Belly is Having the Easiest Pregnancy

pregnant belly 3

BlindGossip - You'll be delighted to hear that this celebrity is having just the easiest pregnancy ever! No morning sickness, no swollen feet, and lots of energy. It is truly amazing how much easier pregnancy is when you don't actually have to carry the baby. Anyone happen to [More...]

FauxBelly Goes to a Party

pregnant prosthetic

BlindGossip - FauxBelly went to a big party last week. Prior to the event, a producer friend's special effects team created a pregnancy prosthetic that wouldn't require shoulder, chest, or waistline support. [More...]

Fake Pregnancy but Real Baby

BlindGossip - Despite what the tabloids and glossy mags say, this very famous show business couple in not really pregnant. She had her tubes tied a long time ago. For the next few months, though, her fake, special-effects pregnant stomach made of silicone will slowly grow in [More...]

His Heroic Efforts to Knock Her Up

woman dreaming pregnant

BlindGossip - She's pregnant, she's not pregnant. She's pregnant, she's not pregnant. She had multiple scares early in her career when she wasn't ready to be a mother. The babies were quickly and quietly taken care of. Now that she's ready to be a mommy, it's just not happening [More...]

He Likes His Women in Full Bloom

hugh jackman 2

BuzzFoto - This celebrity with a kitschy fan base, has a f*tish for pregnant women. We hear it’s nothing p*rverse, he just thinks they are beautiful. Whenever he sees a pregnant woman, he can’t help himself and starts chatting her up. He told our source he’s never seen anything [More...]