The Bryan Singer Book

bryan singer 2[Pop Bitch] Which shit-hot TV producer is really making the most of his show’s popularity – by taking » Continued

Gun And Panties

zoe saldana mark ruffalo[New York Daily News] Action veteran Zoe Saldana isn’t pulling any punches when describing the » Continued

The Weird Triangle

one man two women 9[Blind Gossip] There are three very good actors who are involved in a weird love triangle that is part publicity stunt and part real. » Continued

Assistant Talks About Crazy Producer

feather duster[Refinery29] “The producer I worked for had to be ‘walked’ each day. This consisted of a two-hour hike through Bel Air, for which a woman — a ‘friend’ — was paid to accompany » Continued

How To Get A Bit Part

men on sofa 2[Blind Gossip] Everybody wants to be on this hit TV show!

So what is the producer doing » Continued

Don’t Mess With The Bull

bull angry[Blind Gossip] There is a rumor going around that a certain handsome actor was fired from his TV show because he had an affair. » Continued

Whiny Whack

mafia 1[Blind Gossip] Authoritative TV producers operate a bit like Mafia dons. Casting and storylines are closely guarded secrets, to be leaked only at the producer’s discretion… and woe be it to anyone » Continued

They Exchanged Favors

woman kissing man[Blind Gossip] There are a lot of people drawing parallels between a famous comedian’s repeated assaults on women and a recent accusation against a famous producer.

However, if you believe that » Continued

The Producer And The Sugar Daddy

sugar daddy[New York Post] Which Hollywood producer is having serious money problems, and when he » Continued

Mogul Wanted To F*ck Feminists

that girl marlo thomas[New York Post] Marlo Thomas [and Gloria Steinem] were propositioned by a Hollywood mogul.

When Marlo Thomas was » Continued

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