Fans Defeat Bullies

bully 4[Blind Gossip] As you know, we wrote several blind items about how one young actor was being bullied out of his job by two other actors on an ensemble TV show. It was a really ugly situation.

Well, we have just learned about a stunning development! » Continued

Producers Warn Animal Hoarder

[National Enquirer] This bighearted talk-show host has been warned to stop taking in rescue animals! Her exasperated producers are concerned because the fanatical animal lover adopts homeless pets, then pawns them off to the show’s staff, network execs… and anyone else she can corner! Who is she?

Lots Of Hostility Toward Harriet

[EOnline] You certainly all remember Harriet Talons, right? Our Blind Vice maven was just inducted into monikered infamy and is already back for another round of d-r-a-m-a. Would you expect anything less from someone [who] wanted [to be] killed off her own show?

Well, apparently, horrible Harriet isn’t as confident in her job security as we think she should be, because the boob-tube broad has been secretly trying to book another gig…ya know, just in case!

Apparently Harriet is supremely nervous about her future—or so say people within her camp.

While we already told you Ms. Talons probably won’t be canned from her juicy hit series anytime soon (or ever), she has caught whiff of the hostility directed her way » Continued

Rapper May Replace Fantasia For Mahalia

[Downfront2] With Fantasia dealing with so many personal issues, word is producers of the Mahalia Jackson story are looking for a Plan B actress. They’re looking at a Rapper. This Rapper is a music powerhouse, but this Rapper’s personal life might have the Jackson family running right back to Fantasia!

Dancing Producers Hired A Shrink

[NationalEnquirer] Which current “Dancing with the Stars” contestant has such a bad temper that producers fear he could blow a gasket at any time? Producers have taken special precautions and hired an on-set psychiatrist to make sure the wannabe hoofer doesn’t lose it on stage!

Buxom Star Ready to Pop

NationalEnquirer – Which sexy, buxom, B-list star – known for breaking up a director’s marriage – is now trying to become a pop star? Even though the former TV actress was dropped by a UK  record label, she’s still trying to charm US music producers with catchy demo tracks.

Bratty Actress Ticks Off Co-Stars

BlindGossip – Until last year, the cast of this show always got along with each other.  Then one cast member demanded an outrageous pay raise completely out of line with the rest of the cast.  Tensions started simmering on set between the prima donna and her co-stars. Lots of nasty looks and snippy comments were exchanged. The boiling point was finally reached when » Continued