Host And Cheap Girlfriend Rejected

[CDAN] When this reality host went on vacation to the same place as his former boss/reality judge he thought he would get invited to the party his former boss was throwing. Nope. The former boss wants no part of our reality host or his “cheap girlfriend.”

Former Boss:

Reality Host:

Host’s Girlfriend:


Secret Rendezvous For Singer And Actor

[BuzzFoto] Which B list singer that started out as a reality star is hooking up with this very big A list actor whenever the two are in the same town? The two have been having random hookups for over a year now, although they have little to no contact otherwise. If they know they’ll be at the same venue or in the same town, they’ll find a way to meet- even though both of them are in committed relationships. 684


Hills Star Gets A Nice Allowance

[CDAN] Which male star from The Hills has a new boyfriend who pays him a very nice monthly allowance?

Reality Star Is A Charity Hypocrite

[NationalEnquirer] Which reality star went to an anti-bullying rally in Hollywood but refused to spend any time with one of the bullied kids? What’s worse, the brunette beauty then tweeted a pic from the event and said how moved she was by her good deed!

A Third For Doug And Courtney

[CDAN] This female two time former reality star who was married to another reality star/actor recently offered her services to Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden saying that she would make a great third to their “relationship.” They turned her down.

Billionaire’s Daughter Pays 50K For One Night

[CDAN] What do you do if you are the daughter of a billionaire and have a thing for a jack*ss of a reality star who is not married but close enough? You offer him $50K to spend the night and the only thing he says is » Continued

Housewife Refuses To Promote Show

[NationalEnquirer] Which wacky “Real Housewife” has Bravo executives furious because she refuses to do any promotion for the popular franchise? But the blonde reality star has nothing to worry about – fans love her crazy ways.

Broke Housewife Puts Her Daughter To Work

[NationalEnquirer] Which Bravo “Housewife” has everyone thinking she’s super rich, but her recent financial failings have forced her to put her daughter to work at the family business? This reality star’s offspring is so embarrassed that she uses a fake accent.

The Footballer’s Dirty Little Secret

[NationalEnquirer] What sexy reality star’s athletic ex-boyfriend has a penchant for » Continued

Must Be A Barbie Doll

[BuzzFoto] She might be incredibly beautiful, but this C/D list reality TV star is very insecure about her body. Her publicist only allows photos of her to run that have photoshopped her into a nearly perfect Barbie doll. 661

Why He Ditched His Date

[CDAN] This former A list movie actor who now is lucky to find work was a big sex symbol back in the 80’s and 90’s. At a recent event he ditched his date to » Continued

Pop Singer Forgets He Is Married

[CDAN] This newly married male A list pop singer really needs to remember he is married. Of course he has had problems with cheating in the past. Famously so. Anyway he was spotted getting really flirty and touchy feely with this reality show singer/actress who continues to hang on to fame by a thread.

Laughing At The Kardashians

[NationalEnquirer] This Oscar winner was having a good laugh over the bustup of Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries until she accidentally bumped into Kim at an event. The non-confrontational blonde high-tailed it away from Kim in order to avoid a showdown!

Misguided Fun Takes A Bad Turn

[CDAN] What started out as misguided fun has turned into a really precarious situation for this one celebrity couple. She is a sometime model and sometime reality star. He is pretty much an A list movie actor. They have been together for awhile. When they first got together the woman was recovering from a » Continued

Housewife Husband Suspects A Filthy Rich Affair

[NationalEnquirer] This Bravo “Housewife’s” husband thinks that his spouse is having an affair with his filthy rich best friend! The untrusting hubby is so suspicious that he’s had secret surveillance monitors installed in and around their huge home! Who is he?

She Wants Rocker To Adopt Her Child

[NationalEnquirer] What former C-list actress-turned-reality star has rekindled a past romance with a famous rock star and is now asking him to adopt her youngest child? The blonde beauty, who receives a hefty child support check for her other kids, is trying to secure a little financial security for her latest tot!

Her Old Boss Knows All Her Secrets


[BlindGossip] There’s a reason this reality star doesn’t want information about her past coming to light. It’s not just because she is embarrassed about her past profession. It’s because her manager from that past profession has a big mouth. He will tell anyone who will listen about the very special gift » Continued

The Escapades Of Two Girls

[CDAN] Quite some time ago, I had a little tiny blind item about these two and how they are basically Ho*kers. Later I had another little item about one of the two. Well, today, I thought I would write a little more about their escapades. Oh, I like that word. I bet some teen mom has named their kid Escapade and meant Escalade.

Anyway, these two started out ho*king about ten years ago. I can’t believe it has been that long. At that time they started out at the same level fame wise. Ho*ker #1 had some early fame and got her own reality show » Continued

You Stole My Man

[CDAN] So, this recent network reality star who is more famous for something other than being on a reality show for a bit was walking down the street yesterday in West Hollywood when she was confronted by a very angry man. The reality star has supposedly been dating this B-/C+ primarily television actor and the man on the street was not happy. The gist of the conversation was that the reality star had stolen her man [from him]. The reality star » Continued

Real Housewife Is Really A Lesbian

[NationalEnquirer] Which of the Bravo “House­wives” just broke up with her lesbian lover? The single mom is always talking about sex, but is very careful never to mention her lover’s gender! WHO is she?

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