Sex Food Sex Food

[CDAN] This takes some moxie. I guess this guy is a celebrity. Maybe reality star would be better? Producer? In the world of reality he is an A+. Big name recognition. Anyway, he also is quite the womanizer, but even for him this might set a record. He has a steady girlfriend. He calls her in the morning to say he is running late and goes over to » Continued

Housewife Is Begging For Another Show

[CDAN] What former Housewife crashed a premiere party for another show and begged producers to put her on their show?

Director Thinks His Own Vampire Movie Sucks

[NationalEnquirer] What famous director is fed up with his current film project because the highly anticipated vampire flick already looks like a bomb? The director, who’s producing the stinker, won’t even visit the dysfunctional set!

New Tattoo And The Same Old Bad Habits

[BlindGossip] While we were hoping that tattoo craze was waning, this young performer didn’t get the memo. She just got matching tattoos with her c*ke dealer. Yikes! Does this mean that » Continued

Mom Gets Twitchy

[CDAN] Apparently C*ke Mom is back at it again. It also must be in a big way because when she was doing press last week, producers would only let her talk for fifteen minutes before giving her a break. If she went longer than 15 minutes or tried to do back to back interviews, her leg would start twitching, and she would start bouncing around that it was obvious to everyone she needed a fix.

Mega Star Wants You To Bring The Toys

[Bossip] Guess which platinum selling artist has a f*tish for » Continued

Back To His Partying Ways

[NationalEnquirer] Which married-with-kids A-list actor/director/ producer is back to his hard-partying ways with c*caine and h*okers? The diminutive star’s sweet, blonde, talented actress wife doesn’t have a clue!

TV Sitcom Actress Plays Counselor

[NationalEnquirer] This TV sitcom actress is playing relationship counselor to two of her co-stars despite the fact that her own marriage has fallen apart. She regularly gives advice to her cast mates – one is married to one of the show’s producers and the other has a movie star for a partner.

Marc Cherry Insults Another Desperate Housewife

[TheHollywoodReporter] Desperate Housewives showrunner Marc Cherry, who’s already embroiled in a sex discrimination and illegal termination lawsuit filed by Nicollette Sheridan, apparently isn’t worried about offending the sensibilities of the actresses on his show.

During a panel of ABC network showrunners held Saturday at the Producers Guild’s Produced By Conference in Burbank, Cherry draw laughs when he described how he has had to coax performances out of one of his stars.

“One of my actresses on Desperate Housewives is not funny,” he said, before offering that he coaches her by saying, “Sweetie, if you raise your eyebrow here, you’ll get a laugh.” Cherry didn’t reveal the actress in question, but continued, “She does, and she gets nominations. Daddy’s little girl does comedy. I’m part daddy, part psychiatrist.”

Reality Star Gets On Her Knees

Bossip – Which Reality Star Brought Her A “Brain” Game To A Recent Audition? It sure sucks to be her!

Apparently, the casting couch isn’t the only place wannabe superstars showcase their talent. According to Bossip sources one reality star, who was hoping to land a role in a upcoming project, was caught » Continued

He’ll Do Anything With Anyone to Succeed

LaineyGossip – He has been sleeping with producer after producer – mostly females, any age, any shape – offering himself in exchange for opportunities. Any opportunities.

While it’s rather competitive among famew* on the project he’s best known for, it turns out he’s the one who’s most aggressive, most desperate, » Continued

TV Divas Fighting On The Set

Downfront2 – Trouble on the set.  Is the real source of conflict between these two TV Divas jealousy? Word has it they’re really fighting over the attention and affections of their female producer. Can you say career boost?

Idol Guy has a Bigger Ego than JLo

Which American Idol Top 10 contestant has an ego bigger than JLo’s? It’s a real turn off for fellow contestants as well as for the established artists and record producers who have been helping him.

Kara DioGuardi’s Very Bad Encounters

BlindGossip – Kara DioGuardi, the talented singer/ songwriter/ record producer who was a judge on American Idol, has hit some tremendous peaks in her celebrated career in the music industry. But as her new memoir A Helluva High Note reveals, she’s endured more than her fair share of low notes, as well.

» Continued

The Price of a Producer’s Baby

BuzzFoto – This 40-ish star known for her television work, but not much else lately has been out of the media for a while because she was secretly pregnant with a married and powerful producer’s baby. He was trying to » Continued

Inside The Writing Room

BlindGossip – A showrunner is the person who is ultimately responsible for a television series. It may be the creator of the series,  a producer, or the head writer. Emmy-winning comedy writer (and Major League Baseball announcer) Ken Levine shares this story about a showrunner with whom he once worked: » Continued

Producer’s Assistant on Lockdown

NewYorkPost – Which heavy-hitting Hollywood producer locked his assistant in the bathroom for two hours on a recent business trip?

Oscar Guy Loves a Happy Ending

Which married-with-kids Oscar winner turned heads when he popped into a spa in Hawaii known for its “happy endings?” The actress-wife of this tall actor/writer/director/producer knows all about her hubby’s “special massages”. She turns a blind eye to keep their marriage together.

TV Star is Cheating on His Girlfriend

CDAN – This host of an A+ network reality show and producer and radio guy was at a club two weeks ago. At the club he started making out with some random woman he had been flirting with. Apparently most people were shocked not that he was cheating on his D list celebrity girlfriend, but that he was actually making out with a woman.


» Continued

Eyes on An Extra

CDAN1980s blind item: This diminutive actor was on a huge network hit. His favorite game was finding an extra each week that he could spend the entire week with having sex and then leave them at the end. He did not do it really out of malice, he was just a lonely guy. Anyway, one week, his A list at the time co-star, also had his eyes on an extra and they made a deal. The deal was they would get the producers to bring her back for an extra week so they could each have her for a week. Well, it turns out they both liked her so much, this extra managed to stay on the show for an entire season and even ended up getting a speaking role.

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