She Skipped The Pill on Purpose

BuzzFoto – They’re married. They’re famous. And they’ve got some big problems. » Continued

His Baby Will Have a Green Thumb

BuzzFoto – This couple with the male being a C List celebrity, just announced that they are expecting a baby. After drinking a little too much wine at a recent PR dinner, the male told everyone that the baby isn’t his, he’s convinced that his gardener in the father.

Photo Credit: Anne Geddes

She is Too Young to be a Mommy

BlindGossip – You probably won’t watch this show if you are over the age of thirty, but you would know the name of the girl involved. She is just so sweet and innocent looking, it’s hard to believe that she is pregnant. » Continued

Nip Tuck Baby

NewYorkPost – Which Park Avenue plastic surgeon — who has nipped and tucked a boatload of the ladies who lunch — is about to become a dad again? A young, single doctor in his office is pregnant with twins, and every one is whispering that the scalpel wielder, already a grandfather, is the father. Wonder if his wife knows.

Mommy Doesn’t Know Who My Daddy Is

JanetCharlton – This blonde was a sitcom cutie in the late 80’s on a very popular family series. She didn’t find success after the show ended and she turned to dr*gs, and eventually became a pricey call girl. Now she’s pregnant and what should be a happy time is spoiled by the fact that she doesn’t know whether the father is her boyfriend or one of her clients.

FauxBelly Goes to a Party

BlindGossip – FauxBelly went to a big party last week. Prior to the event, a producer friend’s special effects team created a pregnancy prosthetic that wouldn’t require shoulder, chest, or waistline support. » Continued

She’s Producing a Producer’s Baby

CDAN – This C+list actress on a very hit network ensemble show is working on a HUGE settlement agreement because she got pregnant. Not so much because she is pregnant, but because the baby belongs to the married producer of the show and wants to keep things very, very quiet.

Fake Pregnancy but Real Baby

BlindGossip – Despite what the tabloids and glossy mags say, this very famous show business couple in not really pregnant. She had her tubes tied a long time ago. For the next few months, though, her fake, special-effects pregnant stomach made of silicone will slowly grow in size until she “gives birth” to an adopted baby. Since her other child/ren didn’t resemble her, no one will question that fact that this one won’t, either. You’ll get a close-up of the scientifically-made miracle child on the front cover of a magazine (now being negotiated for a hefty fee).

Hills Star is Pregnant by Colleague

BuzzFoto – There’s a big rumor floating around that a certain Hills star is pregnant from someone involved with the show. No word on if she’ll keep the baby or not. Not Whitney Port.

His Heroic Efforts to Knock Her Up

BlindGossip – She’s pregnant, she’s not pregnant. She’s pregnant, she’s not pregnant. She had multiple scares early in her career when she wasn’t ready to be a mother. The babies were quickly and quietly taken care of. Now that she’s ready to be a mommy, it’s just not happening for her. Although her husband is being very supportive, there is a lot of tension behind the scenes as she blames him » Continued

Real Reason Daughter is Home Schooled

CDAN – These A list parents used to allow their daughter to go to school. Now though, she is home schooled and watched almost 24 hours a day. The reason? » Continued

Rock Star Negotiates with Young Girl

CDAN – This A list rocker has been trying for the past month to convince » Continued

The End of Jack and Jill

TheGossipBoy – Jack and Jill were a pretty well known couple.  Both have a long past of hookups that graced many magazines.  So when Jack and Jill stumbled upon each other, the paps ate it up and the celebs loved it.

Jack is a well known actor best known for film while Jill is all over the board.  For a couple of months these two were » Continued

TV Actor Cheats on Pregnant Girlfriend

CDAN – This one becomes juicy because of who it involves. This soclose to A list television actor who has been in movies, but is only really known for ones that involved a television character he plays cheated on his D list actress girlfriend. While she was pregnant. More than once.

He Likes His Women in Full Bloom

BuzzFoto – This celebrity with a kitschy fan base, has a f*tish for pregnant women. We hear it’s nothing p*rverse, he just thinks they are beautiful. Whenever he sees a pregnant woman, he can’t help himself and starts chatting her up. He told our source he’s never seen anything so lovely as a woman “in full bloom.” Not Hugh Jackman.

Photo Credit: BuzzFoto

She Gave Up Her Baby for Adoption

BuzzFoto – This C/D list actress in work but more famous in name has been pregnant at least three times. She allegedly had one child under the radar years ago through a series of cover ups and gave the baby up for adoption. Her other pregnancies were terminated because the star is so fearful of her body image, she doesn’t want to gain weight. She also didn’t want her partner to know that they were the result of one night stands with random guys. Not Lilo.

Photo Credit: BuzzFoto

Actor Abandoned Pregnant Woman

TheGossipBoy – This B-List actor is moving up in the world, but is hoping that his past indiscretions don’t come out.  Like knocking up a woman and taking off for Hollywood with someone else.

SOLVED! » Continued

She's Enjoying the Baby Attention

BlindGossip – Despite the rumors, she isn’t pregnant. But she really, really  likes all the attention it brings. We wonder what kind of attention will she receive when she has to announce that she isn’t carrying a baby.

Stork Prevents Him From Flying The Coop

[BlindGossip] This couple is expecting. No secret there. What is a secret, however, is what was happening behind closed doors before the baby was announced.

Things had been rocky in this couple’s marriage for the past few years. The more she pushed her agenda on him, the more unhappy he became. After a particularly rough patch, Husband decided that he was going to do three things: » Continued

She'll Announce Pregnancy After 3 Months

BlindGossip – She isn’t wearing bulky or flowing tops or adopting atypical poses because that’s what is in fashion this year. This woman is definitely pregnant. Not by the old-fashioned way, but science is her friend at this point. Since there have been false alarms in the past, she will keep the news quiet until she passes the three-month point. That will happen soon.

SOLVED! » Continued

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