Wave Goodbye to Daddy and The House

waving goodbyeCDAN – This should be a very interesting divorce. This B list actor on a hit cable show recently separated from his wife. The wife who is also mother to one of his kids. Instead of letting them stay in his huge home, he decided to stay in the house himself so he could entertain and kicked the wife and kid down the road to an apartment.


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Why the Singer Always Drives a Different Car

car-1BlindGossip – We thought that this former singing star made a small fortune during his/her time on the charts in the 1990s. After all, every time you see him/her out on the town, s/he is behind the wheel of a different late model luxury car. It turns out that » Continued

Singing Princess Rents a Cheap Shack

shack-2MavrixOnline – Which recording Princess was house hunting in the Hollywood Hills this week? For somebody who has gone platinum, she certainly wasn’t looking at anything too extravagant! She seemed to favor places around 3,000 square feet, and appears to be more interested in renting than buying. Her budget? Around $6k a month. With all of the goodies she’s acquired since hitting it big, you’d think she’d need something bigger than 3 bedrooms to store her stuff! Maybe it’s the economy?


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TV Guy Offers a Very Personal Apartment Tour

luxury-apartmentEOnline – If you have a problem with yet another Blind Vice being about veiled same-sex goings-on, you really are reading about the wrong community. This is Hollywood, home of the unfree and the unbrave, a city where everybody pretends » Continued

Actress Takes Care of Her Housekeeper

housekeeperCDAN – This married B list primarily television actress was on one of the most popular television shows of all time. Although she doesn’t always seem like it from the outside, she actually has a very warm heart. When she found out her long time housekeeper was working two jobs in order to be able to provide for four nieces and nephews that had recently moved in with her, our actress not only gave her housekeeper a huge raise, but bought her a new mini-van to drive everyone around and paid for the rent on a new place to live for an entire year.

Actress Really Had Junk in the Trunk

car-trunkBuzzFoto – This is a good one and we only wish we would have heard about it sooner. It also might involve some details you might not want to know, so be forewarned. It comes from a source at a car rental shop in Idaho, but we won’t say anymore for fear of getting anyone in trouble. Both of the Celebrities involved in this have A list recognition and » Continued

Running Away from His Roots

Which celebrity is running away to avoid questions about his family? After having his family connections exposed in a blind item, he has decided to stop working and leave the country for a year. He claims that he wants to travel to gain international inspiration for his next project. He’s already booked airlines, hotels, and rental cars, so it looks like he’s not bluffing. bg