Inside The Writing Room


BlindGossip - A showrunner is the person who is ultimately responsible for a television series. It may be the creator of the series,  a producer, or the head writer. Emmy-winning comedy writer (and Major League Baseball announcer) Ken Levine shares this story about a showrunner [More...]

Eyes on An Extra

men watching woman

CDAN - 1980s blind item: This diminutive actor was on a huge network hit. His favorite game was finding an extra each week that he could spend the entire week with having sex and then leave them at the end. He did not do it really out of malice, he was just a lonely guy. Anyway, [More...]

Thanks for the Cookies

cookies 2

CDAN - Is this the biggest kindness in the history of the world? Nope. Not by a long shot, but it is pretty big to show you what happens when people take time to do the little things. This initialed A++ list producer/writer/director and creator was filming in a local Los Angeles [More...]