Reality Show Judge Is A Fragile Mess

[BlindGossip] Which potential reality show judge is terrified that the truth about her physical and mental health will cost her a job offer? The show’s producers don’t know that the young star has » Continued

Stop Pestering Me

[BuzzFoto] After spending thousands on designer clothing this last weekend, this C list reality star complained » Continued

Husband Knows About The Chew And Spit

[NationalEnquirer] Which fashionable actress/ reality personality – she’s had serious eating disorder issues in the past – has shocked her personal trainer with comments about her » Continued

New Boyfriend Is Helping The Old Boyfriend

[NationalEnquirer]  Which “DWTS” hunk got a little instructional help from the dancer boyfriend of his superstar good pal? The entertainer and the reality star have a history that may or may not have been romantic, but the two remain close, and her clueless new beau didn’t have a problem giving him some dance tips!

DWTS Contestant (Old Boyfriend?):

Female Superstar Pal:

Pal’s New Dancer Boyfriend:

Boy Bander Likes The Really Young Fans

[HollywoodDame] This former boy bander has been trying to relive his glory days by attempting to reheat his career. He has tried reality tv and a few solo gigs, but he just can’t compete with new generation of heartthrobs. Don’t feel too bad for him, he still manages to » Continued

Mommy Had To Save Her From Reality Star

[NationalEnquirer] Which huge reality star had s*x with a guy she barely knew in the same room as one of the young girls she was supposed to be chaperoning? The teen, who also appears on the show, was asleep when the canoodling began but woke up and immediately called her mom when she saw her guardian fooling around!!

Dancing Away With The Money

[NationalEnquirer] This reality show mom stole money from a relative to put her daughter through dance class. The thieving stage mom’s family is livid with their greedy relative and on the verge of pressing charges! Who is she?

MTV Star Trying To Recover

[StarMagazine] What other MTV reality star is in reh*b? Seems as though work pressures — and early motherhood — have taken their toll.

Real Housewife Desperate For Own Spinoff Show

[NationalEnquirer] Which popular “Real Housewife” is angling to get her own spinoff series? The brunette beauty feels ganged up on by her co-stars, and is desperate to flee. She’s discussing hosting a lifestyle makeover show with Bravo execs.

Singer Has A Troubled Reality

[Downfront2] This singer just signed on for a new singing reality show. Now that the producers found out he has a major drinking and s*bstance problem, will they keep him on the show?

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