laid down a 10% tip.

Actress Wore Jeans to a Black Tie Event

CDAN – This married, almost became an A list actress and who is now a very, very pretty B-/C+ who only does movies, was out eating dinner earlier this week prior to going to an event. As is her custom she » Continued

Waitress Didn’t Find This Actress Funny

CDAN – This foreign born Golden Globe nominee/winner is a C+/B- list actress who primarily does movies but is better known for being on a show loved by critics but which could never find an audience. Anyway, our actress is not the best customer at restaurants. Over the Christmas holidays our actress was at a restaurant with a party of 8 and decided to show the table what you could do if you were a star. She » Continued

A Cheap Sexist Narcissistic Reality Star

BuzzFoto – We suppose this doesn’t really need to be a blind, so we’ll reveal it soon. This MTV reality star from a new popular show frequents the same restaurant on a regular basis. According to a waitress at the place, the star is a total jerk. He is a famously low tipper (usually around $1.00 per ticket) and makes sexist remarks to all the female staff. (He once told a waitress “Don’t get your hopes up because I’m not leaving my phone number on a napkin.” To which she replied, “Uh, I don’t want your phone number, thanks.”) The best part is, he is constantly checking himself out in the mirrors and windows, the reflection on his cell phone, and even uses his spoon to fix his hair. When he has company with him, he spends more time looking at himself than whoever he is with. Not Brody Jenner.


» Continued

She Orders Big Meals and Stays Thin

dinner 2CDAN – Oh, I guess this actress is B list, but only because of her name. If not for her name she would be C list at best. Movies, always movies. Oh, and she is married. Oh, and she has child/ren. One of her favorite tricks for losing weight is to meet people for lunch or dinner. This works best for her when it is a first time meeting. She will go to great lengths to order a big meal. When it arrives she invariably finds something wrong with it and sends it back while insisting her companion keep eating. When her food arrives again, she picks at it and will say she doesn’t want to send it back again but it still isn’t perfect. By this time her companion usually finishes and our actress just says she will eat a big dinner when in fact she will eat nothing.


» Continued

Restaurant Owner Does the Dine and Dash

man eating food 2NYPost – Which novice restaurant co-owner table-hops, orders food and drink for the table, partakes with gusto, then moves on before the check comes? Old friends are horrified to end up paying for the owner’s dinner.

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