Hills Star is Pregnant by Colleague

BuzzFoto – There’s a big rumor floating around that a certain Hills star is pregnant from someone involved with the show. No word on if she’ll keep the baby or not. Not Whitney Port.

How She Burned Her Bare Breast

CDAN – Lots of movie premieres last night. At one of them, this female B list reality star lit up her » Continued

The Ultimate Fake Reality Star

BlindGossip – There are reality stars who are faking it with their boobs, their hair, their houses, their tans, their money, and their dates. But this one is faking it with her marriage. While she is legally married, her husband is gay. He knows it, she know it, and everyone in their family knows it. In return for supporting his image as a successful hetero man, she gets a fat payday. The wrinkle in the plan is that » Continued

Her Face Lift Was a Little Too Tight

NYPost – Which reality-show diva just returned from what she said was a trip to France looking fresher than ever, leading to whispers she had a face-lift? “Her face is so tight, it’s smoother than her teenage daughter’s,” said our spy.

I’ve Never Heard of You

NYPost – Which diva was at a posh lounge introducing herself to men, “I’m famous, and I’m on a reality TV show. Do you want to get me a drink?” — to which one guy replied, “I’ve never heard of you,” prompting the surgically enhanced “blonde” to frown and turn in search of her next target.

Hammered in the Parking Lot

CDAN – I don’t really have a caption for bad » Continued

A Staged Breakup of a Reality Relationship

BlindGossip – It would be refreshing to see a reality star involved in a real relationship with someone who genuinely cares about them. This isn’t one of them. » Continued

Clash of the Reality Titans

BuzzFoto – This blind gossip item deals with a female judge or host on a reality show. She absolutely cannot stand her boss who is a big-time network exec. Both have clashed egos more than once, but it wasn’t always that way. » Continued

Bragging About a Bedding a Reality Star

TheGossipBoy – Which A list name was at an event the other night and ended up hooking up with a sle*zy reality star?  We know that she is un-lucky in love but this is pretty low.  Rumor has it that she is slightly bragging about bedding the young stud. Not Cameron Diaz.

Mom Will Rent Her Daughter to You

CDAN – Over the weekend this celebrity mother was basically p*mping out her D list reality daughter. She would walk up to actors at the event she was at and let it be known that her daughter was available to » Continued

Get An Acting Job The Old Fashioned Way

BuzzFoto – This model is hoping to cross careers and make it into the movie biz. She’s done some television  work, but reality stuff doesn’t really count. Her plan to get a role is to do it the old fashioned way, by sleeping with a married famous director. So far no roles, but we’ll see if her labors pay off in the future. Not Kelly Bensimon.

Jersey Shore Cast Miami Scandal

RadarOnline – RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that one of the cast members of the hit show was indulging in » Continued

She Pulled a Sharon Stone on TV

CDAN – What celebutante and former reality star tried to get attention for herself yesterday by purposely pulling a Basic Instinct move on national television. Thankfully no one noticed.


» Continued

Reality Singer Demands $5K More

CDAN – This female C list singer/reality star had a promotional appearance the other day for which she had been paid in advance. Everything was set up and ready to go. When she arrived she demanded an extra $5000 for herself or she would leave. Because they were in a bind the very large company paid her, but after the event told her they would not be using her again.

Reality Show Judge Hates Whitey

CDAN – Could it be this person is just ticked they didn’t win? Could be, but let us judge for ourselves. This ex contestant (you will never get it) of a top ranked non cable reality show spilled that one of the show’s judges hates white people. The judge makes » Continued

He Made It Rain Until She Agreed

CDAN – I’m guessing this couple is more than just friends. Lets call them reality stars. Well, one is for sure a female reality star on an A list network reality show. The other, a male celebrity who has been on a reality show. Anyway, our male celebrity took our female to a party recently and was » Continued

He’s Got The Whole UN in His Pants

BuzzFoto – Just a warning that this blind is so bizarre, it stems on the ridiculous. Our source claims to be the one night stand of this male MTV reality star. She hooked up with him at a popular nightclub and the two went back to her place and he » Continued

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Reality Star

StarMagazine – Which ex reality star’s eating disorder is so bad, she now has peach fuzz all over body? She’s desperate to get rid of it – and her cleaning crew complains about having to continuously clean up the gooey mess all the hair removers leave behind.

He Really Didn’t Say Thank You

CDAN – This two first name C list reality star from one of the cable reality shows that I don’t like was out of the country and needed » Continued

Network Star Fears Sale of Gay Pics

CDAN – This A list male reality star on a very, very hit network show is worried that an ex is going to sell pictures of our star in some intimate poses with another guy. Not dirty, but kissing and shirtless.

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